14 Tips To Increase The Mobile App Response Rate

Smartphones become invincible when they are graced with mobile applications. This is the reason around 5 million mobile applications are supporting the digital gadget strongly.  Among these 5 million mobile applications, there are a few applications that are stealing the show through mobile app ratings whereas some are lagging in terms of great UI, UX […]

Updated 7 February 2024


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Smartphones become invincible when they are graced with mobile applications. This is the reason around 5 million mobile applications are supporting the digital gadget strongly. 

Among these 5 million mobile applications, there are a few applications that are stealing the show through mobile app ratings whereas some are lagging in terms of great UI, UX experience, ideology, features, etc. Among all these, the most obvious reason is the lack of a proper understanding of how to increase app user engagement

Engagement is important, be it in terms of maximum downloads or active users. Without users, an app is merely a digitized form of an idea and when it gets users slowly and gradually, it becomes more of a revolution.

Engagement, conversion rate, and response rate- carry the same intent. But many a time, in the quest of offering quick and first to the users, people often skip understanding the importance of tips to increase mobile app response rate. 

Here in this blog, we are not going to forget the key. The next few scrolls will help you try tips for achieving a higher mobile app response rate. 

So, let’s get started-

What Is The Mobile App Response Rate?

The mobile app response rate or mobile app ratings in layman’s language means how much users are responding to the app when using it. Several mechanisms and elements play an important role in letting people respond to the app greatly. In short, interaction with the app is important for the overall success of the app.

Why Mobile App Response Rate Is Important?

Mobile app response rate is important because companies, organizations, and startups simply cannot send users any information or data-driven solutions and services. To render the same, they need to understand the analytics behind users’ mobile app interaction by following tips to increase mobile app response rate.

Once understand the analytics behind it, it simply becomes easy to make data-driven decisions. The right question, asked at the apt time, in the right format which is thoroughly combined with data-driven analytics showcases the health of customer communication strategy.

To let users keep on interacting with the app, there are certain measures to do so. Let’s check them out now- 

14 Ways To Increase The Mobile App Response Rate

14. Short Sign-Up Process

Among 14  tips to increase mobile app response rate, the last one belongs to the sign-up process. 

sign up process of mobile apps | Appventurez

Believe it or not, long sign-up processes are most of the time irritating. Rather than welcoming the user to the app directly, putting long sign-up processes turns off users. Through the sign-up, the users are required to go through the intense process along with sharing information to look at the final screen. 

In this overall scene, the chances of abandoning the app or uninstalling become higher. To stop this, you can either let them browse through the app and perform tasks after that. Initial woo can turn users into your customers who are willing to get through the sign-up process for further browsing in the app. This will also result in improved mobile app ratings.

Meanwhile, there are several applications where it is mandatory to go through the sign-up process. In such a situation, integrating several social media platforms plugins can be a great help. 

13. Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best way to inform users about the app, features, or products included in it. It is also a way to let users know what they are missing. 

push notification of mobile applicationpush notification of mobile application

With the good intention of letting users see what new and trending is happening in the app, pushing too many notifications remains a bad option. Therefore, it is important to understand that notifications should not look pushed.  Also, time management for informing users should also be taken into consideration. 

Because Ill-timing and pushing information can force users either to uninstall the app or abandon it fully. Make sure, your notifications are simply not irritating or annoying users with continuous beeps and vibrations. 

Moving on, in order to balance things, you can send users reminder notifications of items left in the cart or unfinished payment procedures. Also, you can take the leverage of geolocation app development and location-sensitive data for nearby outlets. 

Before all these, asking for permission to send notifications or not is one of the tips to increase the mobile app response rate.

12. App Design

None of the strategies or tips to increase mobile app response rate will work if the design itself is not catchy enough. 

Design is the key that unlocks all the features of the application. If your app is not catchy enough, mobile app ratings and efforts will go in vain. But that does not mean that mobile app designing will involve every element. The app should neither be cluttered with too much of designing elements nor involve too many icons, colors, and fonts.

Designing should be the right balance of color scheme, fonts, size, and everything without losing the intent. Content should be crisp, short, and to the point. 

Following the design practice will offer a seamless user experience to the user in order to bring back lost users once again. 

11.  Seamless User Experience

An app is for the users, and taking care of its UI/UX is most important. In short, the UI should be good enough that reflect a seamless user experience. 

UX would be the amalgamation of easy browsing, smooth navigation to the shopping cart, and checking out experience along with the option of reviewing and rating the product. This can be added as an example of how to increase app reviews for example.

10. App Localization

Your app is not restricted to a country, place, locality, or domain. It must be the idea of offering a solution globally. Its entry to various countries demands the app in a localized language version too. 

A business cannot afford to lose users just because of the language barrier. Hence, the app should also be tweaked to appeal to users from different regions, countries, and cultures. Ensure you are not hurting the sentiments of any in any way. Understanding this can increase mobile app reviews by following a detailed guide to mobile app localization

This is the reason why, currently, the Android Play Store is capable of localizing apps for over 77 languages whereas the iOS App Store is stuck to 28 different languages. 

9. Content Is King

When talking about tips to increase mobile app response rate, the next one is content. 

Content is king and takes the privilege of showcasing itself as the powerhouse of every product service or application. When we particularly talk about mobile applications, choosing the right words, making them as sentences, and then turning those sentences into a content paragraph can help in managing a smooth interaction with the audience. 

Moving on, content is not limited to written words, it is more than that. Content can be showcased through images & videos too. Some applications do not entertain written content too much but precisely play with images and videos. 

Hence, content should be so nicely written, and made and show that it helps in communicating and imparting information to the users about the app. 

8. Art Of Handling Ads

Advertisements are like the soul of a brand and when they get their share in mobile applications, they simply become a support system. Thus, advertisements should be used using unique and creative techniques. 

mobile app ratings | Appventurez

Digital ads are capable of getting attention and turning that attention into conversion. By using the right techniques for advertising, applications can be promoted to a different level in order to gain maximum mobile app ratings. 

When this was about advertisement strategy, there were in-app advertisements too. Brands also used to showcase their products, and services in the app itself. That’s another reason to pay attention to the advertisement.

How to promote an app though is a task but it always returns back with great results and outstanding ROI. 

7. Active Social Media Interactions

When we talk about how to increase app reviews, social media platforms are just the most viable way. 

Social media today are the most active platforms to answer how to improve app ratings. These platforms help in creating consideration, awareness, and conversion. The support given by social media can make a great difference to businesses around the globe. 

A concept called deep linking is quite popular these days. Deep linking is a way that connects users directly to the link they click without taking them to another or the home page of the application.

Apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can help in effective conversion. Hence, make sure to talk about your app in these mediums too for a global presence. Post more often about it along with showcasing what else you are bringing to it for the users.

6. Different Conversion Approaches

It is often said that the user is the one who turns into a customer. In order to turn a user into a customer, it is necessary to follow each and every tactic for them. 

Other tips to increase mobile app response rate out of many is to get started with who your target audience is, what they prefer, where are they active more, etc. Once you are done with the answers, the next step is to engage with practices that can turn them into customers. It is important to engage them in a fun way too as and when required. Once they start liking your content and the things you are offering them, there are high chance that will turn into customers soon. 

5. Short Video Clips for Existing Users

Promoting things through content is still the best way to deal with but a dose of video will do all the goodness. Video promotion is in demand today throughout the market domain. 

Organizations are reaching their users and audiences through video promotion of their products, services, and mobile applications. The very first way to get started with it is YouTube. But promoting video without any strategy, the technique is a complete no. 

To make existing audiences come back to the app again, the app’s additional features, functionalities, or any other service can be showcased through a video format.

Keeping this in mind, the implementation of the right strategy, techniques, and user understanding is a must. Also, video promotion is not restricted to video only, it is more than that. It is the pick of images, content, video length, thumbnail, etc. 

Apart from that, to gain more conversion, mobile app ratings, or user attention, a video with a length of 20-30 seconds loaded in the app store can also help. Make sure, the video is good enough to watch while portraying the actual intent of the application. 

4. User Ability

It is so obvious to keep users in mind when developing a mobile application. Keeping their needs, pain points, their likings, dislikes, etc can give great shape to the overall mobile application. Delivering the same they wanted from the beginning can also enhance user experience. It is one of the next tips to increase the mobile app response rate.

3. Layout Section

The next important tip to increase the mobile app response rate among many is the layout. 

Layout is given importance because it gives a logical approach to the user’s likes and dislikes. How to increase app reviews answer lies in a proper layout and logical approach to the app structural development. 

A concept called “heat maps for mobile apps is in trend today. Through it, an analysis of where users tap a lot and on what feature can be made. This approach helps in understanding where to place icons and elements in the application. Apart from that, understanding where to put which section on the app should be made intelligently along with knowing the most used features.

To increase mobile app ratings, it is necessary to develop apps as per the layout. User and market research along with keeping a close watch on competitors’ apps will bring better results and an understanding of how to design the app and serve it too. 

2. Marketing Strategies

When addressing tips to increase mobile app response rate, the next major step to take is creating marketing strategies. Marketing strategies consist of wooing users in different ways. The strategies can be the use of “Guerilla Marketing”, “deals & discounts”,  “quizzes & games” etc.

These strategies can be utilized for effective mobile app response rate tricks in order to bring back in-active users’.                             

Similar to the aforementioned strategies, it is important to stick to mobile app strategies for improving mobile app ratings for enhanced user experience. 

This point is like the assembling of all the above-mentioned points as it looks after the branding experience, content, video promotion, etc. Skipping any of the elements in strategic planning can result in the same fate as failed or abandoned apps. 

1. Launch An App Engagement Campaign

Last but certainly not least tips to increase mobile app response rate. The aforementioned strategies are the ways to make a presence in the market but how to make it reach globally?

Here effective marketing strategies like deals & discounts”, “quizzes & games” can be used for engagement campaign purposes. Using these tactics at the right time and at the right place can be proven great.

Apart from that, one can effectively get started with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and video promotions. Here, ASO can also be used. App viral strategies can also be used for the same. In short, this point will look at how to make the app reach a maximum number of people, which also includes word of mouth about it. 

These 14 tips to increase mobile app response rate are the basic foundation of getting maximum user attention. But there are more in the list that can be used for a more advanced result. 


Apps are the direct digital way of taking a brand, organization, startup, good, service, or product to a certain level. But there is a mechanism behind the process required to take to said promises. When the strict mechanism is followed along with the strategies & tips to increase the mobile app response rate, there are all the chances of gaining a great response from the users. 

Doing all these procedures might look easy at first, but in reality, they are a calculation that cannot be substituted with another formula. Our experts will help you. Connect with us today!

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