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Best Tech Stack For Delivery Apps 2021 & Beyond

By Ashish Chauhan | November 10, 2020
tech stack for delivery apps

Mobile app development is one of the mightiest tasks to perform that in return offers great results in the end. 

Now, mobile app development always begins with idea processing, developing the idea, targeting the audience, enticing them, and later driving profits out of it is no less than a challenging and hectic task. In short, mobile app development is a process of converting an idea into a reality for benefitting the people around them. 

Taking the same thought in mind, developers always build apps that have the ability to lure the tech-savvy generation. In the quest of offering the best, developers often forget that the technological aspect plays a key role in making things more acceptable and accessible. This results in making the app fail in terms of tech stack. 

Now, as the competition is quite fierce in the market and the best one can only win the race, it becomes a task for a leading mobile app development company not to miss even the smallest of things for the ultimate success of the app. Also, not erasing bugs, errors, and still opting for the obsolete tech stack can damage the potential of the application idea. This further can damage the reputation of the business, or the budding startup and the scope of revenue stream too. 

To eliminate any of the issues due to the tech stack, it is crucial to choose the best of the modern and trending technology stack for mobile app development. The decision based on the best tech stack for mobile app development can result in shaping the overall front-end and back-end development of the application along with making the app filled with robustness, security, efficiency, effectiveness. 

When we are talking about the importance of tech stack for delivery apps, these apps are quite popular apps in the market and are also becoming a trend in making instant delivery processes done. The mechanism behind delivery apps is even more complex carrying GPS, navigational system, tracking process, and so on. Thus, the right technology to deliver the right result is highly critical here. 

Concluding everything, and understanding the importance of the technology stack for delivery apps and other apps in general, we will be explaining to you each aspect of the tech stack and how to get started with them. 

So, let’s begin with the basic definition of what is a mobile development technology stack-

What Is A Mobile Development Technology Stack?

The best tech stack for mobile app development is a crucial part of developing an application be it for the web application or mobile application. It is basically the support system for app development and is a combination of various top programming languages, software, tools, and so on. 

Moving on, the best technology stack for mobile app is widely divided into 4 parts-

Frontend Development

The frontend is the face of the application detailed with the app interface and is used by users for interacting with the app. For developing applications, there are various tools and platforms available. The knowledge of the tools highly depends upon the site which is secured highly or the site which is prone to frequent hacks and theft. Furthermore, the primary tools available for front end development are- 

  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • JavaScript
  • WebAssembly
  • Hyper Text Markup Language

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Backend Development

Backend development is the engine behind the working of mobile applications responsible for various things like security, business logic, data storage, and so on. The app backend works like a server as it stores and sorts all the information users don’t see or access. 

Though not many applications earlier were required to have a backend but now with the requirements getting high and information getting crucial, the backend system is now integrated into almost all the applications.

Backend mobile app development tools majorly include- 

  • Frameworks
  • Languages
  • Database management systems
  • Web servers
  • Local development environment
  • Collaborative services
  • Website performance testers, 
  • Microservice platforms

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Development Platform

The development platform is basically a way through which a business can create, test, and launch the mobile application in a shorter span of time for various devices. 

Additional Requirements

This is the divisional factor that carries almost all the remaining technological elements for making an impact on the overall performance of the app. 

In short, in a layman language the soul of the application just like other important things like the UI of the app, languages, frameworks, idea, and so on. 

When we are talking about the best tech stack for mobile app development importance but why choosing the best technology stack for mobile app is the next important question to answer. Let’s understand why to in fact choose the right tech stack for delivery apps-

Why It Is Important To Choose The Best Tech Stack For Mobile App Development?

The overall performance and the defining traits of the application highly depend upon the choice of the best technology stack for mobile app, you are picking up from the many others. Thus, the tech stack for delivery apps is something that defines whether the app is going to be robust, or will be able to opt for different operating systems and other traits.

Moving, several other factors like- 

  • The cost of mobile app development
  • How much time does it take to develop a mobile app?
  • How much does it cost to design an app? 
  • The post-launch app development phases, and so on are important for the app development, however, not choosing the right tech stack will result in the ultimate failure of the app. 

As a tech stack is the pillar and the foundation for any application, and not choosing the right one can affect the processing of the app. Concluding the importance of how to choose the right technology stack for mobile apps, let us now move to the next part of the blog stating the tech stack behind the development of scalable, unique, and robust apps. 

Native App Technology Stack

Native apps are highly recommended by businesses and startups due to robustness and high-performance mechanisms. Also, native apps are chosen most of the time over other options because of the fact that native apps provide way better results smartly. It also helps developers integrate the device’s in-built functionalities in to the app without depending upon external or third-party API. 

Native apps are further divided into two separate platforms- iOS and Android, that require different best tech stack for mobile app development for making the app robust, and successful. 

Keeping both the platforms the top priority, let’s start with the Android platform. 

Technology stacks For Android App Development

Programming Languages- Kotlin vs Java

For working upon native android app development, both Kotlin and Java are considered the best. Java is one of the oldest pillars with vast open source tools and libraries to support developers. 

On the other hand, Kotlin has come up as the most stable and congruous development option for Android studio. Java has some limitations when it comes to Android API design whereas Kotlin is made to overcome those issues and is adapted for being lightweight, clean. 

Toolkit- Android Developer tools, Android Studio

Android Studio is known for its uniqueness offering code editing, performance tooling, debugging, instant build/deploy the system, and a flexible build environment. The toolkit is considered superior for android app developers as it gives them the ease to focus on building high quality and unique apps. 

Moving on to Android Developer Tools (ADT) is great for supporting Android app development. This toolkit is not limited to offering Android-specific coding support giving developers the leverage multiple on-device debugging tools, emulators, graphical UI builder, fully scriptable test automation support.

Software Development Kit (SDK)- Android SDK

Mobile app developers who write programs using the latest features are first required to download and install each version of SDK for a separate phone. Available components or tools for Android SDK can be easily downloaded along with third-party add ons.

Technology Stack For iOS Mobile Apps

Programming languages- Objective-C, Swift

The topmost programming language for developing iOS applications in Objective-C and Swift. Objective-C is highly known for its offering of object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime environment. 

On the other hand, Swift is even more compatible, functional and offers a less error-prone code. It is considered the best because of its inline support as it manipulates text strings, data while offering dynamic libraries. These libraries are then directly uploaded to memory reducing the size of the app helping enhance the overall app performance.

Toolkit- Apple Xcode

If you are opting for Swift for developing native iOS mobile apps, you need to have Apple XCode. It is a full-featured toolkit or a development environment helping in creating web and mobile apps. 

XCode is quite resourceful for iOS app development as it is integrated with support for Git repositories. It is also considered as a graphical editor for building great UIs, instrumentation, integrated documentation, and debugging tools.

Software Development Kit (SDK)- iOS SDK

iOS SDK offers an Application Programming Interface that bridges as a link between a software application and the platform it runs on. Developers using it can create APIs in several ways using programming libraries and other tools.

The iOS SDK caters to specialized tools for Apple’s touchscreen interface and also for its proprietary operating system.

Technology Stack For Hybrid Apps


Apache Cordova is an open-source framework and is quite relevant for running HTML/JavaScript-based applications. JavaScript APIs are meant for offering native device functionality making HTML based apps with the ability to access device-specific features. 

Developers are not required to highly depend on HTML and CSS for creating user interfaces because PhoneGap supports multiple frameworks and libraries including AngularJs, Knockout.js, jQuery are a few.

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Ionic got a bunch of benefits and got some active supporting community using popular frameworks. Here is a brief summary of the Ionic explaining everything about its pros, cons, and others. 

Technology Stack For Cross-Platform Apps

JavaScript/Typescript + React Native

React Native is one of the known JavaScript frameworks for writing mobile apps with the feel and look of native apps for both the platforms- Android and iOS. The framework is convenient to use and uses almost all the fundamental UI building blocks just like native Android and iOS apps. 

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The framework is known for introducing novel, radical and functional approaches and further helps in creating UI. 

“Figure out the difference between cross-platform vs native app development

Moving on to TypeScript, it is a language with React which is used for creating cross-platform mobile applications. TypeScript with React Native offers top features providing quick and simple error detection. Apps made using React Native and TypeScript give top security making the feedback process better while looking out errors robustly. 

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Xamarin + C#

Xamarin is the most convenient tool used by developers for developing cross-platform mobile app development. It is a tool for letting developers share 90% of the code across multiple major platforms.

Furthermore, it is a tool-making C# as the primary language for creating cross-platform app development. C# is most preferred for being a statically typed language with IDE support and tooling system. 

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Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Also known as Mobile Backend, Backend as a Service is meant for the cloud computing service model further helping mobile app developers in order to connect apps to backend cloud storage. It’s APIs further are being used by back end applications offering great features like push notifications, user management, along with social media integration. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is also called Application Platform as a Service is a type of cloud computing service model offering a platform for helping customers develop, run and manage applications. This model can also deal with complicated processes for creating and maintaining infrastructure for app development and launch. 

How To Choose The Right Technologies Stack For Delivery Apps?

Organizations and app developers often find it challenging to choose the best tech stack for mobile app development among many top technologies to begin working. Also, picking up the one tech stack always depends upon the plan a development company looks for. Thus, it becomes really important to pick the right tech stack making the decisions professional and functional.

However, when picking up the best tech stack, you need to follow a few things during the decision making process. 

App Requirements

There are many apps that work differently for different purposes along with the devices they are operated upon. The network conditions also vary due to various operations, expected user experience and the time to go to market, the platform app will be running on along with the other differentiative factors.

All these requirements make developers look for the tech stack, framework, language, library, software, and other that aligns with the app requirements for getting top results.

Mobile App Goals

When choosing the best tech stack for mobile app development, the mobile app goals play a critical role in picking up on the best one. Take for instance- the technology stack always varies when you are comparing a high latency based app with an app with low latency. 

Moving on, if the app requires heavy load processing, thus, it calls for a better and stronger tech stack as compared to the apps with streamlined and precise interactions. 

Organizational Skill Sets

The next thing that matters when choosing the best technology stack for mobile app is the organizational skill set. There are languages, frameworks, and others that might look similar and bear almost similar results however, there are still factors that can differentiate them too.

Thus, if there is a thin lining between languages, frameworks, and others, it is a wise thing to rely upon the developer’s strengths. 

And if you are not willing to do the same, you need to make yourself ready for the fact that efforts will definitely increase along with the time taken to work. On the other hand, if you move ahead with the technology stack that is known to the developers, the working speed will become better along with the quality-driven process. 

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Parent Company Technology

The next point you need to consider is what the parent company of the chosen technology stack is also critical. There are top brands that offer in-depth and precise documentation and community support when comparing their services with others.

For example- if you compare Google, Adobe, Microsoft provides great community support and better development options as compared to Facebook offering React Native. 

Multiple Platform Operation 

Apps that run on a single platform are obviously different from the apps that work on several platforms. This difference results in the choice of the technology stack for building both types of apps. 

Similarly, the tool sets required for the scalability then would require apps for incorporating for porting them to the platforms like Cross-platform app development or Hybrid. 

Security Pointers

If there are security issues within the app, there are high chances that the app will get rejected by the users and also by the people in the market. Thus, it becomes necessary to choose the most robust tech stack to bring the best results. Moving on, there are times when the tech stack is tricky which are further insufficiently documented or require lengthy codes resulting in increased risks during the development phase. 

Concluding all this together, here the skill set and expertise of developers play an important role. With their help and knowledge, developers can figure out the loopholes in the app that might give hackers the chance to hit the weak spots left during the app development phase. 

Thus, it is critical to have skilled developers. 

Compatibility With Technology

The compatibility with technology stack already being in use within the project is necessary to make the app work nicely. It comes into greater play when you are introducing a new best tech stack for mobile app development. Also, it is important to check out the compatibility of the tech stack with current technology for the development of the project. 

Moving on, for the best results, it is crucial to check out the compatibility between tools and tech stack you want to introduce into the project. 

We have till now talked about the best tech stack for mobile app development, its importance, how to choose the best technologies stack for mobile app, and so on. Now, it is time to look at the technology stack for delivery apps that we are initially talking about. 

So, let’s have a look at the tech stack but before that know the cost to develop on-demand delivery apps in this article.

Technology Stack For Various Apps

Food Delivery Apps

tech stack for food delivery apps

Fuel Delivery Apps 

tech stack for fuel delivery apps

Logistics Delivery App

logistics delivery apps tech stack

Restaurant Apps

restaurant apps tech stack

Grocery Delivery App

grocery delivery tech stack


The above-mentioned article has stated everything about technology stack for delivery apps, their needs, how to choose the best one according to the requirements, and so on. So, if you are willing to get started with your first delivery applications, connect with our experts to gain knowledge of everything about the tech stack. 

Ashish Chauhan

Co-Founder and VP Mobile Architect at Appventurez. An expert programmer who is passionate and loves to explore emerging mobile technologies. As a leader, he is a perfect match as he is always there for the team to help and guide them to learn and implement smartly and effectively.

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