Swift Vs Python: Which Language Will Be Suitable for Your Next Project?

All programming languages have their own highs and lows. It’s your project requirements that help you pick the suitable one from the Swift vs Python duel.

Updated 29 March 2024

Omji Mehrotra
Omji Mehrotra

VP - Delivery at Appventurez

In the past few years, two names emerged significantly in the development sphere, with their popularity growing by leaps and bounds — Swift and Python. Where Python stands as the most popular programming language for web development, Swift has emerged as the fastest-growing language in less than a decade.

But when it comes to Swift vs Python, which one should you choose for your development project?

Well, that completely depends on your business needs and project requirements. Although looking at the great benefits of both languages, it might become challenging to pick one. That’s why it is often recommended to collaborate with a professional web app development services provider who assists you with the best option for your business.

However, if you want to get an idea of the features, benefits, use cases, and challenges of these languages, we have encompassed all the significant information in the blog. The details will help you make up your mind for the initial planning phase.

Swift Vs Python: Understanding the Core Differences

When it comes to the game of popularity, Python emerged as a runaway winner. The language holds a whopping 28.2% of the share in terms of web programming languages.

swift vs python

As per the same index, Swift stands at the 9th position, with 2.77% of the share. Besides popularity, below are some notable differences that further depict Swift vs Python as programming languages.

Swift is a general-purpose and compiled programming language.Python is a general-purpose and object-oriented language.
It was first released on June 2, 2014.It was first released on February 20, 1991.
Swift is comparatively faster than the Python language.Python is relatively slower than modern languages like Swift.
It is primarily used for developing apps and software for the Apple ecosystem.It is primarily used for back-end development.
The demand and popularity of Swift developers are comparatively lower than that of Python developers.The demand and popularity of Python developers are comparatively higher than Swift ones.
Some of the supporting programming languages include C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, etc.Some of the supporting programming languages include PHP, Java, JavaScript, R Language, Scala, Ruby, etc.
Popular integrated tools comprise Airbrake, Imgix, Cocoa Touch, Sonatype Nexus, etc.Popular integrated tools comprise Django, Flask, Datadog, Pycharm, Sentry, etc.
Slack, Lyft, Uber Technologies, and Delivery Hero SE are popular brands using the Swift language.Netflix, Dropbox, Google, and Facebook are some popular brands that use Python language.

Now, to get a deeper understanding of both Python and Swift, let’s understand the pros and cons of both languages.

Advantages of Python Programming Language

We have already seen that Python is undoubtedly the most popular programming language among others. One of the prominent reasons for this is the great number of benefits it offers to developers and businesses. Maybe that’s why it leads the race when it comes to Swift vs Python.

Code Simplicity

One of the primary benefits of leveraging Python for web development is its easy code readability and stability. Its comprehensive syntax and code structure make it easy to learn and use. In fact, Python is often recommended for amateur programmers beginning their careers in web and app development.

Open Source

Python is an open-source programming language, which means users can easily download its package and utilize the source code as per their project requirements. Moreover, the open-source nature of the language enables the strong community of Python experts and developers to constantly improve it.

Numerous Libraries

Due to its strong legacy, Python is backed and constantly updated by a strong community of developers. This community has created hundreds and thousands of frameworks and libraries from which you can pick the best Python web framework for your project. This is one of the significant advantages of Python that offers it a competitive edge in the Swift vs Python duel.

High Compatibility

One of the best things about Python is that it is highly compatible with different platforms. This makes it easy for developers to create seamless web applications as they do not need to alter the code to make the project supported in another platform.

Easy Integrations

Python is an extensible language with excellent capabilities to integrate with other tools and technologies. These Python integrations can range from programming languages, such as Java, C, and C++ to third-party libraries and databases.

Seamless Collaboration

Python libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and PyTorch provide a wide spectrum of opportunities for developers looking to leverage Python for ML and AI. These libraries, when integrated with popular frameworks like Django and Flask, can be used to develop robust and highly efficient AI-ML models.

python programming

Disadvantages of Python Programming Language

Apart from having immense benefits, there are certain drawbacks of Python that you must know while considering Swift vs Python for your development project.

Not Ideal for Mobile App Development

If you have a mobile app development project in mind then Python might not be a suitable choice for your business. The language is specifically designed for web development projects. However, with Kivy — a cross-platform Python framework, you can develop multi-touch mobile software and apps with native-like user interfaces.

High Memory Consumption

Python is often known for high memory consumption. Due to this, it might not be a good fit for the tasks that need intensive memory.

Design Restrictions

Being a dynamically typed language, Python has certain restrictions when it comes to the design part. Although it automatically identifies the variable type in the design phase, sometimes it can make mistakes. This prevents users from opting for complex designs.

python development services

Advantages of Swift Programming Language

Developed by the engineering and development experts at Apple, Swift is one of the most convenient languages used for development. Here are some of the top benefits that make it a popular choice among developers, even in Swift vs Python.

Minimalistic Approach

Apple is worldwide renowned for its minimalism. The company doesn’t want to change this aspect even in its development languages. That’s one of the reasons why Swift has a simple and clear syntax that even beginners can understand.

Safe and Secure

Safety and bug fixing are other crucial aspects of Swift that make it an ideal choice for app development. Swift is a statically typed language, allowing developers and testers to quickly identify bugs and fix them before compilation.

Memory Management

ARC (or automatic reference counting) is an advanced approach that keeps track of the application’s memory and manages it by itself. Due to this, developers do not need to perform this task manually, saving a great deal of time incurred in development. Also, this is one of the key features that offers Swift an edge in the contest of Swift vs Python.

Open Source

Although Swift was not available as an open-source product in the beginning, it became so at the end of 2025. This event significantly increased the popularity of Swift, making it the most-loved language of 2025, according to Stack Overflow.

High Interoperability

Swift is interoperable in nature, which means its code can be easily exchanged with Objective-C, C, and C++ using APIs. This makes it easier for developers to write code in different languages at the same time.

swift programming

Disadvantages of Swift Programming Language

One thing that makes things still challenging for Swift is its lack of maturity. Although Apple ensures that most issues associated with the language are resolved, here are some drawbacks of Swift that can’t be neglected:

Limited Talent Pool

Although Swift is gaining traction in popularity, there’s still a loophole when it comes to developers for Swift app development. However, witnessing the ever-rising demand for Swift developers, this wouldn’t be a challenge for a longer time.

High-level Instability

This is one of the major drawbacks of Swift that many developers often complain about. Apple introduces frequent changes in the newer versions, making Swift unstable. It means if a developer wants to migrate their project to the newest version of Swift, they have to rewrite the entire code. This limitation often gives Python an edge when it comes to Swift vs Python.

Limited Native Libraries

Although Apple offers several open source iOS applications and libraries for seamless development, Swift still lacks some important native tools compatible with different versions. Most of the available tools and libraries are developed for earlier versions and they are hardly used in the newer ones.

Swift Vs Python: What Companies Use Them?

Several companies have used Swift and Python for their development operations. Check our some notable names mentioned below.

swift and python

Is Swift Similar to Python in Any Way?

Although the comprehensive analysis of Swift vs Python describes them as contrastingly distinctive languages, there are some similarities between the two, as well. Below are some common sides shared by both Python and Swift.


Both Swift and Python are easy to understand and simple to use as a programming language. They both have a clear and easily comprehensible syntax, making it easier for beginners to work on these programming languages.

Error-Free Coding

Both languages work in the RELP (Read-Eval-Print Loop) environment facilitating code debugging and error-finding features. Unlike many other languages, there is no issue of “missed semicolons” with Python and Swift.

Multi-Paradigm Programming

The coding practices might differ in Swift vs Python; however, both of them follow multi-paradigm programming. It means that based on the requirements, they can toggle between object-oriented and procedural programming.

Learning Resources

When it comes to the scope of learning these programming languages, both Swift and Python provide tools that make learning convenient. Swift Playground and Python IDLE are the respective educational tools that help learn these programming languages.

How Can Appventurez Help You with Seamless App Development?

Every programming language changes with time; some feature-wise and others in terms of their business applications. Based on their benefits to the users, their popularity eventually takes a paradigm shift.

Since now you have been acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of Python vs Swift, it would be convenient for you to choose the one for your next development project.

If you are thinking about developing a mobile app for Apple OS, Swift will be an ideal choice. However, Python can be a great pick in case you want an AI- or ML-integrated app or backend solution. In case you are still perplexed even after understanding the nuances of Swift vs Python, Appventurez is here to help you make a choice.

As a professional web and mobile app development company, Appventurez is committed to blending innovation with technology to craft seamless business solutions. Our developers are well-versed in delivering Swift and Python application development services, ensuring optimal performance and exceptional experiences.

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Q. Can Swift replace Python in the near future?

Some of the properties and features of Swift programming language make it an ideal replacement for Python. Also, many similarities between Swift and Python can further facilitate the process. However, Python has been there for a long time, and witnessing it getting replaced doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon.

Q. In Swift vs Python, which one’s better for mobile app development?

Although both languages can be used to develop robust and intuitive software, Swift is relatively more preferred for developing mobile applications. This is because Python is primarily used in backend development for web applications.

Q. Is Swift like Python?

In terms of coding syntax and readability, working environment, multi-paradigm programming, and ease of language understanding, both Python and Swift are quite similar.

Omji Mehrotra
Omji Mehrotra

VP - Delivery at Appventurez

Expert in the Communications and Enterprise Software Development domain, Omji Mehrotra co-founded Appventurez and took the role of VP of Delivery. He specializes in React Native mobile app development and has worked on end-to-end development platforms for various industry sectors.

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