30 Node.JS Frameworks to Watch Out for in 2021

How much do you think will be the cost of customized mobile app development? The fact is that it is time-consuming and expensive that can go up to $3

30 Node.JS Frameworks to Watch Out for in 2021

How much do you think will be the cost of customized mobile app development?

The fact is that it is time-consuming and expensive that can go up to $3 million, if not more. The customized mobile app development – be it web apps or custom apps, it requires several custom steps that sum up the cost.

Due to this, companies are moving towards web apps that have given space for various programming languages. Out of all the programming languages, JavaScript is famous for building mobile and web applications as a go-to-language.

Due to which node JS frameworks, React, and many more frameworks are now gaining popularity.

But why JavaScript in the first place? What is the significance of it? What about the other client-side scripting languages?

Let us answer these questions in a detailed manner.

A decade back, it was difficult for the developers to build web apps due to its limitation with client-side programming. However, this all went other ways with the launch of node JS frameworks that makes developers work efficiently to build mobile apps.

With a framework like NodeJS, it becomes possible for programmers to focus on server-side scripting as well. It is slowly gaining node js popularity 2021 and climbing up the ladders. Due to its increased demand, NodeJS is one of the top technologies of 2019.

top technologies for 2021

With this said, let us give you a better glimpse into the world of Node JS frameworks, including what it is and what it’s top distribution is. 

What is Node JS Framework?

Developers: Various

Written In: C, C++, JavaScript

Initial Release: 27th May 2009

GitHub Star: 17.7K

Node JS framework is a topnotch platform that helps in building a scalable and fast app that includes the runtime environment for the Cross platform app development. It combines libraries, helpers, and tools to develop web apps effectively.

For the web application, it is possible to create a base layer using the Node JS framework. This framework helps in creating features and architecture of the web app, such as compatibility, security, customization, and flexibility using third-party libraries.

The Node JS framework is ideal for small projects since it helps in real-time editing apps for document view and edit. It is possible to set up a dynamic web server using Node JS framework with libraries setup and workhorse connectors.

The significant advantages of using Node JS framework are:

  1. Scalability – The web apps are possible with Node JS framework that develops horizontal and vertical in a scalable manner. Developers can also use extra resources efficiently and many other smart options.
  2. Efficient Performance – The Node JS framework performance is another vital factor that makes it an ideal choice. It is faster and easier to use in runtime environments using the full capabilities of JavaScript and supporting non-blocking I/O operations. 
  3. Large Community – As the Node JS framework is a JavaScript addition; hence, it automatically has a large community to help developers. Due to this, it is possible for JavaScript Performance Optimization efficiently and develop easy-to-use solutions. 

Apart from this, here are some pros and cons of Node JS web app development. 

web app development pros and cons

If you want to know more about Node JS framework, then read:

Top Node JS Frameworks

The developers love using Node JS frameworks due to its flexible and scalable nature. It also has a magnificent architecture that offers the best performance to the application. The motive of going food the best Node JS frameworks is smoothening the ride of the web app.

With this said, let us get down to the top Node JS frameworks that are ruling the market. 

#1 Keystone.JS

One of the significant Node JS frameworks that work as an open-source platform is built on Express and MongoDB. It is famous for developing lightweight, flexible, and extensile apps with database-driven APIS, websites, and apps. This Node JS framework also supports dynamic routes, database creating blocks, form processing, and session handling.

The key features of Keystone are:

  • Seamless integration with Mandrill, Google Places, Cloudinary, and other online platforms.
  • Assistance for frameworks and applications like ASP.NET, WCF, JSP, and so on.
  • Assists blocks, form processing, dynamic routes, and smooth development for websites and apps.
  • Consistent management for streamlines app development.
  • Customizable, easy to handle, and extensive UI.

#2 Socketstream

The SocketStrean is considered a topnotch Node JS framework that is an open-source platform used to develop single-page apps. It is a platform that helps in accomplishing the task using the right tools and with modular settings.

The key features of the SocketStream Node JS framework are:

  • Native WebSockets integration to develop scalable and fast real-time apps.
  • No dependency on the module or set libraries for the development process.
  • It is developing cross-browsers and modern apps that work smoothly for different platforms.
  • The client-side files for modifications and a secure authentication method.

#3 Meteor JS

This Node JS framework is best when it comes to developing mobile and web apps, making it compatible with android, iOS, desktop, etc. It is easier to develop with a JavaScript platform that is simple and uses different tiers. Meteor JS is best for big and complex projects that help developers to work with open-source projects that can be eCommerce.

The major features of Meteor JS are:

  • Seamless integration such as React, Angular, Vue, Mongo, etc.
  • Elimination of any update requirement for mobile apps.
  • Minimum lines of code.
  • Support synch catchphrases.
  • Lightweight structure.
  • Different devices have similar codes.
  • Similar APIs sharing potentially for the server and client-side components.

#4 Derby.JS

Another of the Node JS framework that is famous for web app development is Derby that offers MVC structure. It helps in developing collective apps that help in developing high-quality web and mobile apps for users.

It is best when it comes to developing apps using data synchronization between server and clients as the automatic conflict resolution. It adds custom codes to develop topnotch web apps offering high production. The essential features of Derby.JS are:

  • Different editing options
  • Works for a client and server-side scripts.
  • Auto conflict resolution.
  • Simple data synchronization between browsers and databases.
  • Self-regulation for multi-users.
  • Real-time custom development.

#5 Koa.JS

KoaJS is one of the best Node JS frameworks that are more expressive, smaller, and a great way to develop reliable apps. The framework offers async functions that help in enhancing error-handling and ditch callbacks.

The major features of Koa.JS are:

  • Koa is a relatively new platform that is famous due to several helpful methods and bundled middleware that developers can write. 
  • A lightweight architecture that offers an excellent experience to the developers and helps in developing light apps with more than 550 lines of code. 
  • No callbacks that make control go downstream and upstream.
  • Customizable options for developers and removal of messy codes.

#6 Locomotive

Another of the Node JS framework that is famous in the market is Locomotive that includes the MVC pattern of the development. It helps the developers to build flawless applications with the help of the Express platform.

The Locomotive features include:

  • Seamless database integration.
  • Support MVC patterns and helps in working with RESTful routes.
  • It is a templating platform to allow easy development.
  • Easy–to-work with Node JS framework for extensive use. 

#7 NestJS

To develop stable and progressive server-side applications, NestJS is an ideal framework. It is the best when it comes to developing testable, adaptable, and efficient, viable apps with great backend and frontend. In addition to this, NestJS also helps in developing simple coding experience and seamless data streaming apps.

It is a great framework that follows object-oriented programming concepts with functional programming features and Functional reactive programming. It is also built for TypeScript that enhances coding experience. The major features of NestJS include:

  • It includes Angular core concepts and TypeScript, making it learn quicker.
  • Use of other libraries due to modular Web Application Architecture.
  • New and amazing features with the Nest CLI.
  • TypeScript makes development reliable.
  • Nest helps in developing server-side applications. 

#8 Loopback.JS 

loopback framework

Loopback.JS is a great Node JS framework that helps in overcoming the disadvantages of using Express JS. The framework is a great platform that combines the Node JS modules with the Express JS since it is built on it. In addition to this, the best Node JS framework for REST API that uses minimum code.

Loopback JS includes some major features that include:

  • The framework includes Model-relation support that helps in real-world mappings.
  • It includes cloud or on-premise infrastructure to run the application.
  • Incorporates services like MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres, etc. 
  • Faster developer, structured code, and better documentation. 
  • It connects the browsers and devices to stream data easily.
  • Lookback.JS can build API, easier to design, test, connect databases, and so on.
  • Rich documentation and structured code.

#9 Restify.JS

It is the best Node JS framework that helps in offering potential solutions as per the requirement to enhance market flow using REST APIs. It helps in modifying the application with improved performance in a semantic manner to develop several applications.

The major features of Restify.JS Node JS framework are:

  • Direct harmony with cycle request, HTTP actions, and response to examine and monitor the entire API framework.
  • Develop scalable APIS using the Restify Node JS framework.
  • for real-time data maintenance and bi-directional communication for client-side and web components. It is used to store and broadcast data.
  • Automatic DTrace supportive platform for real use.
  • Systematic and handle error immediately with the Restify framework. 

#10 Moleculer

This Node JS framework is compelling and fast-paced when it comes to development with the open-source microservices. The Moleculer supports a single server and middleware that helps in including the exciting features and high performance.

It includes features like:

  • Time-efficient and improved coding with the microservice framework.
  • Fault-tolerant framework with CB, load-balancer, timeout, bulkhead, and retries features.
  • Deploying small changes without affecting the overall application.
  • Microservice development to target several platforms with easy development.
  • Highly extensible with build-in customization and addition of serializer, transporter, and caching. 

#11 ActionHero.JS

It is a lightweight platform that is used to build the right application with a rich-featured Node JS framework. ActionHero is a fast and light framework that is used for progressive and reusable API services. It is highly flexible and includes several features in mobile app development.

The ActionHero.JS features include:

  • Compatible mobile apps with socket and web clients, including TCP, TLS, HTTPs, and HTTP.
  • Top-class cache system, distribution of workers, decentralization of communication, and data distribution to different servers.
  • Redis-backed library to offer background tasks development, work, and use to place queues.
  • Microframework category for IoT applications for the ideal candidate. 
  • Applications and games for Socket and HTTP that runs several protocols with identical APIs.

#12 Sails.JS

Another of the Express builds Node JS framework that is best to develop MVC web development that works best to style the latest and data-driven web apps and APIs. It is best suited for API development and provides a blueprint for app development. It works excellent with frontend technologies that are best for React, Angular, Java, etc. Read More about it Frontend JavaScript Frameworks Guide.

The major features of Sails.JS are:

  • Assists
  • Smooth middleware integration.
  • Easy HTTP request management.
  • Usage of all databases using Object Relational Mapping (ORM).
  • Compatible with frontend technologies for website and app development.
  • Simple creation of project templates.
  • Fast object modules development. 

#13 Total.JS

Total.JS is the best Node JS framework that requires zero assistance and is highly fast for development. The framework’s incredible performance and constant scaling progress for the development of web or mobile applications. This framework makes Mobile App Development Company depend upon it for extensive apps.

It is ideal for the super-premium sponsors that enhance the efforts of development through which it is possible to add and maximize the extra features. The Total.JS fundamental features include:

  • Support several databases that include MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. 
  • Real-time responsive apps.
  • Community chats.
  • Fast prototyping.
  • Pre-development components for fast and smooth development.
  • Front-end development to permit with Angular, Ember, and React platforms. 
  • NoSQL databases for effective and easy development of complex projects.
  • Provided SMTP features, modular code structure, image processing tools, etc. 
  • An effective Content management system that helps in developing full responsive apps. 

#14 Express JS

express js framework

Many developers go for Express JS as it is one of the best Node JS frameworks that is famous due to minimalism, flexibility, and speed of web app development. It includes a dynamic set of features that is fast and adjustable that work best for mobile and web apps.

It includes the features that make it ideal for the development that includes:

  • Plot multiple and single pages for web applications.
  • Helps in creating eccentric applications using the Model View Controller of the Node JS frameworks for seamless architectural patterns.
  • Includes a set of routing libraries based on better web application development with HTTP methods.
  • Rendering large HTML pages by setting up middlewares. 
  • Multiple view support system for robust API and fast I/O routing.
  • Easy HTTP methods, support 14+ template engines, and enhance performance. 

#15 Compound

This Node JS framework is used to develop apps that can shine in the market and use limited time. It helps the developers to enable the development with the easy learning and reliable flow of the application development. The features include:

  • Extensive documentation library & supportive community.
  • Old and new compounds to build scalable apps that can be used for the learning curve.
  • Similar logic expressions as Ruby on Rails 
  • Build a full-fledged application using essential features with a quick API solution.
  • Compound.JS integration with the Amazon AWS features. 

#16 Adonis.JS

One of the best Node JS frameworks that are famous in the market as an on-demand platform is Adonis.JS. It is consistent and easy to use with the right syntax when it comes to development. Also, it works as an MVC framework that is stable and helps in writing server-side app development.

The major features of Adonis.JS are:

  • Simple to learn and can be easily modified.
  • Makes SQL queries effectively.
  • A stable ecosystem that can save a lot of time.
  • It is similar to the Laravel structure.
  • Seamless data handling for Postgres and SQLite.

#17 is a JavaScript library that works well as full-stack frameworks that helps in developing real-time applications. It is a reliable and fast Node JS framework that includes straightforward and simple API for all the services.

It includes features like:

  • It uses a similar API for server and client-side server that allows developers to work in an ultra-speed manner.
  • Binary streaming to allow the sharing of readable streams from servers to different browsers.
  • EventEmitters for bi-directional communication between the server and client-side for web apps.
  • Easy-to-access and reliable WebSockets using the Node JS framework.
  • Real-time analytics and support features like auto-correction, anomaly detection, and multiplexing. 
  • Supports auto-correction, multiplexing, rendering serializable objects with JSON to develop compatible apps. 
  • Smooth socket authentication, customized URL, simple socket handling, and binary streaming.


mean stack

This JavaScript framework is considered as one of the best Node JS frameworks that are best to develop full-stack MVC apps. It develops powerful, fastest, and easily manageable apps using the frontend and backend technologies as Express, Angular 6, Mongo, and Node. It is safe to say that it develops real-time dynamic apps using open-source technologies. Know more of its Essential Mobile App Backend Development Guide.

The key features that are famous as are:

  • Full-stack development with additional components that can be used together. 
  • It uses different development tools such as GraphQL and Babel as the full mean stack.
  • Cloud compatibility for the better functionality of MongoDB.
  • JavaScript use of the development for proficient development.
  • Realtime and rapid changes in the application to develop a demo version.

#19 Sequelize

Sequelize is another of the top Node JS framework that is used as the ORM technique offering the best features such as association, validation, synchronization, and so on. The development is best for robust transactional service and is effortless to learn.

The Sequelize Node JS framework features include:

  • Several databases, such as MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, and SQLite, are flexible.
  • Customized error messages for the middleware implementation for better functioning.
  • Share common similarities of the query-based models that help in performing CRUD operations.
  • Eliminates the difference in the execution of SQL.
  • Automatically synchronize databases for useful and adoptive use of applications.

#20 Mojito

This MVC and Node JS framework helps in the development of mobile and web apps that are bundled up with essential features. It is best to develop smoother apps that can be a plus point for the developers.

The basic features of Mojito Node JS framework are:

  • Built in-support for accuracy and unit testing.
  • Run smoothly on the client and server-side components.
  • Useful action including coding convention checks, syntax, and internationalization.
  • Agile development for continuous improvement that offers several development stages.
  • Custom service block for reusable apps that are linked together as the core. 


The best way to develop robust applications with ease is with the Node JS framework. It is an open-source platform that helps in developing a website with an easily accessible database toolkit. This Node JS framework is also working as a type-query builder and auto-generators. The major features of are:

  • It includes an intuitive API that makes JavaScript objects easy to work.
  • It avoids repetitive CRUD boilerplate.
  • Prisma clients allow easy and straightforward to send queries.
  • No longer issues with complex ORM models and debugging SQL.

#22 Rhapsody

Express JS framework is used to develop the Rhapsody, and it works as the central core. The Node JS framework includes an easy working element that helps in allowing middleware and sustain sockets. The major Rhapsody features are:

  • Unique features like real-time coding environment.
  • RESTful APIs development using the right model flow.
  • Allow middleware and is easy to learn by the developers.


It is the MVC Node JS framework that is an open-source platform that works in a systematic, fast, and well-planned manner. The framework can develop mobile and web applications in a better and impressive manner with the CMS benefits. This works less and creates powerful APIs with a secure, plugin oriented, and highly customizable way.

The features of are:

  • Built-in features that include CMS, API generator, authorization, and authentication management.
  • Extensile administration panel that is durable and easy-to-use content management.
  • Extensively in nature with customizable features that benefit from the plugin.
  • Intuitive interface for efficient work that can help in building the flexible admin panel.
  • Distribute content efficiently using headlines CMS on several channels for the enhanced user experience.
  • CMXS framework for the endless possibilities of development to work on different APIs as a microservice. 


Another of the top Node JS frameworks is that is best when it comes to headless CMS systems. It offers a platform for easy content hosting for the developers that work ideally for the website. However, content is not considered as web page rendering instead work as data.

The major features of are:

  • It is customizable and helps in generating documents for products.
  • Access fully structured content using the Node JS framework.
  • Manage content from a single place.
  • It is free of cost and an open-source platform for developers to avail.
  • It is possible to edit images, Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) information. 

#25 Feathers.JS

feathers js framework

The Feathers.JS Node JS framework is developed using Express JS and is used as microservice, fast, and for the real-time REST API. It is best for modern isomorphic applications that can help in creating web apps. This framework offers a compatible and flexible architecture that helps in developing top-notch apps.

The key features of Feathers.JS are:

  • Minimalistic web framework to develop modern features and supports ECMAScript6.
  • Different functionalities combine services and hooks as the server and client-side components. It allows the component and functionalities sharing much easier. 
  • It is a versatile and unique Node JS framework that helps in service adapters for non-relational and relational databases. The developers can easily examine the interface with the Feathers.JS framework.
  • Third-party services and applications can communicate with each other easily and support REST APIs instantaneously and automatically.
  • Optional plugins integration for the authorization and authentication of OAuth/email/Token to keep the user information confidential. 

#26 Geddy

This Node JS framework is an open-source platform that helps in developing the apps with the same ideology as Rails. It includes things such as, Passport. JS, and authentication modules integrations for the secure development of apps that makes Node.js development services depends upon it.

It includes features such as:

  • A few lines of code to develop the app with a flexible environment.
  • Automating workflow for development to build MVC apps, keeping the best integration in mind with the frameworks. 
  • Easy use of templates like EJS that can help with the config file.
  • The support of the platform, like Google Cloud for the Geddy Node JS framework.

#27 Diet.JS

Another of the Node JS framework is Diet.JS is quick and scalable that works with small modules and APIs. To control several hosts, the host controller is used, and for clear URL development, the router is used with APIs. It is used to integrate the Node JS with request and response objects.

This Node JS framework is an open-source platform that can easily maximize the apps and APIs modules that are used to develop the utmost outputs making it lightweight. In addition to this, it helps in making developers a contributor to the code, allowing them to edit as per their choice.

The key features of Diet.JS are:

  • MVC and Middleware Assistance.
  • App.missing 404 routing.
  • Es6 generator controllers assistance.
  • Nonparallel error management.
  • Semantic and easy routing with app.get and
  • Header and footer routes for enhanced middleware structuring.
  • Virtual hosting.
  • signal.object($) is used for request and response integration.

#28 Hapi.JS

Hapi JS is another of the top Node JS frameworks that offer commercial centers as an open-source platform. It is the best Node JS framework for rest API (REpresentational State Transfer) that helps in developing stable, rich configuration, and reliable apps.

Here are the top features of Hapi.JS that makes it ideal for mobile apps. 

  • It offers I/O validation, routing, and caching that is compatible with REST APIs.
  • Users can take advantage of MongoDB, MySQL, and Postgres to develop static and potential websites.
  • Add new features and fix bugs that are smart and fast using powerful plugins.
  • Real-time applications with -nes plugin.
  • API to forward requests to other sources to develop HTTP proxy apps.
  • Rendering dynamic contents and JavaScript Templates Engines for faster app development.

#29 Flatiron.JS

The reusable elements are used in this full-stack framework that helps in developing desktop and mobile apps in an extended manner. It is easy to handle log in requirements in the code using integrated libraries. In addition to this, the Node JS framework helps in developing apps using decoupled tools and unobtrusive elements that work independently.

The code organization and promotion of sustainability are also done easily using the Flatiron.JS Node JS framework. Other features included in it are:

  • Plugin manager to develop extensible and lightweight apps.
  • Multi-transport asynchronous log in the library.
  • Easy to use, quick, unobtrusive templating tools, and DSL free.
  • Buffered middleware and modern hybrid streaming features to connect with kernel backward compatibility.
  • Direct traffic dependency on the website URL for browser and server-side.
  • An agnostic resource-oriented object for creatine data models and documenting mapper with validation and sanitization. 

#30 Seneca

Another of the unique Node JS framework is Seneca that is used as a toolkit giving access to several plugins working up as a foundation for development. It helps in maintaining the code while offering several features to the developers.

The top features of Seneca include:

  • Dependencies, components, and databases for the developers that lays a foundation of development.
  • Helps in writing up the code easily and support commands to execute the tasks.
  • Encounters the matching property automatically for the development.

Apart from this, many other JavaScript frameworks are famous in the market that is mentioned below:

frontend javascript framework


Here are the best Node JS frameworks that help in the development of websites, web apps, and mobile apps. Each of the Node JS frameworks showcases its own set of features that makes the developers dive into the world of development.

The motive is to enhance the development flow and make the modern app users in mind while developing the app. This offers a competitive edge in the market with new experiments and industry landscape to perfect the toolkit.

So, enhance your user experience and let us know if we missed out on any of the Node JS frameworks. 

Omji Mehrotra


Expert in the Communications and Enterprise Software Development domain, Omji Mehrotra co-founded Appventurez and took the role of VP of Delivery. He specializes in React Native mobile app development and has worked on end-to-end development platforms for various industry sectors.

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