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Complete Guide to Successful App Development for Startups in 2019

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In the current digital trend, apps are big business. Mobile app usage is increasing drastically as compared to the web app. End users are more addicted to using an app than visiting a website. Analyzing the fact the business owners have turned their head towards putting their business in their customers pocket using the mobile app. As per the shifting trend, business owners need to have an online presence to compete with their competitors. There are numerous differences in the app development plan of the startup and that of the established brand.

Established brand on one side usually have enough funds and lower market launch time, their major concern is to launch a bug-free quality app. Startups on the other side have the intention of launching their product in a shorter span of time, keeping its quality intact and at a low development cost.   

From our past experience of working with startups as well as large enterprises, we are aware of the difference in their delivery expectations and business models.

What are the expectations of enterprise companies from app development companies?

They just look for a quality product which is bug-free, delivered on time and most importantly it should be cost-efficient.

App development companies should follow certain ethics and checklist to ensure a successful deployment of the product.

Thinking of establishing an online identity through the mobile app will help you, in the long run, to stay competitive as will increase your user engagement. Before launching there are several stages in the apps life cycle.

Working in small steps enhances the development process and makes it more feasible.

In this article, we will dive into the challenges in app development for startups which will help you to have a clear picture of the mobile app development process for startups, empowering you to launch a successful app in a much efficient way

Mobile App Development Challenges for Startup

App development
Overcrowded Market:

It’s not a hidden fact that there are millions of mobile app in the market. There’s an app for almost everything.

It’s the biggest challenge for the developers of an app development company to convert the mobile app idea for startups into a really innovative app that stands out from the rest.

You might come up with a stunning user interface for your app, but how do you market your app is the main factor that count’s for its success.

The best remedy for this is, you need to analyze the market and identify your potential users. List our what do they need. Identify the problem of the users you are about to solve through your app. Will they recommend your app to their friends in a similar sort of problem?

Once you hit the right spot in the market that needs a solution in the language they understand best, you will definitely be able to overcome the challenges and leverage your business through your app.

Fundings on your mobile app

Funding a mobile app for a startup is a big challenge. Mobile app solution for startup may cost an average of $2,500 -$200,000 for its finalization and pushing it to market.

You need to have a strategy for funding your app. You may need to find the right investor and then explain to them the dynamics of your mobile app and future for investment return.

There are various online platforms like Kickstarter or Appbackr that provides you enough opportunity for collecting funds for your mobile app idea and turn your dream app to reality.

Compatibility on various devices

The world of technology is expanding day by day and new devices are being invented regularly. You need to fit across all the available devices to maintain your brand image.

Being a startup, you might face hurdles in fixing the compatibility of your app across all devices. You need to pay attention to all the limitations like screen resolution and operating system requirements.

While planning app development for startups one need to plan about the responsiveness of the app from the very beginning. This will ensure the smooth working of your startup mobile app.

Hiring the best-suited designers and developer for your mobile application design and development will benefit you in the long run.

Also, a thorough testing of our app across all the available devices you want to reach is mandatory to ensure your startup mobile app’s success.

Navigability of the app

Your app needs to have a simple and easy to navigate interface. While developing an app, although a developer might find it simple and easy to use but the same may not be true for potential users, which can lead to negative impact and reviews from the audience side.

The Hack to solve this problem is to be simple and clear as much as possible. You can add tutorial and instruction manuals embedded in your app.

You may use a similar pattern which the user might already be aware of. Use thumbnails and icons which will definitely ease the navigation for the users.

Marketing of your mobile app

Startups have a great challenge in terms of marketing their app in the current competitive market.

The competition is really a tough one, considering the fact that there are other large-scale enterprises with higher budget and experience.

You should have the right strategy to enter into the market and promote your app. You can consult marketing experts who have prior knowledge and experience in successfully launching and promoting an app.

The success of the app mainly depends on its marketing. You can utilize social media and other online promotion platform like Appscend for your mobile app.

Guide to Mobile app development

App development
Debug the customer’s problem area

As a startup owner, before starting to work on any app you first need to analyze the customer’s problem area. For once you are well acquainted with the problem, you will definitely come up with the best feasible solution of that through your app design. This step of analyzing will take you a step ahead of your competitors.

There is n number of apps in the current market which are your competitors. If you understand the problem of your target audience then definitely, you will be able to come up with the most suitable solution for the same through your app.

Going on the right track will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

Document your app idea

Once your idea is finalized after analyzing the needs of the target audience, you need to draw a sketch of your app idea.

It will be very helpful during the entire development lifecycle of your mobile app for startup. List out each and every ideas and concept in simple language and terms so that it can be understood by anyone reading them. You need to answer the following questions in your app documentation.

  • What’s the app purpose?
  • What’s your expectation regarding your app?
  • Have you listed all the functionality?
  • Have you thought of making it more engaging and useful for your end user?
Conduct Thorough Market Research

Before going into the development phase of your app, you should be aware of your target audience whose problem you are about to solve through your app.

The secret sauce behind the success of any innovation is providing users with a valuable product solving their problems.  

  • Before the launch of the mobile app for your startup, you should analyze your target audience and assure that they are in an actual need of a product like the one you are about to launch. The users are always in thirst of trying something new to solve their problem.
  • Embed creativity to your app instead of following the same pattern as other available in the market.
  • Invest your valuable time in analyzing the market and its need, study the behavior of your target audience and then finally come up with a solution which they can’t ignore to be a part of their life.

In this phase, you need to design the architectural blueprint of the app for displaying pictures on the screen and the app’s functionality.

Wireframing your app helps to draw a clear picture in your mind about what actually your app will look like and show some of its functionality. It gives a clear illustration of the different screens and their elements and draws a picture of how the user is going to use the app.

It also provides you with an opportunity of updating the app when required to add some more desired functionality and features to enhance the user experience.

After finalization, the wireframe can be tested. The testing procedure will help you list the limitation of the app and throw light on the areas which need addressing.

Designing your app

Designing of the app plays a vital role after its launch as an owner of the startup you should ensure mobile application design is top-notch to engage the target audience. Once the user visits your app, he should feel like visiting it again.

Consider user feedback as valuable and add improvement to your app design for the next version. Mobile app design really plays a crucial role in startup app development to grow and succeed. The design of the app is not limited to its look but also about how it works. So, it’s important to design a user-friendly app.

Hire best mobile app developers for designing and developing the app for your startup to ensure its success.  

Build an MVP

Startups should not focus on getting attached to the concept of creating a perfect version of the app with all the required features and best of user experience. Rather, they should lay their focus on building an MVP (Most Viable Product).

Pick up a success story of any successful app and you will get to know all the changes they have done before being listed into the top successful app.

MVPs carries the core version of the app only and addresses only the core problem of its potential users.

Branding Your Mobile App

Your app will serve as the face of your brand. Like the designing and development phase, branding of the app is also important, and its early start will help you in the long run. It will be an added strength to your marketing strategy.

From the beginning, you should decide your apps logo, color pattern fonts which will be used. It will not just help the developers but will also establish the brand image for your app. The app is the branding tool for your business and should be designed to match your brand and its strategy.  

Focus on app security

User data security should be the top priority for your app. Developers need to discuss the security-related queries and then plan to mitigate risk. The user who visits your app should feel safe, so you need to have a deep concern regarding your app’s security. You need to assure that the developers follow certain security protocols for your app.

Launch your app with proper marketing strategy

The promotion of the app should start in an early phase before it hit the app store. Choose the launch date of your app and plan development timeline as per that. You should focus on pre-launch and post-launch both strategies of marketing.

Proper marketing before launching the app is vital as it helps to engage consumers. You might be aware of Dropbox, which has done terrific video marketing of its app through its explainer video. The strategy helped to build its brand image and consumers before the launch of its app.

You need to stand out with the marketing strategy of your app to engage customers and make your app a successful one.


The above-mentioned points will help you in strategizing and launching a successful mobile app solution for startup and leverage your business.

Once you have a plan, reach out to the top-rated mobile app development company for startups and they will guide you to turn your app idea into a real and innovative app.

Keeping the above factors in your mind will help you in minimizing the risk and in utilizing your resources efficiently during the mobile app development process.  

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

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