7 Best Loyalty Apps: How do They Work?

Loyalty programs are common among numerous organizations all over the world. loyalty projects could improve business by expanding deals and the customer base effectively.  There are different approaches to build loyalty in the market towards customers, one of them is the loyalty program app. These mobile applications are an incredible path for organizations to drive […]

Updated 8 March 2024

Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan

Global Delivery Head at Appventurez

Loyalty programs are common among numerous organizations all over the world. loyalty projects could improve business by expanding deals and the customer base effectively. 

There are different approaches to build loyalty in the market towards customers, one of them is the loyalty program app. These mobile applications are an incredible path for organizations to drive customers towards rewards and help them to save expenses.

Since they are a proven method of expanding customer retention, organizations collaborate with developers of every reliable mobile app development company to build the best loyalty app. What’s more, customers spend more on every visit and are more disposed to pursue updated rewarding solutions. 

If you don’t give rewards to customers, they can, without much of a stretch, approach your competitor.

The market of loyalty program app businesses has increased in terms of usage and productivity. Have a look at the market stats:

An Overview of Loyalty Apps

A loyalty application is a cutting-edge innovation in the field of mobile app development. It permits customers to acquire and monitor their reward stamps or focuses utilizing a cell phone application. 

Loyalty apps for small businesses allow companies to gain and monitor their rewarding strategies through a controlled environment. These strategies focus on converting the users into loyal customers that will only come to your business and increase its visibility.

Also, read about how to promote an app if you want your loyalty program to be successful.

The data of activities in the app is recorded and saved in a computerized loyalty framework, which the business can access and use to comprehend and speak with their reliable customers. 

A loyalty program app permits organizations to comprehend, draw in, and discuss legitimately with their customers. Whenever actualized adequately, this prompts an expanded customer base and an expansion in deals.

Let’s see how these customer-rewarding applications performing in the market:

Market Review

This age is very ready to pay a premium to get advantages like free transportation, as 77% of Gen Z purchasers announced. 82% of Gen X users partake in at any rate one loyalty program, and 77% of them reclaim their awards in any event once in a quarter. This is how mobile app performance metrics play a major role in engaging users.

customers using loyalty apps

A normal American business loses 15% of its users consistently! 68% of recent college grads show they need a loyalty program app to continue purchasing a brand.

The aggregate misfortune to organizations because of user churns is assessed to be a faltering $1.6 trillion for every annum! New user securing can cost multiple times more than holding users. This is where a loyalty program app becomes a stronger asset for businesses.

Features that made them popular

  1. Such applications have a convincing prize structure. 
  2. They offer interesting manners by which customers can procure and spend loyalty focuses. 
  3. Effective loyalty applications have particular levels to remunerate higher-spending users, and these levels highlight select prizes. 
  4. Best loyalty apps in this classification make it simple for customers to join. 
  5. These applications show significant offers, shippers, and stores, and flawlessly incorporate different offers. 
  6. Such applications likewise convey customized offers. 
  7. Loyalty apps for small businesses have astounding security highlights, and they give clear miniature duplicates to support customers. 
  8. They make a characteristic progression of activities in the application. 
  9. Loyalty applications ought to permit social sharing, additionally, they need message pop-ups to build customer commitment.

How do loyalty apps work?

Analyzing this competitive industry, customer satisfaction and loyalty is essential to business development. It’s a lot harder to locate another customer than it is to hold a current customer. Cafés, retailers, markets, salons, wellness focuses, and more rely upon faithful customers and rehash visits. 

Utilizing a customer loyalty app is probably the most ideal way for independent companies to effortlessly set up a loyalty program to remunerate long-haul customers. For instance, you can offer limits, coupons, money back, present cards, focuses, or complimentary gifts customized to a gathering of customers or an individual user.

Knowing the working of customer loyalty apps, it is certain to know the best of them that are currently ruling the market. Let’s get started:

7 Best Loyalty Apps in 2023

top loyalty apps


When running loyalty programs utilizing a mobile application was as yet a curiosity, the Starbucks App had set up itself as a pioneer. There are a few explanations behind the accomplishment of the Starbucks loyalty application, and these are the following: 

The application does truly well regarding automated commitment. Industry spectators found that the Starbucks App is the most famous loyalty program app among significant café networks.

The UI is exceptionally easy to understand. So you need the top UX techniques to follow for engaging more customers. The Starbucks customer loyalty app is genuinely a market chief. Customers discover it truly simple to request and pay on the web, with the Starbucks App. 

The North face 

“The North Face”, the famous clothing and outside rigging retailer has a fruitful loyalty program named “VIPeak”. The organization has an iOS app development, which incorporates well with the loyalty program. 

Customers can procure conventional prize offers for their buys when they are important for the VIPeak program. They can likewise acquire them by going to The North Face occasions, or by downloading its loyalty program app. 

The North Face plans to associate with its customers by engaging their soul of experience. VIPeak individuals can utilize their loyalty application for meeting costs for hiking trips. This is very unique to nonexclusive limits and offers since it legitimately takes advantage of the affection for undertakings like hiking. 


Overlaid, the online style, and adornments retailer run a very much-planned loyalty program. The organization has an Android app development team, notwithstanding an iOS application, and their loyalty application incorporates very well with the loyalty program. 

Plated conducts its loyalty program completely on the web. The loyalty program app users can procure focuses when they buy from Gilt. They can recover their focus when buying later, besides, they get additional limits. 

The individuals from the Gilt loyalty program app can get free transportation, moreover, they have early admittance to the deals the organization dispatches. 

Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) 

An exceptionally mainstream loyalty application, Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) is accessible on Android and iOS. Its effective loyalty program has the accompanying attributes.

It has succeeded reliably, with a flexible loyalty program compensating customers with a focus on their buys. The organization has levels of rewards, accordingly, customers spending more get higher prizes. One criterion is to analyze the need for customer relationship management (CRM) and implement it.

DSW runs its loyalty program app consistently. The mobile application incorporates loyalty, offers, and shopping in a way that makes it outstanding amongst other applications in this portion. 


All things considered, Amazon needn’t bother with a presentation. An examination of incredible loyalty applications will stay deficient without portraying the loyalty program of Amazon. The Amazon application is accessible on Android, also, it’s there on iOS as well. 

Considering Amazon works in a profoundly serious fragment where other monster retailers like Walmart likewise work, Amazon must separate. They do as such with their “Prime rewarding program”. 

The Amazon loyalty program app is anything but difficult to utilize, secure, and thorough. customers from everywhere the world can utilize one single application and Amazon in their topography benefits the solicitations. 

Following the prime participation rewards is truly simple with the application, and Amazon draws in its customers well. 

Beauty Insider 

It’s one of the most downloaded applications in the loyalty application classification, and the enrollment figures developed from 17 million in 2016 to 25 million in 2018. That is an amazing 47% development in only 2 years! Peruse “Clashing in excellence retailing: An examination of Sephora and Ulta” to find out about this noteworthy development. 

The application incorporates truly well with the organization’s stores and its site. This mobile application coordinates even with the retail locations of Sephora’s inside JCPenny. A simple-to-utilize yet engaging UI is a major favorable position of this application. Loyalty program users can recover their focus on gift vouchers, limits, and so on. 

REI Co-operation 

REI, the retailer in open air gears has an extraordinary differentiator, and the organization has been quite fruitful with its loyalty program. At the core of its prosperity with its loyalty program applies its profound comprehension of its customers. 

The organization has been selling outside apparatus since 1938, and it had begun as a co-employable, i.e., an organization claimed by its customers. Their loyalty program centers around this experience of customers claiming the organization.

Loyalty program apps are an incredible method to dole out rewards to the most faithful customer base while likewise giving them the motivation to remain drawn in with a brand. This is certifiably not a shallow commitment like traffic or clicks either.

Here is a short infographic to build the best loyalty app for your business:

loyalty app development features

If the rewards are valuable enough, customers will stay committed to a business for longer (even when faced with a negative experience) and also spend more money than one-time customers.

To make your loyalty program app successful, you need to focus on some vital elements of these applications. Have a look at them:

Four Success Elements of Loyalty Apps


Loyalty applications work since they give an unmistakably more close-to-home understanding than antiquated projects, similar to punch cards. loyalty applications give information and connection through the user’s cell phone, which scarcely ever walks out on them. 

A café’s loyalty program app needs to give an incredible user experience to hold users. Basic highlights incorporate portable requesting and installment, and area following that finds the closest café area.

Following some useful tips to increase mobile app response rate by implementing functions will help to make your app a better place for customers to get rewards.


Genuinely understanding your users implies understanding their qualities and feeling of worth, and shared qualities can hugely affect user loyalty. Your users may discover more incentives in non-money related or limited prizes. 

Loyalty application users may like the chance to impart to other people, particularly individuals who have an exceptional need.

You can arrive at these users, and increment their activity, by conceiving a program that underpins weak gatherings. After a specific number of buys through the loyalty program app, a café could give cash or dinners to a good cause. 


Finding harmony among achievable and alluring prizes is a test for most cafés when planning for loyalty app development. One approach to accomplish a decent equalization is to utilize a layered framework that prizes introductory buys yet urges users to continue utilizing the application. 

Rewarding loyalty applications give little compensation as a base contribution and afterward, support rehash utilization by expanding the estimation of the prizes as the user climbs the levels of the program. 


Probably the best piece of coordinating a loyalty mobile application into your business’ advanced portfolio is the capacity to gather portable application audits. 

After an exchange is finished, you can utilize the loyalty application to request that a user audit the experience utilizing a survey site like Yelp or Google, or to share data about the experience via online media. You can offer many rewards through your loyalty program app. 

Getting users to share positive encounters via social media is an incredible method to support presentation and improve your public notoriety, prompting expanded business after some time. 

Utilization of a customer-rewarding loyalty program app can enhance your business connectivity to the audiences. These apps help the activities for the long term and drive success to your reward program throughout the journey.

How Appventurez can help to build a loyalty program app? (Conclusion)

The loyalty app development process needs to be refined with the help of experts. To make your product successful and reachable to more audiences, you must fulfill the objectives of your business. Here, at Appventurez, we run businesses with a distributed agile team and follow industrial ethics to build a competitive product.
If you are looking to build a loyalty program app for your business, we would like to help you out with expertise solutions.

Ashish Chauhan
Ashish Chauhan

Global Delivery Head at Appventurez

Ashish governs the process of software delivery operations. He ensures the end product attains the highest remarks in qualitative analysis and is streamlined to the clientele’s objectives. He has over a decade of experience as an iOS developer and teams mentorship.

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