The Best 6 IDEs And Tools For Golang Development

Top 6 IDEs & Tools You Can Pick For Golang Development

By Omji Mehrotra | June 28, 2021

There is a rising demand for speed, cost-effectiveness, and fewer resources for web app development projects with each passing day. Along with it, everyone wants advanced usability as well as a smooth user experience. To satisfy these requirements, you need the best programming language for web app development projects. That’s where Golang comes in! 

Golang is rising in popularity among trending programming languages and is known as a big competitor of Python. Since its introduction, Google’s Golang has been experiencing increasing popularity among mainstream users. In addition, Golang is attracting many developers from several software development professionals. The percentage of developers are going with Golang development is shown in the figure:

percentage of developers in golang development project

As a compiled, open-source programming language, Golang makes it easy for developers to build reliable and efficient web apps. It is the product of the innovation and evolution of more traditional languages such as C and C++. As a result, developers can choose the best Golang framework present among the top IDEs and tools. But, before listing the best and most efficient IDEs and tools for developing and deploying Go apps, it’s worth knowing about Golang development.

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What Is The Go Language For Web App Development?

Go language helps developers to build highly scalable apps. These apps are easy to build and are highly effective. Goland has good compatibility and support for several databases such as MYSQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB. Web apps built using the Go programming language can run on Cloud and any operating system. This programming language helps in cross-platform app development and deployments. Some reasons are shown in the figure of choosing Golang for a web app development project. 

reason to choose golang development

Let’s get back to the main topic.

Top 6 IDEs & Tools For Golang Development

Here, you will get a list of Golang IDEs and tools for your rapid development choice. You can explore them whenever you are planning to work with the Go programming language. Let’s first start with the best IDEs for Golang app development. 

overview about ides

The top 6 IDEs and tools for developing web apps by using the Go language are shown in the figure below:

best golang development tools

“What is Golang IDE?” What are its core features and benefits?” are two questions that always pop into Golang developers’ minds.

The market is flooded with several Golang IDEs; it is difficult to pick the right one for your web app development project. So, here are the top 6 Golang IDEs for website application development projects in 2021 for a better choice! 

Golang IDEs #1 – Visual Studio Code

Launched by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code is a modern yet famous IDE that fully supports many Golang web and mobile app development frameworks. An unusual code editor effectively supports different operations such as task operating, managing projects, and debugging. Moreover, it comes with amazing features that developers need to have in their IDEs for completing their tasks more efficiently and within less time. 

— Incredible Features

Visual Studio Code has some unique features that are listed below:

#1 – Supports Multiple Programming Languages

For developers who want web support and a different editor for different languages, Visual Studio Code is the right IDEs. As it has built-in additional language support, it can easily detect any fault or cross-language reference. This feature becomes a powerful advantage in cross-platform app development frameworks.

#2 – Intelli-Sense: 

Visual Studio has an Intelli-Sense feature that helps detect if any snippet of code is left incomplete. In addition, common variable syntaxes and variable declarations are made automatically. For instance, if a specific variable is being used in a program and the user has forgotten to declare, this feature will declare it for users. 

#3 – Hierarchy Structure: 

The code files are stored in files and folders. Therefore, every required code file has some files which may be required for complicated projects. And these files can be deleted as per convenience. Maintaining this structure is necessary to keep the web application architecture stable and responding.

#4 – Improved Code:

Some code snippets can be declared, which might help users in the code. This function prompts users whenever essential to change it to the suggested option. 

— Pros & Cons of Visual Studio Code:


  • It is provided with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
  • Efficient functionality provided by your favorite plugins
  • Syntax highlighter is especially available for Golang.
  • Git integration featured.
  • Eats up a very low memory.
  • Works amazingly with different environments.

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  • Graph plotting interface needs some improvement
  • The AutoSaved feature is quite annoying for some users.

Golang IDEs #2 – Atom

If you are looking for a fully developed open-source editor or IDE, Atom is the right choice for Go programming. GitHub develops it, and both startups and experienced developers can use it like a pro. Even less experienced coding people can use this integrated development environment as its operation is quite easy to use and learn.

— Incredible Features:

This IDE is featured with several unique features that Go developer demands to have in a perfect IDE. Here is a list of some useful features of Atom:

#1 – Autocomplete

Autocomplete is a feature in which an app forecasts the rest of a word a user is typing. So for that, you need to start typing and it will show you suggestions, matching what you have typed so far. 

coding in autocorrect feature

#2 – Syntax Checking

This feature helps you check all errors and warnings in the current file. You can also click them to move to that line in your code. 

coding in syntax checking feature

#3 – Hover

When you hang the mouse over a type of other supported object, you can notice some additional information about its properties. 

#4 – Outline View

Another new feature that allows you to check a tree-based outline view of your document. It also allows you to quickly look through your classes, functions, and other code blocks. 

— Pros & Cons of Golang IDEs:


  • Easy customization option is available
  • Color coding feature is provided
  • Debugging and reporting certain errors.
  •  Time-saving and fast function
  • It is free to use and access
  • It has an excellent GIT integration.


  • The search engine doesn’t respond well sometimes
  • Uses high memory

Golang IDE #3 – Eclipse

Eclipse is an IDE used to develop many web apps using Go and other top programming languages like Java. It is developed with different plugins and options for installing additional plugins. You can easily combine different language support and other features into any default packages. This IDE allows for virtually customization and extension features. 

— Incredible Features:

Here are some exciting features of Eclipse that make it the most popular IDE of app developers:

#1 – Code Insight

The recognition of functions and keywords for any certain programming language is vital to all types of IDE platforms. Eclipse makes it easy to identify the keywords and develop web apps as it comes with different plugins for different programming languages. That’s one of the key web development trends that makes this IDE popular.

#2 – Private Code Repository

Eclipse IDE supports the private code repository that stores all software development files. As a result, you can always access the files inside this repository. 

#3 – Debugging Tools

The Eclipse IDE provides many debugging tools and views grouped in the Debug perspective to help developers debug effectively. It allows developers to easily start and stop the running app or perform various debugging tasks. 

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#4 – Easy Installation

The installation process of Eclipse is easier than other IDEs. GO developers can download and install its pre-packaged bundle. Easy installation is one of the common features that make this IDE more popular among developers. 

— Pros & Cons of Eclipse:


  • Gets modified and advanced with time.
  • It is easy to use and install 
  • It is provided with a simple user-interface
  • Simple and easy to learn
  • A proficient auto-completion tool is provided
  • It is provided with Maven integration.


  • Sometimes it shows delayed responses.
  • It requires restart time every time after plugin installation

Golang IDE #4 – IntelliJ Idea

Do you need an advanced, highly featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for your web app development project? If so, IntelliJ Idea is the right choice! It is the right IDE for software developers who want to ease web app development. It provides complete convenience in writing and completing codes and searching connections between symbols in Go language. Moreover, you can migrate codebase to other IDEs just like developers can migrate objective-C project to swift language.

— Incredible Features

Go developers highly love Intellij IDEA due to its amazing features mentioned below:

#1 – Smart Code Completion

It is a set of techniques used to inspect the codings of the programmers. It supports context-based competition and can even detect the difference between large quantities of languages such as JavaScript, Java, SQL, and many more. 

#2 – Advanced Refactoring

Developers can refactor their code faster and more securely thanks to its refactoring feature. It is a modification process of the file. 

#3 – Tools & Frameworks Support

IntelliJ IDEA supports different frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Play, Grails, etc. And with the integration of different tools makes the development of web apps very simple. You can read web development trends here for competitive and interactive web applications. 

#4 – Application Server

IntelliJ IDEA supports many app servers, including Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, and many more. As a result, developers can go for different integrations like CMS platform for web development projects on different app servers and debug those apps within the IDE. 

— Pros & Cons of IntelliJ IDEA:


  • Enriched with multiple plugins
  • Advanced auto-completion and duplicate detector
  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Incredible integration for programmers.
  • Simple and easy code navigation


  • Consumes a lot of memory
  • Pricey for some users

Golang IDE #5 – VIM

VIM is one of the most amazing IDEs for the Go programming language, thanks to its unique feature. It is also considered a highly configurable text editor developed to make any changes in a text efficiently. With most UNIX systems and Apple OS X, it is used as “vi.”

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— Incredible Features:

Here are some incredible features of VIM:

#1 – Word Suggestion

Often, developers need suggestions of variable/function names from the IDE during coding. That’s where VIM IDE with word suggestion feature comes in! In insert mode, you need to type the first couple of character of a word, then click:

Ctrl-N to insert the next matching word

Ctrl-P to insert the previous matching word

#2 – Open Multiple Windows in VIM

Opening different files concurrently is a basic requirement for any developer. The good news is that VIm supports this feature. It can split its window into different panes using the: sp or: vsp commands. To open a different file in a new split window, you can specify the filename as part of the command. 

For a horizontal split, use :sp <filename> and for a vertical split, use :vsp <filename>. To move the cursor from one window to another, use CTRL+w and <arrow key> in normal mode. This feature is crafting the way of multitasking, attaining the new normal for software development industry.

#3 – Set Abbreviations 

VIM provides the flexibility to define new abbreviations. To define it, type:

:ab def #define

— Pros & Cons of VIM


  • Faster operation and lighter weight
  • Very easy to easy after learning it completely
  • Customized option
  • Superfast editing and modular capability
  • Influential key bindings


  • It isn’t easy to learn initially
  • The auto-completion tool is not documented

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Golang IDE #6 – GoLand

New yet modern IDE, GoLand is perfect for Go programming language built to help them work in an ergonomic environment. This most compatible IDE is ideal for providing different functions, plugins, themes, and autocomplete to ensure convenience while performing any developing task. 

— Incredible Features

#1 – Supports Multiple Projects

GoLand is enriched with different projects related to learning and education. Therefore, it is easy for new developers to learn Go programming. 

#2 – Comes with Several Tools

It is provided with several UX tools that you can use while using the Go programming language. So, you don’t have to worry about installing more themes or plugins during a reliable app development project. 

#3 – Additional Features

GoLand is an Integrated Development Environment that offers essential features to build amazing software within no time. 

— Pros & Cons of GoLand


  • Jumping between files is fast without any delays
  • Best for debugging and streamlining the development
  • Faster code editor and code auto-completer with less error
  • Saves a lot of time and reduces difficult situations
  • User-friendly, customized options 
  • Easy to learn 


  • Often it gets overloaded and starts using extra memory
  • Need some improvements

Now, it’s time to move towards Goland development tools.

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Top 6 Golang Development Tools

Both new or experienced developers can use Golang development tools for different types of web apps projects. In addition, you can use some tools to write code and develop apps as fast and easily as possible. 

#1 – Go Vendor

Go Vendor is a Golang tool that allows developers to copy current dependencies from $GOPATH with Go Vendor add or update. In addition, you can attract new opportunities or update current ones directly using this tool to fetch and transit legacy systems using Go Vendor migrate. 

#2 – Go Native

Go Native is a Golang tool that uses native like Android libraries list to develop unique apps and Go Toolchains. Also, this tool downloads binary distribution for every platform to keep them updated. 

#3 – Checkstyle

Golang uses Checkstyle for printing out the coding style recommendations. Developers can inspect file lines or function or line numbers that users can configure easily. 

#4 – Go-Swagger

The Go-Swagger tool incorporates many features and functions. It is a strong yet minimalist representation of the RESTful API. This toolkit helps you in the Swagger specification document, validating against JSONSchema, and other additional rules. Additional features include API creation depending on Swagger specifications, code development, and maximizing strong formats. 

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#5 – Go-Callvis

Go-Callvis is a web development tool that allows visualization of the Go programming language’s call graph using Graphviz’s dot format. It is the best choice when developing large projects using complex codebases. This tool is also helpful if you want to understand the code structures of other developers. With this Golang tool, developers can focus on specific packages inside a program, group functions as per the package, and techniques as per the type. 

#6 – GoSimple

This Golang tool focuses on easing Go source code. As it always targets the recent Go version, this tool needs the Go version 1.6 and many more. If you are in a new Go launch project, Go Simple is a tool that will suggest a simple and easy technique for avoiding complicated structures. 

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From its starting, the Go programming language has come a long way. Now, it has a powerful ecosystem that makes this programming language for the development project. The top 6 IDEs and tools are mentioned above for Goland development. If you are looking for experienced Go developers for website application development projects, get in touch with Appventurez!

How Can Appventurez Help In Golang Development?

Appventurez offers full-stack Goland development solutions to create cloud-based infrastructure apps, micro-service-oriented architecture, and web-based high-performance apps. Our dedicated team of highly experienced Golang developers strives to bring the most complicated software ideas to life. Our Go developers are expertise in complete Golang web app development, whether it be Golang unit testing, database formation, online games, grid computing, or Golang AI/ML app development. 

Omji Mehrotra

Co-Founder and AVP Technology at Appventurez. An accomplished Android and React Native developer who is a fan of clean and optimized code, he is a passionate team builder having smart project managerial skills and has a deep love to provide end to end solution.

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