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How to Outsource App Development in 2021?

Ajay Kumar By Ajay Kumar | November 26, 2019
outsource app development

Believe it or not, it all starts with a coffee and a great idea. 

A great idea is the beginning of billion-dollar products in the market. Accepting that you got a great idea is also worth a try. Either you will reach the top or will learn about the spark missed in your product. 

Talking in terms of mobile app development, you definitely don’t want to fall in the second category and then reaching the first one by investing your time, lots of effort, resources into the same.

Meanwhile, everything might look fancy from the outside, but deep down, lack of expertise might lead you towards taking the decision of finalizing outsourcing app development. By understanding your concern fully, we have made you a list of things you will be thankful for in the end. 

Before letting you grab the piece of benefits of Outsourcing App Development that comes in the form of a piece of cake, let us take you for a short walk about the difference between an in-house team and an outsourcing team.

To go for an In-house app development team or pick up the right outsourcing app development company is a matter of choice, perfection, precision, expertise, cost, resources, technology and what not to count in. Here in this article, we will let you figure out what is so special about app development outsourcing and its other roots. 

Let’s get started- 

In-house development vs Outsourcing: Factors to Decide

The in-house team of developers, designers, testers together offers some great benefits. Having one, you will have the support of a team that understands your business inside out, with all the pluses and minuses. Apart from these perks, having the team will give you full control over the app development process.

When these are the additional perks, there are some drawbacks too that may hinder the process of app development. Having an in-house team will cost you a lot more as you will be required to have specialists who on the other hand will require space, equipment, and everything to get the job done.

Meanwhile, the limited number of teams will fence the scope of knowledge and experience. 

In short, if you actually have revolutionizing ideas to bring a great change or wave in the market, then go ahead with an in-house team otherwise, you are left with nothing but with the last option of calling for an outsourcing app development company. 

To ease out this decision-making process, consider the following factors:

Industrial Knowledge

An inward group of developers will consistently find out about your association unlike a mobile app development company will. The inner group will have a superior comprehension of authoritative legislative issues, brand voice, target crowd, vision, objectives, history, and contenders.

These bits of knowledge are imbued in the DNA of your association and must be passed along to an organization through coordinated effort and time. The best mobile app development company will invest time in researching your clients, image, objectives, and vision for the versatile application.

The psyche merge won’t occur after one call; it will require some serious energy and exertion for you and the office to jump on the same wavelength and move toward a path that will serve the two gatherings over the long haul.

Process-Time Flexibility

It’s not generally the situation, yet endorsements for the most part happen quicker if everybody included is in the equivalent physical area. The whole association’s timetable and schedule can be synchronized, making it simple to secure time for surveys without the to and fro of finding a period that works best for everybody. 

Likewise, you have the advantage of talking rapidly about a structure choice over lunch or in the lounge. At the point when you work with a mobile app development organization, sign-offs can happen rapidly, yet it requires dedication from both the office and the customer. 

The heap correspondence and efficiency instruments accessible today make it simpler than at any other time to work with groups in various time zones, urban communities, or nations. The best organizations will guarantee that a procedure and venture plan are set up so endorsements occur on time without superfluous deferrals.

Scopes & Revisions

Many app development companies grasp an Agile technique where you pay the office for a set number of runs instead of a fixed degree, this offers greater adaptability and progressively exact assessments. The contrary methodology is utilizing an in-house group developed starting from the earliest stage. 

In-house groups are on the finance, so there are no budgetary results if your group can’t settle on a choice. Thus, you may run into the test of really propelling your application on schedule while paying their compensation, paying little heed to any postponements in the course of events.

Skills & Talent Comparison

In case you’re a bigger organization expecting to build a mobile application, your group may comprise a bigger gathering of ability that realizes how to design an application. A portion of the key jobs you should search for are: 

  1. Project supervisor, 
  2. Application designer, 
  3. iOS/Android application designers, 
  4. Quality affirmation director, 
  5. UX/UI architect, and 
  6. Backend developer. 

Abilities are likewise the most significant (and generally costly) factors of the application development process—regardless of whether an office is paying the wages or you are. The achievement of your application may rely on finding the correct ability for your group.

Meanwhile, there is no denying that outsourcing is less costly than having an in-house team. Choosing the right outsourcing app development company will give you the edge of experienced and skilled developers, designers, testers, QA, and great project managers, etc.

comparison of app development experts

When you compare hiring an app agency to develop a mobile app vs. building a team to build your own app in-house, it’s easy to see that what might be good for one company might not be good for the next.

Get a more detailed and descriptive look at why you should outsource app development.

Till now, you must have accumulated enough about outsourcing app development. The next question you must be wondering is “still, why outsource”?

If you have figured out a few options to go ahead and find a way for how to Outsource App Development, we got you 7 reasons to look at. 

7 Reasons To Say YES To Outsource App Development

When looking for some solid reasons Behind Outsourcing app development, we got you 7 full-proof reasons to say YES.

  1. Ample amount of professional knowledge
  2. Cost of app development
  3. Getting high-quality at a reasonable cost
  4. Direct conclusion of a project
  5. Total number of developers
  6. Superior technology
  7. Transparency

It’s time to look into depth- 

Ample Amount Of Professional Knowledge

When you are opting for an outsourcing mobile app development company, you actually say yes to the perfect blend of skill-sets meant for the actual face of the app idea. Outsource firms that deliver app-related services have a team of professionally qualified designers, developers, QA, testers, etc.

Also, they have worked on several projects and delivered the same after facing a lot of challenges. 

Cost Of App Development

After understanding the benefits of Outsourcing App Development, when you finalize the outsourcing app development agency, you expect to get a high-level of transparency too. 

For getting so, you are required to understand all your requirements for quoting the budget accordingly. The clarity between the requirement and budget eliminates the hidden cost of outsourcing app development that might fall in the middle of the app development project. 

Getting High-Quality At A Reasonable Cost

Many times, outsourcing app development firms offer reasonable service at the lowest price possible in order to beat the competition in the market while maintaining high-quality standards too. 

Direct Conclusion Of A Project

Outsourcing app development generally works on multiple projects by distributing the project among different team members. The practice helps in quicker development of the app at a fast pace, something which is not possible when it comes to In-house development vs Outsourcing. 

Total Number of Developers

Other benefits of Outsourcing App Development is the experienced and total number of developers. 

As app development outsourcing companies generally have a large number of the team including designers, developers, testers, QA, etc. Due to the availability of team members, projects can be made and delivered timely. 

Superior Technology

Other outstanding reasons behind outsourcing app development is a superior technology. 

With time and technology, the competition within the outsourcing project is becoming stiff. On the other hand, old-hat firms know that in order to survive, they need to offer great service and the latest development technology to the clients. 

Thus, when nodding yes, it is sure that you will be getting the best in class service at the best price possible. 


Outsourcing companies do offer transparency regarding their projects along with staying open to positive feedback all the time. 

Also, there are options made available to outsource mobile app development given below-

You get three options to reach the destination called Outsourcing app development. 

  • Look for a reliable mobile app development company
  • Search for experienced freelance designers, developers, testers, QA, etc.
  • Go ahead with an off-the-shelf software solution. 

Check out their quick comparison development company, Freelance Developers and Off-the-shelf software

Pros To Consider When Choosing Development Company, Freelance Developers and Off-the-Shelf Software

Development CompanyFreelance DevelopersOff-the-Shelf Software
Access over a complete teamLess costly than other waysSaid to the less costly
From top to bottom, everything is formalized, be it the cost or scope of work.You might find out experienced and expertise in a single developerFast to launch
Available to figure out the issue on timeFreelance developers will take responsibility as they certainly do not want to lose their clients. Different features can be added right away

Cons To Look At When Choosing Development Company, Freelance Developers and Off-the-Shelf Software

Development CompanyFreelance DevelopersOff-the-Shelf Software
Often costlier than other mediums like- freelance developers, off-the-shelf solutionsFreelance developers most of the time do not carry narrow specializations when it comes to the latest technology and techniques.There might be chances when you will not get a solution to your problem.
There is an issue of flexibility tooThere are no stiff rules regarding guarantees and client protection measuresIt becomes difficult when you want to make changes or shifting to another system
You need to timely inform the app development company when it comes to making changes in the app.Time management, geographical differences are the keys that made people boycott the idea of hiring freelancersIt may include additional features than the required one
Figuring out the best outsourcing app development company is actually a task and many a time, people fall into the loophole. There might come chances when freelancers delay your work.The design of UI/UX will be standard
There are still firms that do not provide a top-notch solution for the need.  The surety of getting outstanding app is challengingNo quick changes as per the market demand and change in the market

Meanwhile, your choice will also depend upon the scope of work you will require, the mobile application type along with the budget. 

So, this is the very basic difference between in-house development vs Outsourcing team.

With a clear understanding of both, let us cover the latter part- the process of Outsourcing app development.

Tips on How to Outsource App Development for Best Results

When your app is more complex, though, the advantages of outsourcing software development with a proper company become glaring. The complete app development team is more beneficial when you need to build a mobile application from scratch.

Let’s get onto some crucial factors that can help to outsource app development and get the best outcomes:

Defining the Outline of your App

It’s critical to have your own away from your item. This will make it inescapably simpler to discover a specialist co-op and build up desires for what you need to get toward the end. 

So be as clear and exact as you can by getting ready responses to these primary inquiries: 

  1. What do you plan to accomplish with your application? 
  2. What issue ought to the application fathom for its clients? 
  3. Would you like to manufacture an iOS application or an Android application (or both)? 
  4. Shouldn’t something be said about a cross breed application? 
  5. What highlights do you certainly require? 

Moreover, in the event that you decide to work with an individual app developers team rather than an organization, the clearness of your blueprints turns out to be considerably progressively priceless — miscommunication can convey you an application totally not the same as what you needed.

Estimating the Budget

Contingent upon how much cash you can dispense for the application, the organizations available to you will vary. Now and then, the distinction will be very huge.

As we’ve addressed, off-the-rack applications are generally the least expensive, but on the other hand they’re the least one of a kind and seldom stand apart from the group. 

So when you need something uncommon, a superior decision will be to pick either an application development company or independent designers. Regardless of the well-known misguided judgment, the distinction in costs between independent designers and organizations isn’t generally tremendous. 

It’s conceivable to discover a redistributing organization whose costs won’t burn up all available resources and who will in any case convey a commendable outcome.

Search for the Right Development Team

There are three sorts of app development services providers, described by their territory similar to you: offshore, nearshore, and distant. Exactly when you examine how to re-suitable app development, you’ll need to choose the zone truly at a beginning time, as it will influence your correspondence with engineers. 

  1. Offshore app developers are arranged in a comparative country as you. Being close to you, they’re ordinarily the least requesting to remain in contact with. 
  2. Nearshore associations are arranged in countries delineating yours or if nothing else on a comparable landmass. 
  3. Working with distant app developers can be opt for trial, with time differentiation to a great extent showing up at 8 to 10 hours.

Your impermanent developers may wake up when you rest, and the opposite way around. This issue can be settled with worthy correspondence, yet a couple of retributions might be made by the different sides. 

Analyzing & Comparing Profiles & Portfolios

As a matter of first importance, experience the portfolios. For an organization or a team of app developers to guarantee they have the stuff to fabricate your application would one say one is a thing, yet do they have evidence? Have they worked with comparative applications or advancements previously? 

In the event that they don’t have genuine encounters, perhaps they in any event have a type of affirmation? It’s critical to check this in the event that you need to construct a top-quality application. 

On the off chance that significant experience does surely exist, we’d suggest examining further — you can generally download the application and perceive how it functions. 

Another approach to check whether you should recruit an app designer is to check surveys and remarks their past customers have left. Most surveyors like Clutch highlight surveys, and a portion of those audits are very definite, posting the two qualities and shortcomings of a specific organization.

Agreement & Documentation

It is smarter to abbreviate the extensive show you have made and leave just five to ten choices to contact. You will spare time and vitality along these lines. It will be simpler to get in touch with them separately and approach them for discussion and a statement. 

When you have effectively settled the get in touch with, you can have your interests replied and can request extra data that you may require, for example, their methods for specialized, technique for installment, work process, and so forth. Along these lines, you won’t wind up settling on a not well educated choice.

Security measures

As the quantity of security penetrates cases is expanding step by step, it is significant that you focus on security. 

This is basic as both the app stores will be progressively severe in 2021, and making your application secure is additionally a noteworthy perspective for your clients and business.

Along these lines, guarantee that your re-appropriating portable application development company is complying with all the safety efforts.

Quality Support & Maintenance

Building a mobile app is a progressing procedure which never stops as it’s not just about making an application. There are a great deal of things that you should think about like quality measures, stage determination, investigation, planning, advancement, arrangement testing, and considerably more. 

That is not it, in any event, when the individuals have begun to utilize your application, you have to continue refreshing it. The client commitment won’t remain the equivalent for a more extended period in the event that you don’t refresh your application. 

Likewise, you wouldn’t have any desire to lose your rest over the lessening in the rush hour gridlock towards your application.

At that point you should search for a profound app development organization that furnishes you with big business portability arrangements and keeps you refreshed for everything. 

Choosing the right app development company for outsourcing projects is a crucial step. This is on the grounds that this decision influences such huge numbers of significant perspectives like the clients’ fulfillment of your application, its benefit and the best possible consumption of your time and financial plan.

When it comes to underlying the budget, you need to stay a good hold of the reliable pricing model. In that case, read the next section and then decide one:

Choosing a Outsourcing Price Model

The price model for outsourcing app development infers that the redistributing firm has full control and obligation regarding your task. There won’t be an opportunity for you to contact the app developers and give them assignments.

Additionally, these models indicate that the developers are frequently engaged with a few tasks at the same time. Here are the two pricing model for outsourcing app development:


The fixed value approach is reasonable exclusively in the event that you’ve exactly characterized the undertaking necessities and realize that no progressions will happen to them. This model infers appointing an exacting time span of the task’s fruition and haggling on the fixed re-appropriate application improvement cost. 

Software engineers should adhere to the predetermined time spans just as a spending plan so they’ll disregard some specialized issues to stay inside them.

Time & Resource

Time-and-assets approach’s primary favorable position is its adaptability. This is on the grounds that it doesn’t depend on fixed costs and exacting time limits. The really devoured assets and time is the thing that you pay for. 

In this manner, you can modify the essential arrangement and react deftly to any changes. 

The last expense of the application can change concerning time-and-assets approach yet it is the thing you exchange for extraordinary quality and market-fit.

Consequently, the decision of estimating models relies upon your inclinations, spending plan and past experience concerning redistributing programming. Be that as it may, with the presence of the time-and-assets model, it has gotten exceptionally requested among clients and completely dislodged the fixed value model.

After deciding on the pricing model, you need to estimate the overall cost of outsourcing app development projects. Here is the section that will elaborate this cost criteria:

Estimating the Cost of Outsourcing App Development

It’s essential to take note of that as per, the normal app developer is making 77% more than the normal specialist—as of October 2016, the normal compensation for a portable application designer in the U.S. is $102,000. 

average rate of developers rate

Without a doubt, that is only one job in the group, yet to get quality ability you can hope to dish out a base compensation of $40,000 and a greatest pay in the six figures. 

How about we take a gander at the sort of group you ought to collect and the amount you can hope to pay.

Start-up Team

You as of now have a group that comprises designers and developers, and now you’re prepared to build the project. It’s conceivable you’re either being paid through financial investors or contribute your time and vitality as sweat value into the project.

Since your group is little, you’ll most likely have distributed jobs where your team should learn at work and draw, mockup and plan each component of the application. Hence the cost will lay around basic vegas for them and you might not need to spend as much as required for an experienced and agile team.

Agile Team

In this situation, all things considered, you’re an endeavor upheld startup or fair size organization that needs a committed group to fabricate an application. Not at all like the startup approach, you should pay individuals with genuine money.

You might need to incorporate a blend of both self employed entities and full-time staff in your HR blend. Here’s an example record of the jobs you need and their pay rates: 

  1. Application designer: $81,000–$102,000 
  2. App Developers: $61,000–$92,000 
  3. Coordinator: $50,000–$120,000 
  4. Senior iOS designer (Part Time Contract): $20,000–$60,000 

Total estimation: $212,000 – $374,000

Payroll & Taxes

Notwithstanding the pay rates of these colleagues, you will be on the snare for different costs, for example, expenses, joblessness and human services. Each nation, state and territory has various laws about these things so make certain to check with your nearby government to get a more clear image of your normal expenses.

Overhead Costs

The expense of recruiting and building an in-house group doesn’t end with their agreements. You have to offer your representatives a workplace that is both fulfilling and pleasant. Each recruit will acquire extra costs, for example, 

  1. Equipment necessities (PC, test telephones, and tablets, and so on.) 
  2. Programming necessities (Photoshop, Illustrator, InvisionApp, and so on.) 
  3. Office space (and supplies) or instruments for remote correspondence 

As indicated by 12 driving portable application advancement organizations on Clutch, the middle expense for an office created versatile application ranges from $37,000–$171,000, however could move to more than $500,000. 

These numbers show the huge contrasts between organizations. Some organizations go through 60 hours on visual structure, and others are bound to burn through 10. A few offices will go through 20 hours on testing while others burn through 70. So realize that your normal expenses to fabricate an application all rely upon the organization, their skill and obviously, the task.

When you finally decide on the cost of outsourcing app development, you can categorize expenses according to the process.

But what about the mistakes that can affect your outsourced app development project. Let’s move on to them and see how they act in this process:

10 Mistakes That Should Be Taken Care Of When Outsourcing App Development

Before going into the depth, have a look at the things on how to outsource app development-

mistakes to avoid while hiring an outsourcing app development

Less Market Research

Before nodding yes to an outsourcing app development company, research is the phase that needs a lot of consideration. Thus, failing to get your research done the amount of companies’ intelligence and other information is considered the biggest mistake. 

Also, when you are not aware of your team, you are simply setting yourself in a series of unpleasant happenings. Thus, to effectively choose the right one, it is important to compare teams, pricing plans, strategies, technologies, expertise, help you accomplish your objective. 

To neglect unpleasant scenarios, ensure that you are looking at their portfolio, check out how much experience they have, check out their case studies, indulge deeply in their testimonials, reviews, and ratings. Also, understand their brand and their working standards. 

Not Learning From Others

What worked for someone, does not mean work for you. 

No matter if your friend or the one acquainted with projects like yours have an ample amount of knowledge, depending upon them due to familiarity should not be done in any case.

Your idea is the gem of your research, your hard work, your patience and years, thus the mobile application that you want to have should not be made with compromise.  

Choosing Quantity Over Quality 

If you have tasted success in the mobile app development industry, and been into any one project, then you must understand the value of the cost of outsourcing app development.

While deciding on how much does it costs to develop an app depends upon a number of features, functionalities and many other things. Most of the time, in the quest of looking for outsourcing app development, we often end up compromising quality with cost.

The practice is considered absolutely wrong, as your app idea is your brainchild and ruining it with the quality prospect will kill the essence of it.

Thus, for doing so, it is essential to get quotes from competing outsourcing agencies and study their budget breakdown while exploring other parameters like planned hours, individual features pricing, and factors that might play an important role in the accomplishment of the project. 

Picking Up The Wrong Team

Outsourcing app development to companies is not about picking up the random team to transform your idea into reality. To give the right shape to your app, it is important to embark on a journey to figure out the best team. 

The company you are selecting with prestigious awards on their side might prompt you to go ahead with the same, which actually should not be the criteria to choose one.

Well, the company might have enormous knowledge and understanding of a particular domain or niche but may not have the right expertise of the domain you are interested in. 

Thus, do not nod YES to the company or the team without proper background tests and definite questions you need to ask along with studying their strengths and understanding their weaknesses too. 

No Clarity In Requirements

Expecting getting the best without telling what you want is just next to impossible. Similarly, when hiring the outsourcing app development company, not detailing what you want in the expectation of getting the best will not catch the right signal.

When hiring, you also get the same level of roles and responsibilities similar to your partnering team that should be clear right in the beginning. The end should be made without any assumption or misconception. 

To give you a clear edge, we have made a list you should agree upon-

  • Payment guidelines
  • Deadlines details
  • Estimated sprint flow of the app development
  • Technology stack and all the business requirements.
  • Details of the app design along with the concerned person who will be providing wireframes, mockups, etc. 
  • Everything about the submission process and the person who will be taking the responsibility of uploading the app at the app store along with future updates information. 
  • A concerned person who will be responsible for QA testing. 

Apart from that, a need for a project manager is absolutely mandatory who will take care of all the requirements related to app development while connecting the needs from both ends. 

Not Understanding The Importance Of Communication

App development is not only about coding and other technicalities, not including the factor of communication in the overall process will cause you great difficulties. 

Communication is the key to all good things, if you will not clear communication channels with a team of developers, designers, QA, testers, etc, the result might look different from the expectation. Also, a disorganized, chaotic and difficult process of feedback lies in between you and the team, the process might get slowed down too. 

Thus, to cut the chaos, you need to have a clear communication channel while offering meaningful information in the revert of the query the team might have. Arrange, regular, pre-planned meetings to get everyone on the table. 

Forgetting To Follow Project Management Practices

Forgetting to keep a regular track of your product can bring you a great shock. Obviously, you cannot forget your project but there are chances when you are attending other things too. 

In such a situation, delegating app track responsibility to the internal team can turn fruitful. Also, regular meetings should be scheduled that will involve a team from both sides to make them aware of the app development stages.

Involve app track monitoring tools, never limit the conversion till emails and calls, go ahead with regular meetings too. 

Insufficient Testing

If you are an old-hat business owner, you must be aware of the importance of testing whereas if you are just venturing into the world of mobile app development, not testing the product can burn a great hole in your pocket. 

Launching apps with bugs, issues, glitches is the clear sign of improper testing which will ultimately lower the rank of your application. These issues are enough to let you magnetize lots of negative responses, reviews, ratings that are capable of spoiling the health of your app. 

This is the reason, ensure the project has provision for testing because an app in the market without proper testing is a complete waste of money, time, and resources. 

Forgetting To Own Source Of Code

For outsourcing app development, you are spending a cost, resources, your time and whatnot. Among other things, never forget to own a source of code at any cost. Thus, ensure that you are including this clause in the very beginning when drafting the contract. 

Failing to do so will cause you great challenges in the end if you are planning to take your business further in the future. 

 Less Priority To After-Release Support

If you think that the final delivery of the app is the last step of the app development project, well, break this shell and get ready to step into another phase. 

The second phase of the app development project begins after the release and launch of the app. No matter, if you are a startup or a well-established businessman, failing to plan for the post-release phase is going to hamper the performance of the app in the long run. 

Also, make sure to add analytics to your application that will keep track of your app’s most preferred feature. Apart from that, keep an eye on the overall performance of the app, features that are disowned by the users, ratings, reviews too. And then work accordingly. 

To cut the situation of what kind of features and functionality users are liking, go ahead with choosing MVP(Minimum Viable Product) to understand the feedback from real users. 

In order to keep the app development outsourcing process fluent, you should consider these factors at priority. From non-uniform planning to the lack of execution, development teams should be aware of these essential, loss-oriented pointers.

As we have covered all the crucial concepts and aspects, let’s take you to the conclusions that will come out of your mind.

Take Away

For a great app success, you should partner with a trustworthy team of experts when outsourcing the projects. A minor gap during the contract can take you towards a big mishap. This guide of outsourcing app development will keep you aware of every major aspect for better outcomes. Stick with it and clear your understanding while opting to build a perfect business mobile app.

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

A young entrepreneurial technocrat who is the Co-Founder & CEO at Appventurez Mobitech. After completion of his masters in Computer Application, he dived into the world of technology as an iOS developer. As a CEO, he firmly believes teamwork and collaboration are the essential tools for any company’s success.

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