How To Improve Customer Experience In COVID Era?

Time changes, so do the idea of serving society too! Zooming in the picture, the year 2020 has seen the worst nightmare called COVID-19. A lot of industries, organizations went through various ups and downs to let things keep happening without a lot of stress on the ultimate users.  The situation is still challenging, however, […]

Updated 16 February 2024

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Time changes, so do the idea of serving society too! Zooming in the picture, the year 2020 has seen the worst nightmare called COVID-19. A lot of industries, organizations went through various ups and downs to let things keep happening without a lot of stress on the ultimate users. 

The situation is still challenging, however, it has turned on various innovations, methods, and ways to keep everything on pace while devouring everything to the final user. 

By keeping the cause cautiously, organizations are shifting their attention once again to the innovative ideas to improve customer experience. However, the methods, ways & strategies are obviously updated and different from the year 2019. 

Understanding  the importance of customer experience for the businesses, we are sharing some pro tips about enhancing the user experience during Covid-19. 

Without further ado, let’s get started with customer experience strategy best practices- 

How To Enhance User Experience During Covid ?

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Accelerate Digitalization

The footsteps of the customer have gone down from the physical store and added to the digital medium, encouraging retailers and shop owners to accelerate mobile app digitalization. 

This results in more number of app downloads as compared to last year. As people are avoiding visiting the physical store, it becomes the responsibility of retailers to enhance the experience of the users from mobile applications. Understanding the need for the digital medium, retailers need to keep a check on mobile app loading speed, stability, delivery timings, product availability while giving utmost attention to marketing messages too. 

Also, when it comes to what makes a great customer experience ensure you are offering a real-time tracking option too!

Omnichannel Innovation

“Necessity is the mother of invention”- the quote has been proved during this time of novel coronavirus. The importance of customer experience while catering to the needs of users ultimately, retailers need to look for innovation. 

Other than high functioning landing pages, push notifications, and marketing messages, retailers can engage customers by introducing virtual appointments. Through virtual appointments, sales associates can do video conferencing giving personalized attention to the users. 

Furthermore, sales agents can help users find their desired products. All the tricks together can result in better user experience, more revenue, and loyalty.

Seamless Pickup Operations

Other than giving importance to online modes, another popular concept arose called BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store). It is a way through which a user can buy the product online and pick the product in a physical store.

Here, a mobile application can help stores know about the check-in of the users and also about their estimated arrival time. The app can also alert the store employees to bring the orders to the users maintaining social distancing and contactless delivery as a way to improve customer experience strategy.

In-Store Experience

Keeping safety, social distancing, and precautions the top priority, thus through mobile applications, customers can know exactly where the item is in the store and if there are stocks available in the store or not. This restricts the user’s way of moving into the store for searching for products. 

“Get to know all about mobile app store optimization

With the help of the mobile application, users can scan items through their phones while scanning the code for paying at self-checkout. 

Build Social Media Engagement

Even if your company was active on social media before the pandemic, it is now the time to strengthen the social media strategies stronger. Keep your business alive and content sharp on social media platforms while delivering value to your customers.

“Get to know how to promote an app

Keep informing users about the products and services. Come up with some creative ways, give users deals & discounts, and entice them in various ways. 

Look For Subscriptions Models

Motivating users to opt for your services will help you gain revenue, loyalty, and user base. Thus, it is good to look for ways to motivate depending upon the business set up and strategies. 

Take, for example, the app called Fitbit, which has extended free trial of its premium model. Similarly, when users are stuck at home and have restricted their visits to the market, you need to revive the subscription model too. 

This will make your users feel more privileged to shop for your services, products, and others. Give your users the premium service for free, give them subscriptions for free for a limited time period.

“Check out- Mobile App Monetization Models

Informing Users

No matter how much hard work you are doing about how to improve customer experience, not communicating effectively with the users is a drawback. Ensure you are making a nice communication with the users clearly and quickly. 

Modification in the policies, delivery policies, deals & discounts, advanced customer services, and a few ways that give you the chance to connect with the users. 

Opt for social media marketing methods, banners, interstitials, video modals informing users. Other than that, if your user got any queries, make sure you are answering them within the time period. 

Empathetic Mindset

Before doing anything, make sure you know the needs and requirements of the users, walk the extra mile in the shoes of them. By analyzing their situation, you can come up with innovative ideas to improve customer experience. Take the feedback, use empathy in order to build an enhanced user experience. 


These are the top points through which retailers and businesses can go ahead with customer experience strategy best practices through various customer experience examples. Other than these top points, there are more points you can opt to make a mark in the market. Connect with our experts to know more about points.

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    Ajay Kumar

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