How to Develop A Dating App?

By Ashish Chauhan | October 27, 2020
tech stack for dating apps

I still remember the time when people used to write letters to their loved ones and plan out the meeting in a park or garden. That was one of the major dating trends that slowly became digitized with internet connectivity.

And now it is taking a whole new turn with the Dating Apps.

However, around a decade back, it was considered as a desperate and last option. That is not true at present.

Now people around the globe are dating people living across the world. With the right best tech stack for dating apps, it has become an easy way to find casual dates, friends, and even soulmates.

This has increased the options for dating apps as well that many believe it to reach an oversaturated point. 

famous couple apps

These are just a few yet famous names that are ruling the market. This is common for companies or owners to feel that the dating industry is not saturating with time with so many other options available.

You might even be right at some point. But the fact is that some dating apps lack quality while others lack user needs. And then the major concern of security is also high on the priority list.

If anything, there has been 11% of annual growth on dating apps in the last five years with the total revenue reaching $3 Billion in the United States.

So, yes, it is safe to say that the dating industry is growing at a fast pace with mobile technology and wider internet adaptation.

Why Dating Apps?

Now might be the next question of why anyone would want to go for the development of dating apps in the first place.

The answer is – dating is not just a statistically proven industry but has seen immense customer interaction and a higher return on investment. There are so many top dating apps like Tinder that are ruling the market. Just find the right best tech stack for dating apps and you will be good to go.

To give you a basic understanding of the Dating Industry, here is a small glimpse into it.

changes in dating industry

Now, we are living in a time where more than 50% of women and 55% of men are using online dating services. Apart from this, here are some tongue-tied dating market statistics and facts. 

  • There are more than 30% of committed relationships that start on online dating apps or websites.
  • Annual Dating App Revenue in 2019 was around $2 Billion.
  • The total number of users for dating websites and applications is approximately 40 Million.
  • The net worth of Tinder is 1.6 Billion USD.
  • Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps with 50 Million users. Out of which 62% are from the United States. 

However, how are these online dating websites or apps able to meet the intended level of users?

To help you out, here are two major market factors that one needs to keep in mind before hiring a mobile app development company.

  • The Z-generation is more prone to delay the marriage plans and focus entirely on the career that makes it easy for casual dating apps to hit the audience.
  • Another is the divorced rate that has increased over the past few years. Now users are depending upon online dating services to find a new partner. 
why people use dating apps

Hence, the demand for online dating has increased over a couple of years and in the coming years, it is going to skyrocket. It is becoming more important to focus on the value-giving and fresh concept to the business with a great targeted idea with the best tech stack for dating apps.

Before getting started, it is best to have a good idea about why people will opt for your dating app when they have options? Let us give you a casual idea of why anyone will go for the dating app at all?

This is just a small glimpse into the world of dating apps. With so much said, let us get down to the actual business.

How to develop a dating app? What is the tech stack for Dating App? How about the MVP of a dating app? How to choose the right technology stack for your mobile app?

With these questions in mind, let’s begin the answer one by one.

Business Value of Dating App Development

When it comes to developing an app for higher revenue, it is extremely important to work as per the business value proposition. We have already seen the drastic change in the revenue and user flow of the dating industry in the above stat.

You need to understand that an application that can touch the lives of their audience on a deeper level is the one that succeeds. It is essential to hit the audience on the level where no other application is hitting.

Hence, before execution comes the planning phase that determines the Dating App Development and the best tech stack for dating apps.

If we go in terms of the benefits of the dating apps then there are plenty of them that help in determining the business value. 

1. Retention Rate

A simple matter is that how many users are spending hours on the app after installing it and then coming back to use some more defines the retention rate. It increases the constant engagement level for the users that connect users with the app. The best way to do this is to know the tips to increase mobile app response rate.

2. Monetization Opportunities

Dating Industry is one of the topmost in the chain when it comes to monetization. The developers can include several mobile app monetization models in the application to earn through in-app advertising and premium models. These can help in making money while earning a loyal audience as well. If we go by the percentage then 20% of users invest in the premium models to get better results. 

3. High Revenue

The profitable solutions for businesses are only when the app can help them in earning a good amount. It is essential to have a market value that can earn a good amount like Tinder and Group Match that are at $800 Million and $1.72 Billion respectively. This is one of the major benefits that pushes businesses to grow and thrive. Not only this, it is best to know more about the revenue generating apps to get a better idea of implementing strategies. 

4. User Database

There is no shortage of users when it comes to the dating industry. There will always be someone ready to invest in dating apps. Hence, you will never fall short of your potential audience. Nowadays people are extremely busy with their lives and work that leaves them zero to no time to find a partner. Hence, comes the online dating apps that have come up as life savior. The users need a dating app by providing essential details like age, distinct interests, and gender. Hence, it is best to work with good features and an interactive interface that others might not be offering that include the best tech stack for dating apps. 

5. Matching Algorithms or Mutual Matching

But how are these apps able to find Mr and Miss Right perfectly?

The most essential part of dating apps is its matching algorithms that give the best match to the users as per their preferences. Yes, the delicate and most essential aspect of the dating app is the matching algorithms that are found using the user’s information.

Dating apps use different algorithms to find out a perfect match such as:

5.1. Mathematical Basis
This depends based on the user’s answers to a set of questions that help to find the perfect match. The questionnaire gives an understanding of user preferences that can be used to calculate the compatibility percentage collectively. Nevertheless, there are apps like OkCupid that use a few complicated methods to find out the compatibility rate.

5.2. Location Awareness
Another matching algorithm is based on the location that increases the chance of success for users. Dating apps target the users that are living nearby or in the same city as compared to the outer cities than in different cities or continents. The GPS components must be included in dating apps as per the user’s preferences and brief information.

5.3. Behavior-Based
Question-based compatibility is also important when it comes to dating apps that give a clue to users on who will be the best fit. The worst thing is that users usually input inaccurate and incorrect information about users that makes it difficult to find the perfect match. This ends up in incompatible matches.

Location-based and Mathematical algorithms are a bit easier as compared to behavior-based, which can be complicated. It is best to gather data from the users using profiles, social networks accounts (if integrated), musical playlist, groups, and so on. It is best to opt for big data analytics to generate and analyze the significant datasets to increase the chances of the right choice. We are very well aware of the impact of big data on mobile app development so why not leverage it.

5.4. Advanced Matching Methods
Technological advances can be a smarter way of dating apps to ensure and experience better and accurate matching. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technology, AR & VR are the major evolutions that can be implemented in dating apps for better results. It offers personalized recommendations as per the datasets similar to the Amazon and Netflix algorithms.

The data can be used to easily analyze in a structured and layered manner with the predictions and accuracy. The dating app algorithm also includes GPS, facial recognition, and biological data that helps in boosting the matching algorithm using AI. 

How To Make A Dating App ?

features of dating app

Before diving into the world of tech stack for dating apps, it is essential to know the step that lies right before it.

For instance, what are the steps to develop a dating app?

How will you reach the part of using the dating app?

What are the ways to create or build a dating app?

To answer it all here is a step-by-step representation of the dating app development.

1. Competitors & Market Research
The first and foremost thing that one needs to understand is the market in which the dating services are to be launched. What is the stats of online dating apps? What services are they providing? Can you work on something unique? What are the basic differences in dating apps that are ruling the market? It is essential to know the market trends in terms of income, age, male-female ratio, locations, and even the popularities. Also, as we are facing a pandemic, it is best to be aware of the impact of coronavirus on dating apps.

2. Competitor Analysis
Understanding the competitors that are already ruling the market is another aspect to keep in mind. Know what services Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Bumble, and Facebook Dating apps are offering. Also, some apps are specifically designed for the LSBTQ+ community, that one must be aware of. Make a complete list of the apps and then dive into the dating world with functionalities and business models.

3. Find A Niche
Now you might be thinking about the niche when we are talking about the dating app. However, a niche is important if you want to stand out of the crowd when there are already so many websites or apps available. It is essential to choose a niche that can be the major preference match for the algorithms. The niche can be food preference, lifestyle, pets, and whatnot.

4. Monetization Model

Then comes the monetization model or business model on which the businesses can earn a hefty revenue. It is easy for businesses to earn money by developing mobile app especially when it comes to the dating niche since it includes several modes. The revenue model mainly includes subscription, premium, and in-app advertising models. When we talk about dating then ads and premium models are the ones that are usually preferred. The user can purchase premium and get additional benefits adding to the free app. Whereas ads are the answer to “How free apps make money”.

5. Architecture

It is best to know the importance of solution architecture before working on dating app development. It can include the features of the dating app that are shown in the image below.

6. App Name & Logo
The logo and brand name are some of the most vital aspects that people need to understand. You can’t be ready to jump into the world of mobile app development with a proper logo and name. The name and logo should reflect on the core features of the app, make it short and easy, avoid popular words, and make it searchable. It is best to go for the name that is familiar to users. Also, for the logos, it is best to understand the logo design trends that can give a clear picture to the audience.

7. Design
One of the major factors that developers need to understand is that the design is the first stage through which they will get a clear picture of the app and its elements. This also helps in determining the cost of mobile app design by using the latest UI and UX, simplicity, energetic, positive color combination, gestures focus, etc. This makes the app efficient in terms of innovative and original features.

8. Marketing Plan
Next comes the marketing plan for the mobile apps that is not a cakewalk. It is vital to know “How to promote an app” with the right campaigns and strategies. The fact is that it is not easy to promote the app using social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. One needs to be aware of the platforms and niche that they can learn from the mobile app store optimization guide.

Best Tech Stack For Dating Apps

process flow of dating apps

With this, let us move to the major aspect of dating app development, i.e., tech stack for dating apps. The tech stacks can be different for the application as per the preferences and demand. However, it is mainly divided into three categories that we will be talking about. One is the common tech stack, then the process, and lastly the examples of applications that are present in the market.

We know the process flow of the application as shown below, but how can we achieve it?

Technology Stack for Dating Apps

To develop a dating app, it is vital to know the tech stack that can offer top-notch results. It can be different for iOS and Android apps but you need to understand that there are plenty of options to go for.

The additions and services required tech stack for dating apps are shown below:

CategoriesDeveloping Tool
Commonly – JavaScript, PHPAndroid – Java,
KotliniOS – Objective-C, Swift
FrameworksLaravel, React Native, Ionic, MongoDB, React Router,
Express.JS, Node.JS, Next.JS
Amazon Services, Rackspace, Heroku
DatabaseMySQL, Firebase, PostgreSQL, Redis
Braintree, PayPal, Stripe
Miscellaneous Google Maps, Elastic-Search, Twilio, Google Analytics, 
ToolsAndroid – Java auto layout, Android Studio iOS – Swift,
Xcode, storyboard auto layout
LibraryAndroid & iOS – Google Map SDK, Facebook SDK,
Swiping cards, Google Push Notifications
AnalyticsAndroid – Firebase Analytics, FabriciOS – Analytics SDK
Android – Firebase Cloud MessagesiOS – UserNotifications
ChatAndroid – RecyclerViewiOS – Offline Chat Storage
(Action WebSockets), Rails (SwitActionCable WebSocket)
SearchAndroid – EditText Widget, RecyclerViewiOS – ExSwift,
LoadableViews, Alamofire/TRON, DTTableViewManager
Android – Google Play Service Authentication, Facebook SDK,
Instagram SDK, TwitterCoreiOS – Google+ SDK, Twitter SDK,
Facebook SDK, Instagram SDK
Web ServerApache, Nginx
Platform SDKAndroid and iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch
Mapping ToolMapBox

Examples of Technology Stack for Dating Apps

To know better about the best tech stack for dating apps then here is a glimpse into the major platforms for the best apps for couples.

examples of dating app tech stack

MVP for the Dating App

MVP or minimum viable products are the ones that allow business owners to launch their app with key features and later updates can be done for new additions. Minimum Viable Product for Startups is now becoming the new trend and with the right tech stack for dating apps.

It can be a great addition to dating apps as well. This include features like:

1. Sign-in – We have come over the prehistoric form of long registration and are now switching to the easy registration with social media accounts. It has become an easy way to get an accurate result without affecting the flow of the application. It can be linked easily with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

2. Authentication – Once the person logged into the account, then comes to the authentication that means verification. The login credentials are verified if one uses the phone number of the email address. The verification mail or message is sent over to users and OTP is obtained for verification.

3. Profile – Users can then start with filling up the profile with the hobbies and interests to give a proper idea of their likes and dislikes. This is essential for the algorithms that are used to create recommendations around the city.

4. Chatting – The chatting system is to ensure that users can communicate with each other easily as soon as they like each other. It is a way to know each other with features like GIFs and stickers to make communication more vivid.

5. Geolocation –
Discover the people around the city or anywhere in the world easily with geolocation or proximity integration algorithms. It is a great way to ensure that users are likely to find their soulmates easily in any part of the world.

6. Swiping – The traditional matching model of the dating apps works with swiping features that make it easy to browse through the pictures of potential soulmates. Users can swipe left and right for rejecting or accepting the person.

7. Push Notifications –
The users can get real-time notification about the new matches, messages, and whatnot to find their soulmates. Also, users can get the necessary information about the premium plans for dating apps.

8. Admin Panel – The admin panel is the one that is to ensure that no span is done or no inappropriate profiles are welcomed for anyone. This helps in solving issues for the users and blocks them if the need arises.

These aspects can help in determining the cost to develop MVP apps for the dating industry. 

Cost of Making A Dating App

These are the major aspects that help in determining the cost of mobile app development for the dating industry. However, the number of hours is another aspect on which the cost of making a dating app is determined along with the tech stack for dating apps.

To give you a major insight into freelance and agency development, here is a table. 

cost of making dating app

Then comes the overall cost of making a dating app that includes:

cost of dating app development

Are Dating Apps Profitable?

Can dating apps be profitable even during the pandemic?

There is no doubt that the impact of COVID19 on mobile app economy is drastic and is now influencing several industries. But similarly, it has a great advantage on the on-demand app development as well.

Dating apps are the part of on-demand app development that is altering the overall industries and its flow. Additionally, the overflowing dating apps are now becoming the new trend of the businesses.

So, yes it is profitable to invest in the dating app development but with the essential features that can help in thriving in the market.

Choose the right tech stack for dating apps and give your idea a new look.

Ashish Chauhan

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