How Push Notification Value Increases with Intensity?

While recognizing the most impactful marketing plan for your business growth, you will discover applications that can assist you to reach destinations through different channels. And afterward, your eyes land on a suite that offers a push notification that can hit your mind – ‘what if I do the same to get user attention and […]

Updated 25 January 2024

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash

VP – Pre Sales at Appventurez

While recognizing the most impactful marketing plan for your business growth, you will discover applications that can assist you to reach destinations through different channels. And afterward, your eyes land on a suite that offers a push notification that can hit your mind – ‘what if I do the same to get user attention and engagement’. That’s where you should think about how to maximize value from push notifications.

These notifications, in today’s mobile world, are called push notifications. If you are utilizing different smart devices, you would have experienced these as of now. They are short messages that you can customize and send to target audiences all at once. While establishing different push notification marketing campaigns, businesses can automate their push notification plan effectively to gain more success.

Push notifications are available in different types, and they all have their unique purpose. Have a look at them:

Types of Push Notifications

types of push notifications


As the name implies, informational push notifications are utilized for data showing, for example, news alarms, any updates, notifications, and so forth.


System notifications profoundly report inside the application, for example, new integrations in the application, product deals, and so on. 


User notification you probably took note. It shows up as a red identification on your application symbol alongside the alert check. It will tell you the number of forthcoming alerts. 


As the name proposes, conditional notifications offer alarm to users of late transactional activities. It can likewise incorporate limits, deals, bundle shipments, flight delays, and so on. 


Geolocation is regularly utilized for nearby occasions and advancements, diners, ATMs, traffic floods, and others.

Development companies are implementing crucial tips to increase the mobile app response rate so that users can quickly open the alert in the app. If the audience has to wait for your app to show the deal or notification mentioned in the notification, they might lose interest and your objective might go in vain.

Companies are understanding the significance of push notification marketing with time, as they know how crucial they are when it comes to increasing instant engagement. Let’s know some crucial pointers that elaborate this statement more profoundly:

Benefits of Push Notifications

Better User Engagement

Push notification best practices with instant alerts give the user motivation to open their mobile application. The rewards of utilizing these notifications are many, but getting opportunities to engage with your target audience is golden. And push notifications to serve this the most. 

Increase Turnover of Inactive Users

There are numerous situations where after downloading an application the user utilizes it infrequently. An entrepreneur wouldn’t need his application sitting inert while others are getting utilized. Notwithstanding, a push notification marketing strategy can transform your idle users into dynamic and faithful ones.

Better Conversion rates

As user commitment builds, the user will begin exploring your brand and might start buying them soon. According to a report, push notifications in a mobile application can expand the standard for dependability by 3 to multiple times. Not just mobile apps, but progressive web apps are also getting better conversion opportunities using these notifications.

Target more audience

The more the number of users of your mobile, the more will be the deals the other way around. Actualizing push notification best practices while optimizing your mobile app can help you hold dynamic users on your application. 

GPS-based Targeting

At the point when you get authorization for the area access from your users, you can customize the notifications according to every user. It can drive your business by knowing the user’s location and getting a wide scope of the audience on your application. 

User Behavior Tracking

Behavior tracking is being used by entrepreneurs to settle on better business choices. Push notification marketing can help in analyzing complex information about the application’s open time, utilization rate, and so forth. 

It will help you monitor the personal conduct standard of the users, interaction time, navigate design, and what makes users open the alert. After appropriately dissecting such experiences, you can settle on better business choices.

If we talk about five years back from now, notifications are just limited to device updates and emailers, in most cases. App development companies and digital industries then started to utilize them for getting immense engagement and targeting more audiences to enlarge the brand.

Now every single mobile app, website, and even web apps are integrated with push notification features. Mobile app development companies are off to a whole new game and merging push notification marketing with automation tools. That’s why mobile apps are important for businesses to utilize these tactics.

Push Notifications in Mobile App Development

Push notification marketing is commonly used to reconnect a purchaser and build their interest, in a way to increase conversions. Once mobile phone users are picked in, they will get push notifications whether their gadget is close by or concealed. users will be provoked to select to get notifications upon the download of your application. 

This implies you need to build up an application preceding contriving the push notification best practices. Before you begin hyperventilating, it is imperative to understand that making an application isn’t as troublesome as you assume.

Although your application is fully operational, it’s not exactly an ideal opportunity to focus exclusively on push notification marketing. It is also important to utilize a mobile app store optimization guide so that users know you are updating your app consistently for better engagement. You can’t arrive at your purchases until they get loyal to your mobile app.

utilization of push notifications

Since the companies started getting immense profits from different push notification best practices, more ventures are enhancing their campaigns for marketing as well as growth purposes. However, if these strategies are not utilized appropriately then there are some harsh impacts as well.

First, let’s see how push notification marketing can boost your business business

How Push notification marketing can make your business?

Gain New Customers

On your site, you can request that guests register on your business application or site. You can do this through your advertising strategy with the goal that you can make a devoted user base. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which they joined, however, didn’t finish the cycle.

How are you expected to keep them locked in? You can pick to remind them using push notification best practices or you can merge them with other sources like email campaigns. 

However long as late users give their authorization for you to send notifications to them, they will keep accepting these alerts except if they change the setting. You can make the most of this chance to invite them to finish their enlistment in your application. 

Thus, you can accumulate noteworthy data that would empower you to customize future collaborations with them. On the head of that, you can start building a dedicated user base through this push notification marketing strategy. 

Instant Promotion & Marketing

Follow the online business industry for instance. It has the most users of push notifications (22.03%). The monetary specialty utilizes this as a major aspect of their omnichannel promoting systems to tell shoppers about new offers and limits (83.33%) and to declare their most recent items (half).

What’s more, taking into account that 25.29% of users like to get alerts from shopping and retail organizations, this is a perfect opportunity to implement push notification best practices. Thus, you improve the probability of boosting your deals, and this is how free apps make money smartly. 

Consistent User Engagement

In Android gadgets, the utilization of push notification marketing is consistently on the ascent. It has a 91.1% selection rate. Then, an iOS push notification is at 43.9%, as referenced by the Business of Apps. This is basically because of the way that Android has a quiet technique, something contrary to iOS. 

iOS receives a select in position, prompting lower push notification rates on Apple gadgets. While users appreciate getting push notifications from you, you can take this specific way to keep them locked in. 

In any event, when your brand doesn’t have forthcoming deals, this is as yet an advertising practice that can ensure your intended target group remembers. You can take this on the head of your social media marketing techniques to help proficiency and add a more extensive crowd reach. 

Valued Feedback from users

Noteworthy notifications are one of the push notification best practices that get higher engagement from users. This is particularly valid for those who welcome users to offer their info and express gratitude toward them for that. For this situation, you can build a strategy to tell your customers that their feedback would be very appreciated. 

In general, applications do have mobile app user persona and other features to keep the users interacting. So, you can do this following the user cooperated with your support or if they purchased something from your site, application, or physical store.

If they had an extraordinary experience, they are bound to give preferable audits and five-star ratings. Thus, you can depend on their positive involvement in your image to build your unwavering quality and allure to customers.

Increase Mobile App Retention

Application retention is one of the mobile app performance metrics that many organizations battle with. If you can get this rate close to 25%, you’ll as of now best rides in front of bigger brands. Additionally, push notification marketing assumes a noteworthy part in application retention, boosting it by 23% after just 3 months. 

Much the same as probably the best exercises throughout everyday life, a couple of indiscreet individuals demolished push notifications for retention. Not to state they aren’t compelling, because they are an incredible feature of your advertising procedure. 

Pick your words astutely when composing content for push notifications and keep your audiences snared. The content you choose to show on the user screen will be a key hook-up factor to engage the users.

Similarly, when you don’t create effective campaigns and a productive plan for the push notification marketing then you might suffer to take charge of your business objectives. Let’s see how these alerts can affect your business:

How Push notification marketing can break your business?

Complex Subscription

Under a multi-step program, there are different styles of membership pick inboxes to gather push notifications. A multi-step program lets you alter the selection in style, text, shading, and different boundaries. This permits you to plan the “membership box” by your site/business. 

Why would that be an error? The sheer number of interfaces the user must visit before buying in can be a blocker. users may click “permit” in the first pick inbox however “deny” on the subsequent page. That’s why you need to work hard on mobile app monetization models.

Poor segmentation

At the point when you’re prepared to begin sending push notifications, you should even now battle with low navigate rates (CTR). That is likely because you don’t have to focus on or divide your push notification marketing plan.

Without a doubt, you’re gathering endorsers, yet you don’t think enough about them. This is one of the prime explanations behind an absence of commitment with push notifications. 

Bad timing

Timing is imperative when you think of how to increase user engagement on app. Each target user is unique, as is the point at which they are dynamic. For instance, if your items focus on a portion of understudies, you ought to send notifications late around evening time, since that is when understudies are generally dynamic. 

No expiration

You see a two-day deal with a half-price discount. Moreover, you sign in to your device following a week and see a similar notice. You click the notification just to find that the deal is finished. This is something that shouldn’t happen from a business point of view. 

These instances have occurred several times because some businesses forgot to set up expiring schedules of push notification marketing campaigns. As a result, users will encounter bad experiences and might choose to unsubscribe from your brand. 

Missing automated campaigns

In some cases, you botch the opportunity to send push notifications at the correct time. For instance, when you are running a campaign, you should refresh the subscribers for an event consistently. 

If you forget to do so, the information might lead to confusion among the users and your event might go in loss. Not automating the push notification best practices can take your business toward a big loss. 

Long gaps between notifications

In the wake of introducing push notification best practices, companies have begun to send them consistently on their users’ devices. At whatever point another user joins, the site begins sending redid notifications. However, after some time the consistency in sending the notifications starts to reduce. 

This factor might result in lower CTR and high withdrawal rates. That’s why it’s important to automate the notifications and not give long gaps between notifications. Users will keep themselves interested in your app and the overall interaction rate will stay consistent.

Mistakes tend to happen usually from a business point of view, but when you know the core reasons behind their impact and if you have a backup or solution then you can overcome their after-effects.

Here is an infographic that will clearly show how push notifications are playing a key role in brand success:

That’s why the next section will elaborate on some crucial tips to improve your push notification best practices. Let’s read about it:

Tips to boost Push Notification Marketing

Customize notifications for Quality Engagement

About customization, you should build audience-focused messages to target explicit users of your application. It’s just a push notification with a connection that has rich and engaging content.

In this way, the pointers in the message can be pictures, video, sound, and other intellectual resources. Include profound connections, URLs, and other engaging features like emoticons, and then some copywriting.

Utilize Location-based Parameter

When geotargeting is utilized, in addition to the fact that we see an expansion in open source application store transformation rate. Fundamentally, it permits you to determine an area span so that when the application user enters or leaves, it triggers a programmed message. Notwithstanding, remember to utilize segments and channels as a major aspect of your geofencing technique in a push notification marketing plan.

Use KPIs & Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is the information that changes based on known data about the target audiences. Fundamentally, anything that you have caught as a Profile characteristic inside the application can be utilized as effective content.

For instance, when you realize a user has searched for Bluetooth earphones the last time they utilized your shopping application, you can refer to Bluetooth earphones in a push notification.

Automate Push Notification Plan

Push notification best practices can work better when sent during specific periods on users’ devices. Keen mission planning will assist you with improving the achievement pace of your information. Automating them according to the right schedule will help to gain the best results at the right time.

Would it be advisable for you to stand by until a specific point in the client venture before sending a push? Some details highlight the way that you should stand by until somewhere in the range of four and six meetings however it relies upon the sort of application.

Monitor Regularly

Analyzing your progress is mandatory. You need to track the progress of the push notification marketing strategy and then make decisions to optimize or customize it according to the requirements. Make sure you utilize the right mobile app testing guide while implementing the strategy. It will help to automate the reporting and analysis of push notifications.

Engaging users with rich content always helps in conversion as well. These crucial tips can help you with achieving different objectives and maintain the productivity of your business. To keep the significance of push notification best practices at top priority, you need to stick with the right ways to utilize them effectively.

How does Appventurez see a Push Notification Plan from a Business point of view?

Notifications play an important role when it comes to gaining huge recognition and engagement from audiences. Our development and testing team knows how to integrate this feature and automate its work to gain the best business outcomes. We have successfully deployed several projects that utilize push notification marketing automation and attract users as conversion opportunities.

Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash

VP – Pre Sales at Appventurez

Anand specializes in sales and business development as its VP - Sales and Presales. He supervises the pre-sales process by upscaling on establishing client relationships. He skillfully deploys instruments such as cloud computing, automation, data centers, information storage, and analytics to evaluate clients’ business activities.

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