How Are NLP Tools from Microsoft, Google & Apple Making World Hands-Free?

The world is currently witnessing a period of remarkable progress, striving for a hands-free reality facilitated by advancements in natural language processing tools from industry giants like Microsoft, Google, and Apple. The possibilities seem boundless as the fundamental components for handling language input take center stage. Natural language processing (NLP), nestled within the realms of […]

Updated 23 January 2024

Omji Mehrotra
Omji Mehrotra

VP - Delivery at Appventurez

The world is currently witnessing a period of remarkable progress, striving for a hands-free reality facilitated by advancements in natural language processing tools from industry giants like Microsoft, Google, and Apple. The possibilities seem boundless as the fundamental components for handling language input take center stage.

Natural language processing (NLP), nestled within the realms of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (AI-ML development), revolves around the way machines interpret human language. Specifically, NLP toolkits are instrumental in constructing systems capable of comprehending and analyzing both text data and speech-based information.

In our daily lives, we engage in messaging and social media conversations, generating a significant volume of data. When coupled with surveys, feedback, online reviews, and the like, it becomes evident why organizations grapple with vast amounts of unstructured information.

Before delving into the transformative impact of NLP tools from Microsoft, Google, and Apple in creating a hands-free world, it’s essential to understand NLP and its escalating popularity as a natural language processing solution.

Working of Natural Language Processing, NLP Tools

Human language is intricate, equivocal, scattered, and different. There are more than 6,500 dialects on the planet, each with its own syntactic and semantic standards. The initially engaged with assisting machines with understanding natural language is to change information into something they can decipher. 

Data Pre-processing

In NLP, grammar and semantic analysis are critical to understanding the linguistic structure and distinguishing how words identify with one another in a given setting. However, changing content into something that machines can measure is convoluted.

There are a few methods that can be utilized to ‘clean’ a dataset and make it more coordinated, including:

  • Tokenization: separates the content into more modest semantic units or single statements 
  • Grammatical feature labeling: increasing words as things, action words, descriptors, qualifiers, pronouns, and so forth 
  • Stemming and lemmatization: normalizing words by lessening them to their root structures 
  • Stop word expulsion: sifting through normal words that add next to zero one-of-a-kind data, for instance, relational terms and articles (at, to, a, the).

NLP Algorithms

Once the dataset is prepared, it’s an ideal opportunity to move onto the following stage: constructing an NLP calculation and organizing it to decipher the common language and perform explicit undertakings.

nlp tools

There are two fundamental calculations you can use to tackle NLP issues:

  • A standard-based methodology. Rule-put together frameworks depend on hand-made syntactic standards that specialists in phonetics or information developers should make. This was the most punctual way to make NLP calculations; it’s utilized today.
  • AI calculations. AI and ml app development solutions, then again, depend on factual techniques and figure out how to perform assignments after being taken care of by models (preparing information).

It will require some investment. However, designers of the product we use in our everyday lives can assume a job in easing commitment with our filthy gadgets just as with one another. While it is anything but an ideal arrangement, it’s a positive development.

Natural Language Processing tools empower you to play out an assortment of undertakings, from grouping text and extricating pertinent bits of information to deciphering text starting with one language then onto the next and summing up long bits of substance.

Machine Translation

This was one of the main issues monitored by NLP analysts. Translation devices (like Google Translate) utilize distinctive natural language handling methods to accomplish human precision in interpreting speech and text to various languages. In addition, custom interpreter models can be prepared for a particular area to boost the exactness of the outcomes.

Topic Modeling

Theme demonstrating is like point order. This illustration of natural language processing tools finds pertinent points in a book by gathering writings with similar words and articulations. Since you don’t have to make a rundown of predefined labels or name any information, it’s a decent alternative for exploratory investigation when you are not yet acquainted with your information.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Natural language generation, NLG for short, is a characteristic language handling task that comprises monitoring and extraction of unstructured information while utilizing it as a contribution to make content consequently. 

With the ascent of voice interfaces and chatbot development, NLP toolkits are perhaps the main advances of the data age, an essential piece of computerized reasoning. Yet, completely understanding and speaking to the significance of language is an amazingly troublesome objective. Why? Since human language is unique.

Why Natural Language Processing And Hands-Free Is Important?

Many substances and information are coursing about exactly how messy we are. The normal human acknowledges and communicates a wide range of gross stuff just by existing. Furthermore, because we’re continually contacting our telephones, these gadgets give a noteworthy cross-segment of rubbish that exhibits the size of the yucky things we gather. 

People have been trading the inconspicuous before anthropologists even thought of us as people. As one author puts it, we are a “superorganism” composed of trillions of little creatures that help us, hurt us, and only sort of existing. 

Moving these pieces of ourselves improves our insusceptible framework from multiple points of view. But, be that as it may, this over-simplification doesn’t exactly render when we have irresistible illnesses spinning out of control.

Instead of experiencing far-reaching closures that antagonistically influence our economy, lessening contact and association with different characteristic language preparing toolboxes is by all accounts a practical answer for battling illnesses. 

For example, in desperate circumstances, those made by COVID-19, a moderating sickness without devastating economies, can be straightforward. As basic as decreasing the measure of true collaboration between people.

Tech-Giants Initiating NLP-based Voice Solutions

Tech giants bring the best natural language processing (NLP) examples for automation. Machines with NLP can examine a wide assortment of information (records, text, voice) and have a scope of possible uses; the order incorporates various abilities. For example, NLP toolkits can scour reports and order them by point, even without a software developer characterizing which subjects to search for ahead of time. 


Google’s AI specialists, as of late, delivered a paper presenting Natural Questions (NQ), another dataset for QA research, alongside techniques for QA framework assessment. Alongside the development in its lawn, Google is likewise backing new businesses like Armorblox dealing with natural language processing tools. 

Armorbox plans to handle information spills using online assaults like email skewer phishing, a network safety startup. Unlike assignments where it is moderately simple to accumulate normally happening models, the meaning of a reasonable QA task and the development of a philosophy for comment and assessment is testing.


Microsoft’s NLP toolkits help develop productive calculations to handle text and make their data available to PC applications. This gathering tends to natural language issues utilizing a blend of data-driven and AI-based procedures to disambiguate and react to natural language input. 

A year ago, Microsoft likewise had introduced a novel, completely information-driven, and information grounded neural discussion model pointed toward delivering more contentful reactions.

Language Understanding (LUIS) – AI-based support for incorporating characteristic language into applications, bots, and IoT app development solutions. Rapidly make venture prepared, custom models that constantly improve.


Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing solution that invests in AI application development to discover bits of knowledge and connections in a book. No AI experience is required. 

The administration recognizes the language of the content; extricates key expressions, places, individuals, brands, or occasions; sees how certain or negative the content is; breaks down content utilizing tokenization and grammatical forms; and consequently coordinates an assortment of text records by point. 

Amazon Comprehend Medical, a variation of Comprehend, recognizes the relationship among the removed prescription and test, therapy, and technical data for simpler examination. For instance, the management acknowledges a specific dose, strength, and recurrence identified with a particular medicine from unstructured clinical notes.


Apple has improved its contributions by growing SiriKit Media Intents which permits developers to work in solicitations for sans hands activity using Siri as a component of Apple NLP. How Apple voice assistant can improve the app store experience?

For instance, the Apple feature allows one-click shopping in augmented reality. Moreover, Another example is the INPlayMediaIntent occasion that allowed developers to build answers for playing sound. Users can say something like “play tune [in my app]” to get to the media through Siri. 

Eventually, these natural language processing tools from every stage will empower users to live more without hands. While the abilities are fairly restricted, there is the possibility of utilizing these orders for considerably more than a diversion.

In smart homes, individuals can communicate with associated gadgets utilizing the Apple NLP toolkits and HomeKit.

These world leaders in the technology domain are evolving the industries with their digitized solutions at every step. They are ready to integrate their NLP toolkits with the most advanced innovation from cloud computing to AI-as-a-service. Have a look at their voice assistants along with their basic approach:

Best NLP Toolkits Making Future Hands-Free


Aylien is a SaaS launch checklist API that utilizes profound learning and one of the linear NLP toolkits to break down enormous volumes of text-based information, for example, academic distributions, constant substance from media sources, and social media information. You can utilize it for NLP projects like a content outline, article extraction, substance extraction, and feeling investigation, among others.

Google Cloud NLP API

The Google Cloud Natural Language API gives a few pre-prepared models to slant investigation, content grouping, and substance extraction. Additionally, it offers AutoML Natural Language, which permits you to fabricate tweaked AI models. Finally, as a component of the Google Cloud foundation, it utilizes Google question-noting and language, getting innovation.


There is a beginner’s guide to natural language processing that provides a set of Natural Language processing tools with Python and one of the main frameworks in NLP model structure. Focused on monitoring and analysis in the NLP field, this NLP toolkit is reinforced by a functioning network, just as a scope of instructional exercises for language handling, test datasets, and assets that incorporate a complete Language Processing and Python handbook.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a set-up of AI tools put away in the IBM Cloud. One of its key highlights is Natural Language Understanding, which permits you to distinguish and separate catchphrases, classes, feelings, elements, and that’s just the beginning.

It’s flexible in that it very well may be custom fitted to various ventures, from medical services to back, and has a store of reports to assist you with the beginning.

Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend is an NLP administration coordinated with the Amazon Web Services framework. You can utilize this API for Natural language processing examples, opinion examination, theme demonstrating, element acknowledgment, and then some. 

There’s a specific variation for those who work in medical services: the Amazon Comprehend Medical, which permits you to perform a progressed investigation of clinical information utilizing reliable Machine Learning solutions.


Gensim is an exceptionally particular Python web framework & library that, to a great extent, manages theme demonstrating assignments utilizing calculations like Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA). It’s additionally astounding at perceiving text similitudes, ordering writings, and exploring various reports.


One of the freshest open-source Natural Language Processing with Python integration development libraries on our rundown is SpaCy. It’s extremely quick, simple to utilize, all-around recorded, and intended to help huge volumes of information; it also brags an arrangement of pretrained NLP toolkits that make your work significantly simpler.

How Can Appventurez Help In Delivering Right Natural Language Processing Solution?

As a leading mobile app development company, we deliver high-end natural language processing development algorithms for NLP tasks, including POS tagging, NER, topic modeling, and keyword extractions. It allows the machines to read and understand natural language with NLP development and artificial intelligence.

Our dedicated professionals want to bridge computer understanding and human communication. In addition, we follow legitimate procedures and execute the solution for successful results.




Q. What is NLP used for?

Natural language processing is designed to help computers communicate with humans in their language and scales other language-related tasks.

Q. What is the best NLP Tools software in 2022?

Several NLP software, including TextBlob, Google Cloud Natural Language, IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, IBM Watson Knowledge Studio, and Microsoft Bing Autosuggest API, to use in 2022 for your business.

Q. Is NLP machine learning?

NLP is only a subcategory of machine learning. NLP and ML work toward the same goal of finding insight and patterns in data), but the type of data is different. Typically, machine learning works with “formal” datasets, while NLP deals with human languages.

Omji Mehrotra
Omji Mehrotra

VP - Delivery at Appventurez

Expert in the Communications and Enterprise Software Development domain, Omji Mehrotra co-founded Appventurez and took the role of VP of Delivery. He specializes in React Native mobile app development and has worked on end-to-end development platforms for various industry sectors.

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