How Much Does a Podcast App Development Cost- The Truth Revealed in 6 Steps

By Chandrapal Singh | July 28, 2020
podcast app development cost

What’s your reason to start a podcast?

  • Maybe, you got a great idea to start doing it.
  • You would like to follow the trend of amplifying written content.
  • Maybe you want to try the creative side of the trend.
  • You are blogging for a long time & now is the time to amplify your message through podcasting.

Or whatever be the reason!

The podcast is in demand and if you are planning to get started with it, it is the right time to kickstart it. However, you might have an idea to convey your message, you got all the rhythm and beat but how much does a podcast app development cost is still unanswered to you. 

The cost of developing a podcast application is somewhat similar to how much does it cost to develop an app but exactly not the same. There are some other parameters that come in when we talk about podcast applications. 

Here in this post, we will be breaking down the cost of developing a podcast app along with other required measures that go with it. 

So, without further ado, let’s get through everything about podcasting in this ultimate guide to podcast app development cost. 

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is basically a verbal, digital audio files based episode series that can either be listened to live or saved by the users for further purposes. 

Podcast app development cost do not cost a lot to the users. There are many podcasts based applications that are free whereas some are required to be downloaded. The podcast can be used and started by everyone, be it a common person or a known business. It can further be supported by a combination of paid subscriptions model, monetization models, advertising, or others. 

People are showing interest towards Podcast due to many reasons including- a few want to explore the podcasting trend, some are willing to express personal passion, some are trying it for increasing professional visibility, others have entered into the social network of influencers, many are cultivating a community of like-minded viewership and so on. The list is just getting long!

As you already know the definition of podcast and podcasting whereas there are some people who are a little confused about it. So, this is a clear definition of podcasts in a very generic and layman style. 

Let us now understand the types of Podcasts people are investing in-

Types of Podcasts people investing in

  1. Storytelling

One of the forms of the most popular types of podcast Storytelling is highly being used or podcasted by people. Though it is tricky to master the art, it is a nice option to try hands-on. 

The form is for everyone, however, it is highly used by journalists who are great at in-depth and insightful information on various different subjects and incidents. Storytelling podcasting narrates the stories based on fictional or nonfictional incidents via the use of audio clips from the interviewee. 

A few examples of Storytelling based platforms are- 

  • Work in Progress
  • This American Life
  • Startup
  • Radiolab


The hybrid form of podcasting has fixed hosts but different speakers or guests who would like to contribute to the podcasting session make it one of the different types of podcasts.

It usually begins with a monologue sort of statement or commentary or maybe sarcasm or pun from the host and then shifts towards the guest or the contributor for various purposes like – interview, panel discussion, or plain contribution. 

A few prominent examples of Hybrid podcasts are- 

  • Slate’s The Gist
  • The Writer’s Voice

3.Interviews or Panel Discussions

The next in the list of known podcast apps are meant for panel discussions and interviews. It is usually hosted with either a single guest interviewee or along with multiple guests during the course of the show. 

These types of podcasts offer listeners with various viewpoints. It is quite a great platform for political podcasts. 

One of the prominent examples are- 

  • The Beancast
  • Political Gabfest

4.Repurposed Content

Another Podcasting app idea that is quite popular is repurposed content. It simply consists of Seminars, interviews, workshops, etc, hence, it can enhance the listener’s experience. 

The most popular type of podcast is- 

  • Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell
  • The Moth
  • The TED Radio Hour
types of podcast

Top Benefits of Podcasts for Everyone

  1. A great substitute to video

One of the first benefits of podcasts is that it can be a substitute for video content. 

There is no denying that video is the most powerful medium to communicate your ideology and idea behind anything however there are still people who are not comfortable doing it. For such people, Podcasts are the best option to get started with. 

Also, creating an ill sort of video can affect the reputation of the brand. Other than that, there are startups that do not have the right equipment for shooting videos in order to compete with others. 

The setup requirements like lighting, sound, background, and others are the things that are required along with a great script and nice content. 

Nonetheless, to still take the leverage of the digital world, opting for podcasts is a great option. 

2.User base

The next point in how much does it cost to make a podcast guide is User base.

As people all over the world are showing interest in podcasts, there are higher chances of gaining a great user base through your audio content. 

Through podcasts, there are people who can relate to the content, the audio, the depth. Also, listeners if find the podcast interesting do subscribe to the series or audiobook to listen to them regularly. 

Check out- How to increase app user engagement

Ensure the audio is clear, nice, and rich in content. If it is nice, your audience might also recommend the podcasts to others to their circle also. This will improve traffic generation also. 

3.Healthy relationship with Audiences

Though Podcasts are a one-way call, it can help in creating a great and healthy relationship with the users (listeners). Listeners might feel attached to your voice, concept, or your story, this makes it the known and topmost benefit of the podcast.

Here building trust can be made but all it requires is a constant bonding with the listeners. However, always remember to work on improvisation. 

4.It is still easy

The next benefit of podcasting is its user friendly and easy nature. 

Podcasting is still easy and interesting as compared to other ways of communicating with the audiences. It does not involve a lot of steps to indulge in. 

The equipment can be purchased under the budget and are available easily. All you need to get started with is a microphone, headphones, and obviously a great script!

Also, for editing purposes, there are many applications already available in the market which are simple to use. Other than that, a WiFi connection is the default part of the podcasting system. One of the pluses of a podcast is that you can also send your podcast clips via email to the subscribers. 

Ensure you are distributing and talking about your podcasting app everywhere. Try some app viral strategies for better outcomes.

5.Source of Engagement

Giving the information to the people in audio form can be a welcoming sign to engage more users. The Internet is full of written and visual content but not with audio-based content. You can take the opportunity and get started with audio-based content. 

Furthermore, written and audio content together will be a great deal for users. 

This has been proven in a survey conducted on 3,00,000 podcast listeners, around 63% had bought things the host promoted and talked about. The percentage is proof of how users can also be addressed through podcasts. 

6.Speaking skills

As podcasts are an audio form, it helps in building one’s confidence while speaking in public too. This will also help in developing an easygoing and natural flow while speaking. 

Along with the work of doing podcasts, you can gain opportunities to promote your business in public areas. 

Keeping the benefits of Podcast in mind, let us now check out how to actually start with it- steps to creating a podcast.

6 Steps to Create Podcast

There are over 58 million people who listen to podcasts every month. Apart from that, around 25% of Americans between the age group of 12-55 listen to podcasts every week. 

In short, the scope of podcasts is actually growing, and now is the time to start working and investing in it. 

The next few scrolls will be all about the steps to create podcasts. So, let’s get started- 

  1. The topic

It is really important to pick the right topic for the podcast. There are unending lists of podcasts and the host talking about multiple topics. Hence, you need to come up with better ideas to talk about your show. 

As you are just beginning with the podcast, here are a few things you should definitely consider before getting started.

  • Know the purpose

Understand why you want a podcast other than earning money. What is the thing that is encouraging you to invest your resources, time, and energy into the project? For that matter, write your purpose along with the episode theme as every episode should match the flow of the content. 

  • The audience

Without understanding who will be your audience, podcasting even the best content will fail your idea. 

Hence, figure out your audience in terms of age, gender, demographics, goals, interests, etc. Answering all these questions can give you a path to walk in. 

  • The niche

In one of June’s WWDC 2018, Apple confirmed that there were over 550,000 podcasts. Also, there are over 30 million episodes as of April 2020.

the state of podcasting

This shows that your competition will be quite challenging and competing. Thus in order to beat the competition, you really need to come up with some great ideas. 

You can skip going in the direction of already prevailing competition, or if you want to join the same genre, add something unique in your content that can hook the audience for a longer run. 

2.The purchase value

One of the next steps to create a podcast is to know the purchase value. This also impacts how much does it cost to develop a podcast app aspect too. 

For starting a podcast, you will need a microphone, headphones, computers, internet connection, web hosting. 

Depending on the budget you have, you can buy this equipment. However, ensure you are not buying cheap quality, otherwise the end result will not be appealing. 

3.Recording & editing

Your podcasts detailing depends upon the software and tools you will be using. However, the process is somewhat the same. Once, you got the necessary requirements by your side, you are then required to follow a few steps- 

  • Test the microphone audio one done with setting it. 
  • Open the recording along with editing software matching the chosen microphone. 
  • Click the button to start the recording. You might fumble a lot of time, there are chances that you will not get it recorded in one take. Well, don’t worry, you can always edit your podcast once done with recording. 
  • Once done with the recording, listen to your recording, eliminate noise from the software.
  • Delete those points which had mistakes.
  • Level the audio settings wherever required. 
  • After completion of all these points, export the audio in the MP3 file format or in WAV.


Just like how to submit your app to google play store, it is now the time to share your podcast with everyone. If you are willing to reach a maximum number of audience, it is good to go ahead with Apple’s iOS Podcast app. 

However, there are a few things you need to know before you start with the process- 

  • Ensure you are writing the right title, author, and elaborative description of your podcast. 
  • 1400 x 1400 image file either in PNG 0r JPG format. 
  • Valid URL for RSS feed.
  • An Apple ID or the one in which you are playing to submit your podcast. 
  • iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Store

Once you are done with the requirements, the very next step is to optimize the podcast for improving the ranking on the respective submission platform. 

Meanwhile, there are a few things you need to follow- 

a. Optimize the content & keywords

Keywords are the source of hooking more number of searches. Also, keywords help in making the podcast match the content to relevant searches. For doing that, you can make the use of Google’s Keyword Planner Tool 

Ensure you are adding- 

  • Podcast title
  • Publisher name
  • Podcast description

b. Feedback

Ratings, reviews, and feedback are some of the best ways to make your podcast known and viral. There are many ways to encourage listeners to rate your podcast. 

For doing that, you can run contests, some sort of prize distribution, exclusive content, etc. 

c. Invite your listeners

Let your users subscribe to your podcast easily. Motivate them to subscribe to your podcast for getting the latest updates or new episodes information. 

This will also help in boosting customer reviews too. 

5.Market it

Now that you are done with deploying the app to the iTunes or whichever platform you like the most, the next step is to promote the app.  

Here you need to understand how to market a podcast app to the audience using very different strategies like ASO too. 

However, there are still a few things that can help you greatly like- 

  • Talk to influencers for promoting your podcast.
  • The guest who came to your podcast show.
  • Paid promotions.
  • Connect with other known podcasters
  • Promote your podcast episodes on Youtube, Instagram, or other known social media platforms. 

6. Monetization

The last step to creating a podcast is monetization. 

When it comes to how to make money through podcast apps, investing in something you like the most can support you generate great revenue. 

You can still earn money by doing the things you love the most. Podcasting might be something you love doing, but you can still earn money through it. 

There are various ways to earn money like- 

  • Sponsorship
  • Affiliate links
  • Books
steps to create podcast

We are now shielded with everything about the podcast. Now, it is time to know the how much does a podcast app development cost. 

How much does a Podcast App Development Cost?

Just like the cost of mobile app development, how much does a podcast app development cost somehow also looks similar. It involves- 

  • Features
  • MVP
  • Choice of developers
  • Choice of podcast app development company
  • Expertise
  • Post-launch practices

Though the cost of developing a podcast app majorly depends upon the equipment and software being used throughout. Meanwhile, here is what these points indicate. 

  1. Features

As you are investing in podcast app development, there are features that are required to engage audiences. 

Those features can be- Saving the episode, Searching for the episode by keywords, tuning to the live episode, and so on. 

Let your listeners be equipped with ease and simplicity. 


MVP is a medium through which you gain an understanding of what app features or functionalities are being liked or disliked by the users. Gaining the feedback will help you in making the required changes to the app. 

Once deploying the MVP app, you can add more features and functionalities into the app. 

3.Choice of developers

The choice of developers is one of the factors affecting the podcast app development cost. 

As per the country, developers, their expertise, and chargers vary. 

4.Podcast app development company

It is the most important factor that can either break your podcast application or offer you a robust result. 

The choice of right and leading podcast mobile app development company helps in making your app exactly the same you wanted it to be. 

However, make sure you are asking them a few questions before nodding yes to them. 


We have already mentioned, the expertise of both the app development company and the app developers matters a lot. The cost of developing podcast applications depends upon hiring an expert developer that will cost you more as compared to novice or less experienced developers. 

6.Post-launch practices

There are post-launch practices that are required to eliminate after deployment errors, bugs, or updating the app with other features or functionalities. 

Mobile app launch checklist is important here as, without it, the hierarchical process of the app won’t happen. 

These are a few things and there are more in the list that plays an important role affecting how much does a podcast cost.

Meanwhile, whatever the cost of developing a podcast app would be, getting great revenue from the podcast app development will be everlasting. 

This is the reason, there are top apps that are in the market enjoying their share of success worldwide. 

Top Podcast Apps for iOS & Android

Top iOS Podcast Applications

  • Overcast
  • Castro 3
  • ListenApp
  • Downcast
  • PodCruncher
  • iCatcher
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Castaway 2

Top Android Podcast Applications

  • Podcast Republic
  • Google Podcasts
  • Podcast Addict
  • Doggcatcher
  • BeyondPod
  • Player FM
  • AntennaPod

Top Cross-Platform Podcast Applications

  • RadioPublic
  • Pocket Casts
  • CastBox
  • Podbean
  • Laughable
  • Stitcher
  • Spotify
  • TuneIn Radio
podcast apps for ios, android and cross platform


Podcasts are in demand these days as more people prefer using it over videos. And this is one of the reasons why not just startups but also known organizations are investing in a podcast app development cost.

It is a great source of revenue generation scope for those who got a passion for speaking over. Podcasts are also great for those who are willing to let people know their tales and stories. It is another way to let guests and scholars share their thoughts via the host. 

All in all, be it how much does it cost to start a podcast or it revenue generation process, podcasts are going to be a huge hit in the coming years, in a much better place than today. However, if you still have doubts related to the same, connect with our experts for detailed information. 

Chandrapal Singh

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