How App Development With React Native Can Reduce Cost?

How App Development With React Native Can Reduce Cost?

Omji Mehrotra By Omji Mehrotra | November 24, 2019
How can app development with React Native reduce cost

There are around 2.6 million apps available for Android users whereas iOS apps stood in the near shoulder competition with 2.2 million apps in its share. 

The never-ending need for robust mobile application is actually transferring a number of the domain- be it hospitality, healthcare, logistics, finance, food-ordering, etc for all the good reasons. 

Taking the same thought, the title might have aroused your curiosity about how can app development with React Native reduce cost. So before we dig deeper to understand how it reduces the cost, let us have a look at the facts and figures to scale our path to the journey-

  1. There are around 2.71 billion smartphone users in the world and around 1.23 billion tablet users. By 2020, these numbers are expected to reach 2.87 billion for smartphone users whereas 1.26 billion is estimated for tablet users. 
  2. In 2019, Global Internet users stand around 4.39 billion which is almost 9% higher compared to the year 2018. On the other hand, 3.986 billion users are active mobile device users. 
  3. Believe it or not, internet usage is surpassing internet usage for desktop. It was reported that last year, 58% of the site visits were coming from mobile devices. 
  4. Other stats showcasing that in the year 2017 around 178 billion apps were downloaded, which is a lot lower than 2019 in which around 205 billion apps were downloaded. Out of the numbers, 105 billion mobile applications were downloaded through the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Also, it is expected that the number is likely to touch 250 billion soon. 
  5. Seeing the constant demand for mobile application and related growth, the mobile app industry is soon going to indulge in the taste of $188.9 billion in revenue this year.

So, if you have paid attention to these facts and numbers, you must have come to the conclusion that the mobile app industry is currently stealing the show. Due to the non-stop demand for mobile applications, a single loophole in the app is non-negotiable. And if there is any, expecting it to become a star in the market is nothing but a hallucination. 

Apart from the breaking bad reality, the nonstop demand for mobile application is great news for mobile app developers as well as for the mobile app development company to play with techniques and dynamic pricing. 

Also, the stage also looks glorious for the audience but they know nothing about the backstage story. Taking the format in terms of mobile app development with react native, the research, development and costing part is often ignored when users actively use the application. No matter, if you are old lad in the mobile app industry or just venturing into the world, asking a few questions before the app development process is a must. 

Indulge and Figure Out the Answers to the Questions Like:

  1. How are you going to meet the non-stop demand for mobile applications without experimenting and talking about investments too?
  2. How are you going to develop an application that is not just revolutionizing but also meets the demands of the audience without exceeding the estimated budget?
  3. The platform you want to go ahead with, either iOS or Android separately, or want to reach heights and maximum number of audience by going hybrid with cross-platform compatibility?
  4. If there is any way you can lower the development time while using the lowest of the resources and still not negotiate with quality?
  5. How will you cut costs without degrading the app functionality and other related corners?

So, you have scrolled all the way till here to know the answer to all these questions. So, without further ado, the answer to all these questions is nothing but React Native. 

Before you indulge in how’s and the why’s of React Native, let us first talk about cross-platform functionalities to the core. 

A Brief Of Cross-Platform Development You Cannot Afford To Miss

Both Android and iOS have been the biggest players in the market of mobile app development. The constant demand for the same is creating a great hype making mobile app development agency develop apps that are user-friendly and easy to use. It is seen that companies have taken great advantages by working on cross-platform apps. 

These are the apps that can be developed and created in less time that too in a cost-effective manner. Also, the basic formula called WORE(Write Once, Run Everywhere) is the process of developing apps that involve the need for a single round of coding. And cross-platform is the way that lies in the middle of one is willing to attract two types of the audience at a time. 

Can you see the relation between Cross-Platform and React Native? If no, let us make it crystal clear for you-

A Tale Of The Duo-Cross-Platform And React Native

Being a business owner, what would be your expectations from your business? It might be a great ROI and 100% customer satisfaction. But when we talk about mobile app development, both the platform iOS and Android do carry their high development and maintenance costs. 

The picture changes when React Native came into the picture giving better opportunities and the flexibility to experiment with various things. Clearing the foggy picture, React Native is entering into the domain making itself the most suitable option for cross-platform app development while expanding its suitability to other platforms too. Also, the framework is making startups, business, cherishes cost-effective mobile applications. 

With the basic ground ready, choosing not to talk about React Native fully will make it difficult to go with the flow. 

The Journey Embarked By React Native Till Now

Due to stiff competition in the mobile app development industry, it is the dream as well as the job of the developer to learn a “one size fits all” formula. 

On the other hand, the cross-platform app technology does not come up with something worthwhile to learn. To cut the chaos, Facebook introduced its React Native in 2015- technology quite different from the traditional app development tools. 

React Native, the framework which is an open-source that comes with amazing ability to develop cross-platform apps is absolutely apt for Android and iOS devices. Also, the use of collective libraries of mobile app development frameworks like Xamarin and PhoneGap makes it the app to deliver faster. 

Also, it makes it easy for mobile app developers to write code in JavaScript along with reusing it across different devices. Thus, there is no doubt that apps that are made using React Native are quite better than the native applications. 

Due to its aptness and great compatibility, biggies like Tesla, Instagram, Uber, Myntra, Vogue, Discord, Walmart have happily accepted the technology to their core functioning. 

With the layout ready, let us come to the promising part you are waiting for- 

10 Ways How Can App Development With React Native Reduce Cost

  1. Reusable Components
  2. Rapid Development Time
  3. Team Management 
  4. Lower App Maintenance
  5. No Worry About UI/UX
  6. Fluid Integration
  7. Availability and Scalability
  8. Faster Mobile App Development With React Native
  9. Hot Reloading
  10. Debugging Becomes Easy

Let’s Get Started-

1 – Reusable Components

A big thankyou to React Native, it gives mobile app developers the ease to create and reuse native components. Due to this scenario, the ease of making cross-platform compatibility happens absolutely smoothly. Also, by using React Native, elements meant for iOS and Android can be separately leverage and reused without any technical flaws or glitch. 

As per Facebook, 85% of the codes can be reused, and also lesser the code, quicker will be the development which will ultimately help in lowering the cost. This is the first point towards how React-Native Can Reduce Cost Of Mobile app development.

2 – Rapid Development Time

With the latest technology and best of techniques, building individual apps using individual mobile platforms is the talk of the past. Due to the convenience, development efforts and costs will also reduce. 

There is a must-have required scenario meant for a mobile application that includes launching and marketing the apps. Thus, When it comes to Why Build Your Mobile App in React Native- the answer lies in rapid development time. 

With the help of React Native, the time meant for developing the app will reduce and the remaining time can later be used for launching and marketing app. 

Here at Appventurez, we strongly believe in the technology rendered by React Native to develop high-quality apps that seamlessly run across different devices. 

3 – Team Management

Irrespective of the programming languages meant for Android and iOS app development, React Native Developers still work on the same modules. 

Due to technology, it allows easy team management while reducing the operational costs to the core making it another cost Saving Benefits of Using React Native. Also, React Native helps in creating a digital ecosystem for cross-platform apps. 

4 – Lower App Maintenance

The apps made using React Native are away from all the mobile apps related-fuss due to the software pieces which is not a situation with native apps. 

Apart from that, native apps are still confined in the cage of troubleshooting and patching that require time-consuming fundamental support. Thankfully, this is not a case with cross-platform apps as the apps can be made available to the users without versioning making maintenance a lot simpler and smoother. 

Due to this flexibility and ease, cross-platform mobile apps are more scalable as compared to native apps. 

Explore: why React Native is the most suitable option for Startups.

5 – No Worry About UI/UX

UI is the most important part of any mobile application or a website in order to enhance the user experience. Developing a mobile application separately for two different platforms requires a good amount of money to spend which is again comparatively higher than cross-platform apps. 

To cut the chaos and the corners related to Native mobile app development, this is where React Native takes the grand entry by enabling cross-platform compatibility. Such applications are optimized fully with uniformity irrespective of the place they are installed in. furthermore, these can also present data a lot faster while adjusting to the varied screen configurations. 

Also, these are the apps that fix the issues when fluctuations in data streaming prevail. These cross-platform apps are lightweight and are also flawlessly support high-resolution graphics too. 

In short, when you are saying yes React Native over Xamarin and Ionic, not just indulging in wine tasting, you can sip it too. 

6 – Fluid Integration

Whether the apps are running on Android or iOS, cross-platform applications do have an impact on the internal programming of devices. The comfort simply minimizes mobile app developers effort to integrate and synchronize apps with other compatible applications. 

In a simplistic language, apps that are made with React Native do work as fluid as native applications like GPS, Camera, etc. As these apps help in reducing the effort, the cost still remains lesser than usual. 

7 – Debugging Becomes Easy

The next point in the list of Cost Saving Benefits of Using React Native is easy debugging. 

With the help of Chrome’s DevTools, app development with react native extends its support in the smoother processing and development of the app. With it, mobile app developers in the app development company can debug the app while working on the app. 

8 – Availability and Scalability

Apps that fall into the category of cross-platform are much easier to push into app stores. The quick and easy availability of the app can actually work wonders when it comes to monetizing the application.  

The reusability codes meant for the apps are easier to create as compared to the one that is made from scratch- that simply lowers the app development cost. 

Availability and Scalability

9 – Faster Mobile App Development with React Native

Cross-platform mobile app development is an approach that has been approached by most of the companies where React Native smoothly fits the requirement. It simply allows native developers to transfer the code between various mobile platforms. And the practice and procedure simply reduce the development and maintenance cost. 

10 – Hot Reloading

Last but certainly not the leas Cost Saving Benefits of Using React Native is Hot Reloading. Due to this feature, a native developer can simply alter the source code while looking at the results immediately even without the need to recompile the app.

This is How can app development with React Native reduce cost. And due to this robust technology, many well-known giants have already used it in their system. 

Have a look at them-

10 Well-Known Apps Built With React Native

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Ads 
  3. Walmart
  4. Bloomberg
  5. Instagram
  6. SoundCloud 
  7. TownSke 
  8. Gyroscope 
  9. Wix

Let us Start with the Very Beginning-

1 – Facebook

For proving the worth of your product, you need to use it on your own, similarly, Facebook also made the use of React Native for them. React Native came to the system giving the leverage of both iOS and Android apps. 

2 – Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is the next project under the Facebook roof where React Native made its appearance once again. 

3 – Townske

The travel inspiration city guide made the UI of the app just smooth and amazing. 

4 – Bloomberg

Bloomberg has also made using React Native app technology as primary tools delivering the promise of cross-platform native app development. 

5 – Instagram

One of the popular apps made with React Native is Instagram that has made the use of technology into their existing native app making everything in it extremely user-friendly. 

6 –

The app that lets one order online is the proud user of React Native. 

7 – SoundCloud

An application that lets you manage your accounts is the proud user of React Native. 

8 – Walmart 

Walmart has made its mark by introducing Node.js and then supported React Native to the core and still rising. 

9 – Wix

Company that provides web hosting and website design services have shown its interest to React Native too. 

10 – Gyroscope

The one which made you complete the story of your life is another application that made the use of React Native. 

With everything handy about how can app development with React Native reduce cost, now you must be willing to understand and now the cost of developing React Native. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A React Native App

React Native framework is said to be one of the most cost-effective frameworks available in the market. Also, if you got a low budget and willing to develop an application that is best in class, there is nothing best than React Native. 

Also, the cost of the app development with react native varies according to the zone, demographics, complexity, features, and functionalities of the app. 

Here Are The Factors That One Should Consider When Opting For App Development With React Native-

1 – Developer Experience

There are many mobile app developers available in the market carrying different experiences in different domains. But if you are willing to develop an app that is just the next level, investing a good amount of money on the developer or hiring the experienced developer will affect the cost of the overall development. 

2 – Enterprise Systems Integration

This is another factor that affects the cost of app development with react native. A stand-alone app will cost you comparatively a bit lesser than the integrated app. The integrations are actually costly were extensions, third-party APIs, host system app modifications, etc are always consider when integrating with the enterprise system. 

3 – Support and Maintenance

Mobile app development is not the end of the mobile app development process. The app needs continuous support and maintenance as an injection in order to make the app survive in stiff competition. Due to this, one needs to pay for the cost which is separate from the overall app development cost

4 – App Distribution

There are many app distribution channels available for deploying the app that comes up with its own costing part. 

Thus, the choice of channels will also affect the cost of an application, which can neither be ignored not be substituted. 

5 – Authorization of the Users

If you are planning to develop an app that is not laded with logins and authorization, the cost of developing an app will be lesser than usual. And the app which is placed with logins and authorization, the cost there will add up to the overall app development cost. 

Omji Mehrotra
Omji Mehrotra

Co-Founder and AVP Technology at Appventurez. An accomplished Android and React Native developer who is a fan of clean and optimized code, he is a passionate team builder having smart project managerial skills and has a deep love to provide end to end solution.

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