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Google Meet vs Zoom: Choose The Best Video Conferencing App

Akhil Kumar By Akhil Kumar | May 20, 2020

The era of Remote Working and Internet Connectivity

The blend of internet, remote working, and networking tools are the talk of the global town. Willingly or obviously winningly, organizations are switching towards the obvious use of technology- A great escape from work blunders!

Remote working was not sudden and at the same time was not planned as well. The novel coronavirus pandemic situation has made a maximum number of organizations operate and work from home!

Seeing it as a need of the hour, the pandemic is showcasing how remote working can still be managed via video conferencing and other remote working applications & tools. 

Video Conferencing apps can help team members to communicate face to face, even if it is via a digital screen.

The rise in the demand for Video-conferencing services can be seen through how YOU and WE are connecting with the team. When this was about connecting with the team, connecting and chilling out with friends and family can still be managed through the best video conferencing app.

Video conferencing apps like Skype, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx are quite in demand connecting organizations with their respective team members. When connecting the team, these video conferencing app allows one to explain the managerial flow through screen sharing. Other than professional use, video conferencing services apps are widely used for personal family gatherings offering a dose of fun through emojis, stickers, etc.

Among many video conferencing apps, the two most popular and widely used are Google Meet and Zoom video conferencing app. 

There are organizations who are widely using zoom web conferencing services whereas others are using Google Meet for everyday work meets. 

Among the video conferencing programs of both the popular applications, the video conferencing services are simple to use- where one is limited than the other one in terms of group size. The latter one also doesn’t point too much about the chatting time.

To understand their core understanding of both Google and Zoom, let’s check out why Video conferencing apps are the need of the hour!

Top 5 Reasons Why Video conferencing apps are beneficial

1. Enabling Digital Workforce

Video-conferencing services create collaborative meeting culture among the team along with concreting the foundation of the digital workforce. 

These video conferencing apps are capable of connecting and maintaining digital human connections irrespective of demographic locations.

2. Management and Utility Simplifications

For remote working in a streamlined manner, a team needs collaboration solutions to meet audio/video conferencing, screen sharing along with real-time instant messaging. 

But offering them too many solutions for getting access to various things can over complicate everything. Hence, by introducing a consolidated online meeting solution with a simple UI can help in managing things centrally. With it, teams can focus on the meeting instead of figuring out things on different platforms.

If you are willing to get started with an application, it is crucial to know how much does it costs to develop an application.

3. 2C’s- Culture & Communication

During this time of the pandemic, the workforce is prioritizing flexibility, mobility, and modern forms to communicate smoothly. Hence, a video conferencing app can ease the task by connecting team members digitally and enhancing the company’s culture.

4. Communication Reality

Top web conferencing software provides a fast and secure way to communicate with team members. With technology and advancements, a video conferencing app will be prioritized with enterprise-class service reliability and support reliability.

5. Value

The video conferencing apps are integrated with options like meeting recording, chat, screen sharing, audio conferencing, and event live streaming. This will make the team curate their work and streamline them as per the work requirements. Even without physically present, the wall between remote dealing and timely delivery can still be made through video conferencing services apps.

By offering these things to the remote working team through video conferencing, the app can help in streamlining the overall process of the organization. 

So, without further ado, let’s give some rest to the burning question about- Google Meet vs Zoom, the best video conferencing app to get ahead with!

Let’s get started-

What is Google Hangout Meet?

Google hangouts now popularly known as Google Meet is the tech giant’s Video-conferencing service for free video and voice calls along with group messaging. 

For getting started with it, one needs to have a google account whereas a person can still join the call without the account. This video conferencing app allows up to 150 people to chat however up to 25 can join the video call at once.

google meet video conferencing app

Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, Google is offering many of the features for free to users, businesses, and schools as an addition. One can host meetings of more than 250 participants for free calls. The feature of live streaming supports up to 1,00,000 viewers within the domain while offering the option of recording meetings and saving them in google drive. The free advantage is available till 30th September. 

And this is not enough, with Google’s video conferencing tool speech to text feature in hangout has the option for real-time captioning in video chats and meetings. The option is worth praising as it is great for people with hearing disabilities or those who keep the volume low.

Google hangout video conferencing service is available for ios/Android, web browser, Chrome extension. 

What is Zoom?

zoom video conferencing app is available for Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Linux. The app currently offers a zoom meeting free plan that hosts over 100 participants in one go.

The meeting time can be adjusted as per the requirements. In terms of number, Zoom gives space to around 1,000 people to participate in a single video call while 49 videos can appear on the screen simultaneously.

zoom conferencing app

When it comes to the core capabilities between Google Meet vs Zoom the latter one has HD video and audio capabilities. Other than that, its collaboration video conferencing tools have screen sharing, co-annotation, meeting recordings, and transcription capability.

Gmail, iCal, Outlook does support Zoom scheduling and meetings. The next difference between google meet and zoom is that the latter one allows communication via chat when mic and camera are off. It is free to log in with Zoom, one can either sign in from Google, Facebook, or create an account in it.

This is just the beginning of Google Meet vs Zoom to meet the final verdict. Let us now understand the difference between both the video conferencing services app.

The Difference Between Google Meet vs Zoom

technical information of zoom vs google meet
rating and reviews of google meet vs zoom meet

When these were the technical aspects and rating & review connection between Google Meet vs Zoom, there are more about them too-

1. Maximum Participants

Google meet allows up to 150 people for the chat while limiting video calls to 25 people at one go. The app is suitable for all those who are small in a group or just to chat with a few family members or friends.

When talking about the Zoom video conferencing app, the app let 100 or more participants in a video call. The gallery view available into the app allows over 49 participants on one screen. However, if you want to add more users, the app allows the entry of more than 500 people. 

2. Price

If you don’t want to spend bucks and pennies, then opting for Google Meet is the right option to be made. Hence the next comparison is Google Meet vs Zoom price. The app is free and allows one to make or receive phone and video calls between a small group of people. However, if you want to record or store meetings, the google meet pricing starts from $6 a month for 30GB storage. 

Now when it comes to Zoom vs Google Meet price chart, the different package depends upon features of zoom required. Other than that, the zoom app has different packages whereas the free options make one have unlimited meetings up to 100 participants for 40 minutes. Meanwhile, for having a pro account, one needs to pay $14.99 a month per host.

3. Additional Feature

When comparing Google Meet vs Zoom, the former one is a good pick for simplicity. It does provide additional features that are easy to use. The features include group conferencing, intelligent muting, integration with other Google applications. 

Meanwhile, if the comparison is between Zoom vs Google Meet, the former one might look a little complicated in the very beginning. But with time and control over it, the app is easy to use and is filled with a set of additional features to have some fun too. The app is filled with an annotation tool for taking notes, an automatic transcript creation along with touch up feature.

Furthermore, there are top tech tools to use during coronavirus pandemic from organizations starting from small to large ones.

4. Screen Sharing Capabilities

When lighting Google Meet vs Zoom, the former one lets one share the screen with others through the video call but it is limited to one person only. 

Next in the line Zoom, the app allows multiple users to share screens at once. 

5. Emojis & GIFs

Zoom is not that flexible with emojis but it does let you use GIFs. Zoom web conferencing allows admins the ability to turn on and off. Furthermore, Zoom’s whiteboard capabilities allow one to draw on different slides and screens.

On the other hand, Google hangouts let users search for and use a plethora of emojis (animated and unanimated) along with GIFs. One can use them during the chats anytime required.

6. Time limit

Google hangouts do not limit the call length. However, when it comes to Zoom, the Zoom video conferencing does limit the free package. The app can make an unlimited amount of calls that are restricted for up to 40 minutes. Meanwhile, if you have bought a pro account, the limit moves to a 24-hour duration.

Attending to these points, let us now get started with the core specification between Google Meet vs Zoom. 

Features of Google Meet

1. Audio/video Screen Preview

When getting started with the Google Meet app, you can have a glimpse of how you will be looking at the screen. Along with that, you can adjust the camera and mic settings too. While this was about you, having a look at who has already joined the meeting can be also seen.

2. Speech to Text

The very new feature in the Google Meet app is all about comfort. The speech to text feature is meant for real-time captioning during meetings and video chats. The option is just great for those who like keeping the volume low and those who are suffering from hearing disability. 

3. Layouts and Screen settings

When it comes to a quick difference between Google Meet vs Zoom, the former app automatically switches the layout in a video meeting in order to display active participants and content.

For switching the layout, one needs to click on the three dots placed in the lower corner of the screen.

4. Control for Hosts

Google Meet also gives the option to easily pin, mute, or remove participants. Also, one cannot unmute another person for privacy concerns and can only be unmuted on their own.

For educational purposes, the meeting host can have access to mute or remove participants.

5. Screen Sharing

A swift similarity between Google Meet vs Zoom is the option of screen sharing. Using Google Meet, one can present the entire screen or share presentations along with the option to collaborate on documents. The option can ease the process of making one understand things along with eliminating the requirement to be physically present. 

6. Easy Messaging

Google meet offers the option of making meetings more engaging via messaging during calls. Also, for sharing files, links, and messages, one needs to click on the chat icon. The facility of messaging is only available during meetings.

7. Google and Microsoft Office Integration

When using Google meet, you can easily join meetings directly from Gmail or from Calendar. Other than that, users who are available on Microsoft Office can also be added for invitations.

As Google Meet is fairly new and organizations have just started using it, so, its share of pros and cons will be revealed after a period of time. However, there is a list of companies believing in the potential of Google Meet.

companies using google meet

Meanwhile, there are a few reported reviews shared by the users marking the potential of Google Meet. Let’s have a look at them- 

Pros and Cons of Google Meet

The app is really good to
communicate and
converse with the team
members for free of cost.
The app switches off an audio or drops
someone during group chats
consisting of
many participants. Also, the app
doesn’t add
back group members and there is no
rendered by the app for the wrong
microphone setting. 
The app is good for communicating with
clients, friends, and a
family consisting of a limited
number of people.
The downfall of the app is that you need
have a Gmail account to gain access
to the
video conferencing. There are people who
have ids in different 
Google Meet is easy to use
does not
involve too many
It is difficult to send multimedia
documents through the app.

Attending the use of Google Meet, its pros and cons, it’s time to figure out things about Zoom. 

Features of Zoom

The next section is all about Zoom vs Google Meet, portraying how the former one is widely used among teams and organizations. 

1. Virtual Background

One of the features of zoom is VIrtual background. When using the app, one set background to avoid or hide cluttered background- a scope for eliminating distractions or highlighting branding.

For setting the background, go to the setting and click on the virtual background.

2. Calendar Integration

Next in the line is calendar integration. In order to schedule a zoom online meeting in a fast and easiest way is to use free Zoom Scheduler Extension or Plug-In for Outlook. These can be integrated into the existing calendaring system.

3. Waiting Room

One of the next impressive features of Zoom is its waiting room. Through the app, it is easy to see who comes into the meetings by enabling Waiting Room Feature. Also, admitting participants accordingly for security reasons can be made through the app. The host either admits one participant at a time or accepts everyone at once. The sending message feature is also available in the application.

4. Multi Sharing

A common similarity between Google Meet vs Zoom is sharing screens. Zoom’s real-time collaboration can make participants share screens at the same time. Also, enabling the dual monitor’s option through the Zoom settings allows viewing the two most recently shared screens side by side.

5. Personal Meeting Room

The next difference between features of Zoom vs Google Meet is a personal meeting room. Zoom’s personal meeting ID (PMI) is reserved for having a virtual meeting room just for the host. Using it, the host can customize the PMI and room settings for serving better as per the meeting requirements.

6. Digital Touch Up

The next appealing feature of Zoom among many is digital touch up. Using the application one can touch up the digital appearance. By enabling Touch up My appearance, the soft focus is being laid to the entire screen. Through it, one can look more professional and polished.

When these were the features of Zoom, there are pros and cons of zoom reported by real users. Let’s have a look at them too- 

Pros and Cons of zoom 

Zoom allows Live video chatA fast internet connection is
required for smooth
Zoom is easy to use and
very intuitive for
scheduling meetings.
Mobile app for iOS has a
satisfactory quality
Compatible with different
systems such as
Android, iOS, Windows.
Some voice lags occur
during the video conferencing
Screen sharing  can be made
with the app
Zoom’s mobile app is not as
good as the website
Audio calling can also be recordedLimit of 40-minute meetings on a free plan.
The interface is really simple
and easy to
Security issues
The learning curve is
very short 
Problems while sharing
multiple monitors at the same time.
Ability to include
people via phone call
No HD video support yet.
Zoom has some innovative
features like white-boarding,
polling, and remote control, 
Zoom can be expensive for larger teams

The aforementioned points are portraying the features, pros, and cons between Google Meet vs Zoom. However, there are many other video conferencing services available in the market to connect teams smoothly.

Top 5 Video Conferencing App to Try

1. GoToMeeting

The very first video conferencing tool GoToMeeting has useful features like instant meetings or meeting scheduling along with meeting transcription services and in-app meeting messaging within the said participants. One of the features the app offers is an audio bar. This audio bar helps in monitoring the audio level during the call. 

The app can be used by buying the plans. 

2. Skype

Next in the league is Skype- Microsoft’s augmented video conferencing tool. The app is great for business and can allow up to 250 attendees in a meeting along with virtual whiteboard capabilities. Anyone can join the meeting from a web browser on a computer. 

Other than that, the app offers a cloud-based call recording feature while notifying users of the call recording. The recording can be saved and shared within 30 days.

3. Cisco WebEx

This video conferencing app is suitable for those with a large number of team members or maybe a large organization.

Cisco WebEx video conferencing service operates voice calling and web conferencing mash-up while enabling the option of joining meetings online or through the phone depending upon participant’s location.

4. BlueJeans

Next in the line is BlueJeans. It is a fully-featured web conferencing app integrated with the best collaboration tool. Maintaining the balance between Simple and modern approach, the app also offers some complex services similar to the competitors.

The app uses a system meant for meetings, events, rooms in order to enable video meetings anytime anywhere.


Apart from Google Meet vs Zoom, is the next video conferencing service for small organizations. The app is best for connecting team members of the size of 150.

The app features fast service due to its streamlined nature. Initially, the app is free but as and when the team size increases and requires more numbers to include, it costs a few bucks.

These are a few video conferencing apps made available in the market helping organizations to connect its team members during Pandemic. Even if the situation was not pandemic, these apps are capable of connecting the remote teams easily. 

Till now, we have shown you the importance of video conferencing services, the difference between Google Meet vs Zoom along with others presently available in the market. Now, the question arises here is why is it okay to invest in Video conferencing apps. 

Why Invest in a Video Conferencing App?

  1. During the time of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the only way to connect the remote team digitally is through the video conferencing app. This results in many organizations adopting not just Google Meet vs Zoom but also other video conferencing apps. Hence, it is the right time to invest in such applications. 
  2. Even if the situation was normal and stable, video conferencing services and apps are the best way to connect organizations with its remote workers in order to gain real-time experience and information. 
  3. Video conferencing apps are the best when it comes to connecting the whole organization either in batches or by buying plans.
  4. Why invest in video conferencing apps is also good because real-time information and meetings can be held irrespective of demographics or locations.
  5. Digitalization is the need of the hour and having a video conferencing app for the organization can make them competitive and known in the world of Digi tech. 

How Appventurez can help you with Video Conferencing Apps?

Appventurez is the leading app development company that delivered the best of results to its clients. We have a team of expert developers and designers who can develop the best of video conferencing applications for both web and mobile. 

By using the latest technologies, tools, and others, while keeping the market and organizations requirements in mind, can develop and deliver the best of video conferencing apps to you. 

Let’s connect!

comparison between google meet vs zoom
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