Why Choose Flutter For MVP Development?

Choose Flutter for MVP development as it creates an aesthetically pleasing UI to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Updated 14 February 2024


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Evaluation of the outcomes while developing a mobile app is necessary. You don’t want your idea to be a flop or irresponsible in the market. Before you get started, you need to assess feedback through market analysis at an early stage.

To avoid these disappointments, you should opt for the idea of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) application. This ideology is especially recommended for start-ups and small-medium enterprises.

Now the question is – which technology is the best for this approach? That’s when preferring Flutter for MVP development becomes essential.

As these businesses have limited budgets and resources, this approach will help to validate their vision. In addition, you will be able to research, outline, and gather potential requirements of the market while saving your business from any major loss. So, avail of Flutter app development services and upturn the user experience with MVP development. 

Before going to the core reasons behind choosing this platform for MVP, let’s extract some useful insights about both technologies.

Getting Started with MVP & Flutter Overview

Minimum Viable Product

A minimum viable product (MVP) represents a limited version of a product that has the most important features to meet the requirements of customers. The term ‘viable’ refers to the proposed values that should be delivered to the users. And this metric is calculated by the response and feedback of the customers.

The goal is to utilize key functionalities of the initial application and examine its viability. Other functions are excluded to save time and resources for further development, once the idea gets a good response.

That’s how you can utilize the MVP version to determine your application’s potential. Before you start including other modules in your application, you must know what your product has to fulfill market and customer demand.

Building an MVP application for your idea can be a profitable strategy that can make your vision clear and achievable. Here is how:

Market Demand

The demand for building MVPs for start-ups increases rapidly when statistics come out, showing that around 70% of start-ups or ideas fail due to poor market research. As a result, their budget and resources get wasted without leaving any room for improvement.

Top Reasons For Business Failures

Risk mitigation is another factor in MVP application development. It can avoid major failures and setbacks for your business. That’s where the demand rises steeply in the world of application development.

Businesses can analyze market risk, optimization factors, and expenses required to make their application better for the customers. As the idea starts getting appreciation from the audiences, you will get attention from fundraisers and investors. This is where the demand for MVP applications increases in the market.


Outsmart Business concepts: Getting to know whether your idea can fulfill the market needs is a profitable aspect. A startup MVP development helps to clear the objectives of your business by validating and examining different concepts. You will get to know the must-dos for your idea, resources, and the budget required to transform your idea into the application.

Gaining Investors’ Attention: Once your idea becomes viable and perfect to fulfill market demands, you might get the limelight from the stakeholders. Or collaborations may take place in the future that will give a boost to your venture.

Helps to develop a Monetization Strategy: How to earn money by developing a mobile app is always a streamlining aspect for a business. An MVP of your idea will help to create app monetization model for generating revenue.

Cost & Time Saving: As the MVP model utilizes a minimum approach, you can save the budget as well as time before you start developing the application. Once you get feedback for your idea, you will get a better way to set up the development cycle.

Flutter- Powered by Google

Released by Google in December 2018, Flutter gets the top spot among the cross platform app development frameworks. It offers a program on Dart Language, which is just like C. So, Java or C developers always find it easy to code on.

Despite being a year-old framework, this framework is preferred by many organizations worldwide. Due to its code reusability and bug-fixing features, both iOS and Android app developers are finding it very productive and effective in building native apps.

Facts & Stats

  • Guideline-specific UI tools
  • Open-source and free-of-cost tool
  • Built on reactive-based programming
  • Quick performance and customizable widgets
  • Dart language is offered for coding
  • The code deployment engine is based on C++

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Key Features of Flutter for MVP Development

Code Reusability

Sharing the same codebase for Android as well as iOS is the biggest advantage of Flutter. Developers have the leverage to build cross-platform apps without re-writing codes for different mobile platforms. 

There are several applications actively available on the iOS and Android marketplace, built on the Flutter framework. They take less development and deployment time due to this characteristic.

Quick Reload feature

In most app development cases, developers need to restart the apps while testing to observe any code change. Using Flutter, they can analyze the changes in real time without affecting the functions of the application. Any update in the source code will automatically update the app.

Built-In Widgets

Flutter offers a wide range of embellishing widgets that can enhance the user engagement and interface of your application. They are easily customizable and provide an absolute experience to the users when it comes to utilizing their features.

Now you know what Flutter and MVP applications can do for your idea, it is necessary to know the significance of developing an MVP with Flutter. Scroll down and read out the top reasons for this approach.

Why Choose Flutter For MVP Application Development?

Why choose Flutter for MVP Application development

As the above-listed benefits of Flutters convey its popularity, it is surely the right platform to build MVP applications. Companies invest a huge amount of money in buying app development kits, and still can’t find success. However, they can gain some huge benefits through this framework.

Let’s get started with the top reasons why Flutter is superior to other development kits for MVP application development:

Effective in Drawing Investor’s Attention

Flutter is all combined with the ‘Widget-first approach’, making it more focused on catchy design implications. Using the rich set of widgets and UI optimization tools, developers can build interactive layouts to attract customers as stakeholders and investors. 

This cross-platform mobile app development framework offers visually appealing graphic implementation at the enterprise level. These motion-rich graphical widgets will look attractive on both iOS and Android.

In addition, Flutter is integrated with APIs based on 2D GPU-accelerated technology. It smoothens the animation included in the applications while keeping the overall layout with rich UI/UX.

Cost-effective App Development

Now cost no longer causes trouble for developing apps on both iOS & Android platforms. As a cross-platform framework, Flutter can save you a lot of money while building apps for each mobile platform.

Flutter works based on the code reusability factor, so developers only need to write code once. Some of the other frameworks are platform-specific, and can only work for a single platform.

Another cost-saving feature that the developers of an MVP development company should focus on is the availability of native app features. They help to pixelate apps for better graphical displays. As a result, both time and money are saved through these features as developers don’t need to buy costly APIs.

While saving the cost, you will also save time by sharing the whole codebase for each mobile app platform. Developers only need to know one language to write applications productively.

Faster Process, Quicker Deployment

Flutter’s exclusive features like quick reload and code reusability help to speed up the development process. Both major and minor changes in the codebase can be done instantly without requiring additional effort.

At the time of deploying Flutter for MVP development, you can test applications instantly while doing code changes simultaneously. The reload feature prevents the reboot of the application every time the source code is modified or altered. Changes are automatically implemented in the application without affecting other features.

Development and testing teams can work simultaneously to finalize the modifications at the same time. This is a major advantage for enterprises that want immediate outputs from their idea.

Amazing Look-and-feel Designs

Flutter helps to design attractive UI/UX while including smart widgets and graphics. Using the top-notch features of this cross-platform framework, developers can meet the core expectations of the customers effectively.

This development kit supports Material Design and Cupertino features, which help to deploy behavior-based motion widgets. After this, the MVP application offers an engaging and convincing look to the users.

Through easy customization of the applications and 2D GPU-boosted APIs, you can implement extensive themes for a better interface. For a Flutter app development company, it would be an essential move to impress their customers and clients.

Compatible with more IDEs

Being a cross-platform app development framework, Flutter is very much compatible with iOS and Android-based IDEs. As its codebase is sharable for every mobile platform, developers don’t need to write applications again and again.

The Dart programming language is compatible with every app development SDK. This adds up to another big advantage of this cross-platform framework. The process of developing an MVP with Flutter will have more impact on target audiences as it is a cross-platform, feature-rich framework. These reasons are completely based on its flexibility with different technologies.

Due to these major reasons, many worldwide famous ventures became multinational corporations. Let’s go further to read their success cycle in the industry:

Popularity Check: 5 Top Firms That Utilized Flutter-based MVP

Top Brands That Have Flutter Apps

It will be interesting to know how ventures got huge success in their respective industries using just an MVP model. Below is the list of those enterprises that became enormously popular across the world:


Dropbox is a well-recognized cloud-based storage platform, used by a lot of enterprises to share virtual workplaces. Before it became a big hit among enterprises, the company was suffering from financial issues due to the lack of an approach like MVP.

The concept of their application is very innovative and productive, so they decided to launch a video MVP and elaborated on the idea behind launching Dropbox. That’s where the game changed and now they are one of the top cloud-based storage solutions.


Airbnb is one of the big names in the tourism industry, offering accommodations to travelers at the lowest prices. They implemented the MVP model of their application, displaying the images of the places available for rent or sale.

They always focused on offering the necessary features to search for the perfect living space. Hence their application is not overloaded with additional or unnecessary features to confuse the users. Just like a well-experienced mobile app development company, Airbnb also researched the market very well before making it live.


Initially started as a two-page site, Buffer is a social media account manager. It was integrated with minimal features to analyze the response from the users and examine if the idea is purposeful for audiences or not.

First, it only supported the Twitter channel that was integrated with the Chrome extension. Now you can manage any social media channel using this software. The idea of implementing start-up MVP development became successful and then they integrated other required features.


One of the top brands across the globe, Uber is a well-known transport services provider for commuters. When they implemented MVP, they examined the idea of an on-call taxi service through an app.

With GPS technology, they are helping taxi drivers and commuters to collaborate and enjoy hassle-free travel. Now, people are getting huge comfort whenever they need to reach a certain location.

Uber’s mobile app has a simple and easy-to-access UI, helping users to book and track their travel.


Being one of the most popular social media channels, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users. In the beginning, they implemented a simple MVP model that offers image-sharing features to the users and connects with more users worldwide. 

The idea became successful and Instagram proliferated in terms of social popularity. Now, it has a wide range of features to share images, post stories, and reach out to billions of audiences across the globe.

Digital marketing companies, influencers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, everyone is eyeing to get famous on Instagram now. 

How Does Appventurez Flutter Expertise Help in MVP Development?

Every software has its significance, MVP applications have their own set of features to distinguish themselves. While developing these apps using Google-powered Flutter, you can enhance the chances of getting success for your idea.

Gathering all the know-how from the above content, it is clear that choosing Flutter for the MVP development project will never disappoint you. Instead, it can provide more than you can imagine in terms of features and APIs.

As stated in the introduction, starting your business with an idea and then examining the reaction of audiences is always necessary to avoid failures. So, launching an MVP application and then marketing the complete product will keep your vision brisked always.

So, collaborate with the expert team of Appventurez and get MVP developed using the Flutter framework for your app. We have a team of experienced Flutter developers who can help you build an MVP for your project.


Q. How does Flutter reduce the overall cost of mobile app development?

Flutter is an open-source framework using a single codebase to develop mobile applications. As a result, business owners not only get their app quickly but also get a cost-effective solution. Being a cross-platform framework SDK, it builds a high-performing app with excellent quality by leveraging a limited tool set and resources.

Q. What advantages does Flutter offer for rapid MVP development?

Flutter has a significant feature called ‘Hot Reload’ that enables the developers to view the changes made in the code without restarting the entire app development process. The feature facilitates quick iteration, experimentation, and bug fixing, making the development process more agile.

Q. Why choose Flutter for MVP development?

Flutter enables developers to create a high-performing mobile application using a single codebase that can run seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms. This cross-platform strategy speeds up the MVP development process by reducing the need for a separate codebase and allows for faster iteration.

Q. In what ways does Flutter enhance the user experience in an MVP?

Flutter has a rich set of built-in widgets that ensures a consistent and visually appealing interface across multiple platforms. The whole process results in new and advanced MVP products, improving the overall user experience, helping to retain existing users, and attracting new ones.

Q. How does Flutter support MVP scalability?

Flutter has vast community support with the inclusivity of experienced & active developers, which means there will be plenty of resources, plugins, and third-party plugins. This ecosystem facilitates faster app development and scalability, letting MVP evolve into a more feature-rich application catering to the user’s feedback

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