A Complete Guide To Determine Fitness App Development Cost

By Ashish Chauhan | February 9, 2021
guide to determine fitness app development cost

Today, fitness applications have a place with the most famous sort of medical care mobile management. It implies they can turn into an incredible wellspring of consistent pay. In any case, there is as yet an issue of the value, that is: fitness app development cost? We’re knowledgeable in the matter and prepared to cover the issue for you. 

Expanded utilization of mobile phones and the rise of inventive advances set off a rush of mobile fitness solutions. As per the exploration by Reports and Data, the overall fitness application market is foreseen to reach more than $14.6 billion by 2027.

From the kitchen to the classroom, the Internet and applications have stepped in to broaden the parameters while also assigning you a trainer. This was made feasible by fitness applications. Even most fitness firms and worldwide gym brands are focusing on establishing fitness apps to get a competitive advantage.

According to a US demographic study, fitness applications have attracted a large following in just a few years. The user penetration rate will be 15.64 percent in 2022, rising to 20.29% by 2026. Based on global statistics, the fitness app revenue category is predicted to reach US$16,596.42 million in 2022.

Table Of Contents

1. What Do You Mean By A Fitness App?

2. Fitness App Market Stats

3. Types of Fitness Apps

4. Features of Fitness App Development 

5. Prominent Features to Include in a Fitness App

6. How much does it cost to develop a fitness app?

a. Pre-development Cost to Develop Fitness App

b. Mid-Development Cost of Fitness App

c. Post-Development Cost of Develop Fitness App 

7. Concluding The Overall Fitness App Development Cost

8. Fitness App Maintenance Cost

9. How Appventurez will help in developing Fitness App?

10. FAQ’s

Let’s get more facts and figures about the utilization of fitness applications worldwide:

What Do You Mean By A Fitness App?

Fitness applications are the most popular smartphone application for staying in shape. These applications are available on both Android and iOS, the two most popular mobile platforms. There were 37,143 applications reported on the Google Play store in the first quarter of 2019.

A healthcare mobile application guides the user in setting fitness goals, tracking calorie consumption throughout the day, receiving dietary advice, and learning meditation exercises. Most current fitness app business models have gamification aspects that keep users engaged in new ways.

Fitness App Market Stats

We live in occasions where individuals begin to think often about fitness with increasingly more obligation. Technology trends 2022 causes us to do this interaction more effectively too. Today you can change your mobile phone into an individual fitness mentor. You should just go to the application store and pick the application you need. 

Due to its income age limit, numerous rec center proprietors, financial specialists, and new businesses are collaborating with development companies and utilizing the fitness app development guide.

As indicated by late reports, the quantity of users utilizing the fitness application is expanding. With regards to income age, fitness applications are becoming enormous. As per the report by AppsFlyer, the income created by mobile fitness applications has developed by 35% since the center of March.

The market is relied upon to develop by more than 9% this year, which means an increment of $1.68 billion. An enormous number of contenders make for a divided market, with organizations expecting to stand apart from the group to succeed.


Types of Fitness Apps

1- Personal Workout Apps

These applications are focused on users who like to do sports at home. They offer solutions for activities of differing intricacies: video exercises, sound tips, 3D models, text depictions, and significantly more. It’s up to you which organization of data to pick, simply ensure your user would have the option to effortlessly sort everything out.

2- Fitness Tracker Apps

Fitness tracker apps are viable with wearable gadgets (fitness wristbands, and so forth) These applications help a user control the advancement of his instructional meetings (he can undoubtedly check the finished sets, the “passed” steps, and so forth).

In addition to other things, the program is valuable for synchronizing individual gadgets with particular fitness applications. So, the user will get an opportunity to see all the information applicable to the activities on his screen.

3- Activity Tracker Apps

The mobile application of the sort isn’t proposed to control the exercise interaction, its principle intention is to screen any active work of an individual; it incorporates a pedometer, dozens of quality monitoring, calorie tallying, and significantly more. Individuals taking care of their health find such markers significant from various perspectives with the help of fitness apps from covid19.

4- Dieting Tracker or Healthy Eating Apps

The undertaking of the following application on our rundown is to improve the positive effect of actual activities (incapable without a decent eating regimen, as you most likely are aware). The assistance can exist freely or supplement the exercise application. Because of it, the user controls his water plan, checks the calories burned, makes up the menu, etc.

Know the most utilized and top healthcare mobile apps across the globe.

Presently you know the classes that fall under fitness app development, and you will get away from what you are building.

people who use health fitness app in the us

Features of Fitness App Development 

Take a look at the crucial elements that your fitness app developer must include to take the app to the next level when creating a user-friendly app for a startup:

1- Customized Diet Plans

Fitness applications are equivalent to having a personal trainer at the gym. Customized nutrition programmes are an important element that you may include in a fitness app. It will help users create a diet plan that is tailored to their body type and daily activity.

2- Push Notification System & Reminders

Anyone who works out on a regular basis will never want to skip a session. In these situations, a pop-up notification from an application might be really useful in remembering your workout.

However, keep in mind that the push notification mechanism has two sides. Sending too many push notifications increases intensity and may not irritate consumers, causing them to abandon the app and never return.

3- Geolocation

Benefits of geolocation in apps not only aids in the delivery of relevant location-based alerts to users, but it also aids in the correct recall of their actions in the context of their chosen location. This feature is very useful for outdoor enthusiasts.

4- Gamification

Consider incorporating gamification into a fitness app. It’s a fantastic feature for encouraging habit building. You may easily add fun features to your app processing with the notion of gamification, making it more user-friendly and engaging.

5- Social Sharing

One of the most important things that businesses may incorporate in their fitness software is social sharing. Users may compete with their friends and family members in a variety of difficulties and activities thanks to the community-based functionality. Users like sharing their triumphs with their peers because it helps them stay motivated and energetic.

Prominent Features to Include in a Fitness App

One of the most important considerations when having an app designed is the features to incorporate. Health and fitness apps are in great demand, but there is fierce rivalry because there are so many of them accessible on Google Play and Apple Store. As a result, you should pick your features carefully and aim to include everything a consumer would need when using the apps.

If you’re intending to design a health and fitness app, here are a few things to consider. We have grouped these functions into three panels to make the software simple and easy to use:

Admin Panel

  • Easy Registration
  • Simple Login
  • Social Media Integration
  • Managing Trainers
  • Managing Trainees
  • Managing Promotions
  • Managing Reports
  • Adding/Restricting features
  • Push Notification
  • Managing User subscriptions
  • Manage the Merchandise Store

User Panel

  • Easy registration using email
  • Social Media integration
  • Live chat sessions with trainers
  • Select the workout plan
  • Choose the trainer
  • Set reminders for sessions
  • Maintain records
  • Simple subscription
  • Many payment modes
  • Helpful filters
  • Rate trainer’s option
  • Buy Merchandise
  • Diet Plan

Trainer Panel

  • Plan workout sessions
  • Send push notifications
  • Management of Trainees
  • Design diet plans
  • Upload diet plans
  • Manage Attendance
  • Live-chat
  • Video-chats
  • Set reminders
  • Easy to use Interface

Apart from these fundamental functions, there are a few additional features that you may request from a firm that provides mobile application development services to incorporate in your health and fitness app.

How much does it cost to develop a fitness app?

Defining fitness app costs is quite complicated because prices vary wildly. A total cost depends on three phases that are listed below.

Pre-development Cost to Develop Fitness App

1- App Ideation & Conceptualization

If your creative mind goes crazy and you think of a truly cool health and fitness app development idea, the cost of such a program will not be excessively low. Then again, the novel and requested application get an opportunity to join market pioneers, and your fitness app development costs will pay off with revenue. So, put some effort into the stage for a fruitful outcome.

2- Market Research

The following stage is additionally vital. Why? The appropriate response is very self-evident: for fitness app development, you need to understand what a normal user is hoping to get today. Your undertaking is to discover: 

  • What is your intended interest group? 
  • What does your future user anticipate? 
  • What kind of fitness mobile app help is the most productive? 

What are your rivals? Whom would it be advisable for one to be careful with among them? What’s more, if you don’t have the way to employ an expert organization, attempt to do coordinated market research.

3- Determining App Platform & Complexity

The application unpredictability level you pick likewise characterizes the expense of your fitness application. mobile applications are arranged dependent on their unpredictability levels, for example, basic, medium, and top of the line.

The essential rendition of a fitness app development costs you almost no contrast with the other two (medium and top of the line). Thus, pick as indicated by your application highlights and functionalities. 

Moreover, application stages are additionally a factor you ought to consider. The significantly utilized stages on the planet are Android and IOS. The expense of adding advancement impacts the stage you pick. As the quantity of stages expands the expense of the improvement likewise builds, the other way around.

4- Hiring The Development Team

Among all the variables, this factor characterizes a lot of your fitness app development cost. The team needed for this project will be as follow: 

You can choose your application development group depending on your financial plan and necessities. You can pick a startup or mid-level organization or a worldwide organization. 

The minimal general team required to build your fitness app will include the following talent.

cost of acquiring app development talent

On the off chance that you settle on a new business, they charge you low, and if you select MNC, at that point they charge you an extremely exorbitant cost. It relies upon the individual or the endeavor that is intending to build up an application.

5- Location of the fitness app development company

Where you get your fitness app developed will significantly impact the overall cost of developing a fitness app. Hiring professional developers from different regions has different hourly rates. Hence depending on where you get your fitness app developed, your cost of developing a fitness app would differ significantly.

Mid-Development Cost of Fitness App

1- Determining Tech Stack for App Development

To choose the right technology stack for your mobile app, you need to keep every development stage in mind. There are several frameworks and tools accessible for fitness app development.

Have a look:

  • Database: Postgres, MongoDB, MailChimp Integration, HBase, Cassandra.
  • Data management: Datastax
  • Real-time analytics: Apache Flink, IBM, Big Data, Hadoop, Cisco, and Spark.
  • Gateways for payment: PayPal, EWallets, Braintree, and Stripe.
  • Push notifications: and Twilio.
  • Authentication: Twilio and Nexmo.
  • Programming: Google web toolkit.

2-  UI/UX Designing

To prevail on the lookout, you should have a ton of faithful users. The vast majority don’t utilize computerized products with an ugly design and low substance speed. In this way, make an excellent mobile fitness application that gives an astounding user experience.

3- Development Approach

If your motivation is to create higher income arriving at iOS app development and Android app for users, there are two choices: cross-stage and local turn of events. 

Picking the principal way, you make one mobile fitness application that chips away at the two stages. In making a local application, engineers compose two code bases. While a cross-platform app development approach permits lessening fitness app development costs, local solutions give a superior user experience.

4- Testing & QA

At this stage, quality confirmation (QA) engineers test a mobile fitness application for bugs and blunders, just to check the consistency with the prerequisites. At that point, programming engineers fix all the issues. The interaction will remain steady if there aren’t any loopholes present in the code structure.

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Post-Development Cost of Develop Fitness App 

1- Launch

When everything is prepared, you discharge it available, at the end of the day, distribute it on the App Store or potentially Google Play. Here you should deal with things, for example, app store optimization guide, product thumbnail, screens, and depiction.

2- Promotion

Since the mobile app development lifecycle has just been finished, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider the application advancement. In case you’re restricted in methods, utilize basic strategies, for example, social media communities, push notifications, searches, and so on.

The objective of this stage is to pull in a limit of users to fitness and exercise applications. All things considered, these very individuals will bring you cash. Without them, your application would stay a useless venture.

3- Monetization

Notwithstanding considerations on the fitness app development costs, you need to consider approaches to bring in cash. Here are the top utilized mobile app monetization models

  1. In-app Purchases
  2. In-app Ads
  3. Sponsorships

The most ideal choice is a freemium model when you permit utilizing mobile applications without a charge, however, entice your users with unique paid highlights (or broadened usefulness).

monetization method of fitness app

Concluding The Overall Fitness App Development Cost

How much does it cost to make a fitness app development in India or Eastern Europe nations for an easy-to-understand financial plan? 

Along these lines, thinking about all the elements, it will cost you around $20,000-$30,000 for a native platform. Once more, on the off chance that you are going for another platform, the fitness app development costs will add up to another $20,000. 

It is a rough cost to develop a fitness app given by a fitness app development company. The expense of running an application like fitness changes as indicated by your belief system and highlights too.

Fitness App Maintenance Cost 

It is usually a good idea to set aside some funds for fitness app maintenance and updates. There are far too many modifications that need to be made in an app over time, and you will need to budget for them. Version control and app maintenance must account for almost 15-20% of the overall expenditure.

So, considering all the factors mentioned, a fitness app will cost you around $10,000-$15,000 for the basic one. However, if you are looking to get an advanced solution developed, the cost to develop a fitness app may go somewhere near $20,000 and above based on the features included.

How Appventurez will help in developing Fitness App?

Fitness apps may help users lose weight, embrace healthy habits, reach individual nutrition goals, maintain better physical and emotional health, and more.

Increasing consumer awareness combined with technology advances and growing demand from emerging economies provides numerous growth opportunities in the global industry of fitness applications in the coming years. Now is a perfect time to build your own fitness app and claim your share of the market.

Starting with a mobile app MVP helps save money and test the idea without spending too much effort and resources. Appventurez a healthcare app development company is here to help you make the most of your idea.

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1-What are fitness apps?

Apps for fitness are a form of software that can be downloaded and utilized on mobile devices. Their functionality is centered on the notion of getting in shape, such as through workouts or other forms of physical training, nutrition, or diet. It may be used as an activity planner, a calorie tracker, or both at once.

2- How do fitness apps work?

The tracking feature is at the heart of most fitness applications. It gathers a variety of information regarding users’ activities. Users can manually enter data or acquire it using several sensors or wearables. The software analyses data to give you an overall reading (the more sensors you have, the more data you have, and the more accurate your readings will be).

3- What makes a fitness application viral?

An application’s basic operation must be faultless in order for it to go viral. This involves incorporating all user features, UI, functionality, integration with other applications and devices, and interaction with users in a proper manner. If any of the items in this list are incorrect, an application’s chances of becoming viral are reduced.

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