How to Earn Money By Developing Mobile App ?

Are you planning to expand your business? Or give your entrepreneur journey a new turn? Or want to earn some money through your app? Or be a “mobile-preneur”? If

How to Earn Money By Developing Mobile App ?

Are you planning to expand your business? Or give your entrepreneur journey a new turn? Or want to earn some money through your app? Or be a “mobile-preneur”?

If yes, then the major focus is to earn money while reaching the target audience around the globe. This calls to look out for the opportunities to earn money or watch out for “can you make money creating apps”. With this, the entrepreneur settles down for the long-run projects that can earn them the quality audience and be heavy on their pockets. 

In the present time, experienced and young entrepreneurs are focusing on mobile application development due to its popularity. Mobile phones have a huge impact on the lives of users. On average, an spends around 6-7 hours on their phones daily. It is to check the time, stream music, read trending stuff, social media, watching videos, be part of memes. 

Due to this, smartphones are in the limelight for every business owner. Their goal is to dive into the world of apps to achieve their future goals. The mobile applications industry has made a mark in the market that is making business owners opt for responsive websites or mobile apps. However, as the trends of the mobile phone might be taking a leap, we can’t say the same for the responsive website.

After this said, now the thought that might be rushing in your mind is, “how-to or how much money do apps make”. Well, it is not an easy process. Before this, let us take you through the journey of mobile app development and then move towards the monetization method. 

Map To Our Journey:-

How To Earn Money From Developing Mobile Apps
1. Why Mobile Apps over Responsive Websites?
2. Major differences between web app & mobile app
3. IoT-Based Apps in Devices
4. App Categories that are making money 

4.1. Entertainment and Games App

4.2. Social Media and Messaging Apps

4.3. Shopping App

4.4. Education App

4.5. Lifestyle App

4.6. Sports App

4.7. Finance and Business App

4.8. Tools/Utilities App

5. Mobile App Monetization and it’s important factors

5.1. Monetization Models

5.2. Strategies of Monetization

5.3. Stats and tools for monetization

6. 7 Things to earn money via mobile apps

6.1. Market Research

6.2. Determining the Development Cost

6.3. Incite Users

6.4. Competitors

6.5. Business Goals

6.6. Target Audience

6.7. Platforms

7. MVP & its impact on mobile app monetization

8. Solutions That Will Help In Earning Money Via App

8.1. AI Routines

8.2. Blockchain

8.3. Biometry Apps

8.4. Geofencing  

8.5. Wearable Devices

8.6. Augmented Reality

8.7. Control Home

9. Conclusion

Why Mobile Apps Over Responsive Websites?

Mobile Apps Over Responsive Websites

Before settling down to “how much money can you make from an app”, let us understand more about a mobile app starting from its difference with a responsive website. 

Many business owners believe that since they have a responsive website, there is no need to go for a mobile application. This can be true but not in all cases. There are instances when a mobile app becomes the need to boost online presence and be with a customer 24/7. However, when it comes to earning money then you can gain lead to generating revenue via a responsive website but it doesn’t guarantee the ROI.

Before diving into the concepts of money, let me help you to understand the difference between responsive websites and mobile app.

Responsive Websites are the versions of a website with a link to use on a mobile phone browser. However, URLs of such mobile websites are different, for instance, They also contain subsets of features that are similar to the desktop version to make it mobile-friendly. The web pages are customized as per the user requirement and screen. 

The fact is that responsive sites are not as functional and fast as compared to native mobile apps; the former one might be a time-saver and cost-effective, but in terms of user engagement, they are not ideal. In addition to this, responsive sites can also take some time in navigating from one page to another. 

Smartphones are as per the Operating System (OS) of the phone. They are customized accordingly with codebases and unique design. However, we have the option of native mobile apps and cross-platform mobile app development that can enhance the user experience.

Developing an app is a bit costly than developing responsive websites. However, in order to aim for brand recognition, it is ideal to go for a mobile app. Mobile app development is costly than the overall cost of developing a responsive site but are extremely effective in boosting brand recognition.

The major thing is that they are full of features that can be integrated with tools and features. Along with this, the mobile phone apps offer fast loading without any clutter to optimize the user experience. 

Since now it is clear that mobile apps are better than a responsive website, it is vital to know the basic difference between web apps and mobile apps. On top of that, it gives so many options on how to earn money through apps. So, let’s get an insight into it.

Major Difference Between Web App and Mobile App

Web App and Mobile App

Starting from 2018, as per the stats, the traffic from phones is more than 60 percent as compared to that from desktops or laptops. The total time consumed by users is noted to be 40 percent on mobile devices. Hence, it has become a necessity for entrepreneurs to be over mobile phones to get in touch with customers efficiently.

There are two ways through which one can be present on phones – Web App and Mobile Apps. A mobile development company works in both aspects but it is best to be clear about the difference. Let me take you through the basic difference between them.

Web App is an optimized version of the website in the form of an application that offers an experience of the website over the phone app. A web app is mainly opted to show off the quality content to the audience which is mainly user-centric. In the present time, they are expanded and more properties are added to it in the form of Progressive Web App. 

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Mobile App, as mentioned above, is app-centric with the main focus to engage with customers. Along with this, mobile apps are customized as per the features. This is tailored as per the custom recommendations and user engagement. Even app interaction with a customer depends on usage behavior, location, interests, and content that are specific in mobile apps. 

When it comes to select between mobile apps and web apps, then there are no major differences except the company’s requirement. If the goal of a company is to earn the trusted audience, user engagement, and communication then mobile apps are ideal whereas progressive web apps are mainly focused on mobile-friendly content. Both are valuable and strategic approach to launch the business in the market if implemented correctly.

IoT-Based Apps In Devices

IoT-Based Apps

If you are still stuck with the belief that apps are just for mobile phones then you need to alter it as soon as possible. We are living in a digital era where apps are no longer limited to smartphones. Smart devices or IoT based devices are also integrating with apps to give the user an enhanced experience. There are smart TVs available that offer digital experience to users with topmost apps like: 

  • Amazon Prime 
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Watch ESPN
  • HBO Now
  • Hulu

However, these are the apps that are already doing great in the market. It is vital to reach that level to be part of this dominating market. If you want to have steady growth then it is best to start with knowing the simple aspects of earning money. Apart from this, there is no as such thing “how to make money creating apps for android” or iOS, both depend upon the users over the platform

This being said, let’s move towards apps making money.

App Categories That Are Making Money

App Categories

Many companies start their own business by believing that it is easy to earn money with mobile apps. The app development business might be profitable but the success of the app or failure depends on several factors. One such factor is to understand the future of mobile application that depends widely on its category. However, the best thing is to save money in mobile app development. Before you dive into earning it.

To get a brief on the categories of apps, let’s have a look at the apps that are earning name, fame, and revenue in the app market. Not only this, but it is the answer to your doubts about “how to make money from an app idea”.

#1 Entertainment and Games Apps

Entertainment and Games Apps

Users often try to figure out an alternative that can help them have some relaxing time, get rid of boredom, and brighten up their day. This is the reason when it comes to passing time in a productive way, there is no better option than choosing entertainment and games as an alternative. As a result, the whole entertainment and gaming apps are gaining great momentum in the market without any doubt. 

Furthermore, these apps are the best ways to eliminate negative thoughts while filling in positive thoughts which is all in all the major requirements of today’s time. Meanwhile, gambling apps are another great way to engage more audiences. 

#2 Social Media and Messaging Apps

Social Media and Messaging Apps

Getting in touch with individuals instantly that are oceans apart was the dream. However, apps have drastically changed the factor and mobile app development companies are now majorly focusing on enhancing the overall messaging experience for the users. There are apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Skype that offer services to the customers to get in touch with their family or friends irrespective of location, time that too without any delay.

#3 Shopping Apps

Shopping Apps

One of the profitability factors that companies are focusing upon is M-commerce. Online shopping has become a vital part of customers’ daily life instead of checking offline stores. One of the reasons for the popularity and profitability of online store is the 24*7 availability without letting a user break their schedules and letting them take a casual break from their work. 

Shopping is the basic requirement for today’s population. 7 out of 10 people opt for online shopping due to limited time with users. The audience widely depends upon the shopping apps. This guarantees monetization due to a regular audience.

On top of that, shopping apps can easily generate revenue while focusing on the transaction. The major thing to remember is to attract the audience and implement the transaction gateway securely for smooth transactions. It is a great example on how to earn money using mobile.

However, e-commerce can’t be accessed every time via laptops and computers. This can be extremely daunting even for regular laptop users. Hence, comes the concept of M-commerce that has complied e-commerce platform in an app. 

#4 Education Apps

Education Apps

If you want to focus on the retention rate than the educational segment is a great way to proceed. It holds tremendous value to users that make them continuously use the app. Hence, it is a profitable category that developers can opt for. Not only this, but educational apps offer freemium content that can be added in the future. Nevertheless, it is best to avoid forcing users to purchase and offer suggestions to keep them interested.

#5 Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle Apps

For the customers that are always on the move, Lifestyle-based apps are the blessing in disguise. This focus on completely different monetization approach, reach strategy and target audience. The product segment allows users to have their personalized gym trainer and yoga instructor over the smartphone.

This also includes on-demand apps such as taxi booking apps and food ordering apps. However, it is essential to cover the monetization method in the correct form to not offer a distraction for the audience. Also, it is not an ideal approach to make it a paid app since it can lose liability. The premium plan must be as per the features and statistics of the app. 

On the other hand, there are apps like Uber that have a service charge included in the transaction. The categories play a vital role while focusing on the monetization method for generating revenue through mobile apps. There are several apps added to the category of lifestyles such as dating app, beauty apps, and fitness apps.

#6 Sports Apps

Sports Apps

Sports category is one of the topmost categories that is generating good revenue. Whether it is soccer or cricket, it has a wide scope to attract the audience and earn some bucks. The manual games or quiz can cash some money to the developers along with running ads. Along with this, it has several other aspects that can help in earning a good amount of money such as:

  • Live Streaming Videos
  • Prediction Match Games
  • Robust Marketing Tools and Plan
  • Live Posting Access
  • Location-Based Sports
  • User’s Demand
  • Latest NEWS
  • Sports Betting

#7 Finance and Business Apps

Finance and Business Apps

The target group is considered when it comes to financing and business app to represent the segment. The provider of these apps are earning money via some banking institutes or business setup and customers make it even more convenient. There are different aspects added to such app concept including:

  • Mobile Payment App – Mobile Banking has bought in a new era in the bill payment option. It is now easy for the customers to make frequent payments without waiting for a day or two for approval from banks. The universal payments, peer-to-peer, and bill payments are in extremely high demand. Hence, it is the best concept to not only give customers a platform to have secure transactions but also to earn money with a paid monetization model.
  • Corporate Messenger – The most basic need of companies to run the business smoothly is inner communication between two different departments. This is simplified with the help of an affordable and comfortable way to ensure that internal communication can be done without a hitch. There are apps like Slack and Skype that are usually used for inner communication. There are apps in the market with a premium and limited trial plan that are usually considered for enterprise messengers.
  • Enterprise Management Software – When a small-scale industry moves towards the category of medium-sized then it is best to simplify management systems with basic tools. This includes the involvement of the productivity monitoring system, employee task tracker, and organizers to streamline the work and monitor it for every employee. The app developers charge money for every employee or office suite to generate revenue substantially.

These are the main market researched apps that are doing great in the market and earning money. However, it is a bit complicated app since it can be sensitive for future growth with rivals.

#8 Tools/Utilities Apps

Tools Apps

Weather forecasts or flashlights are the most common apps that are used by customers. These apps are the basic tools for the users that are extremely useful. A mobile app developer who wants to earn some bucks can invest in this niche and make an app extremely helpful. However, when it comes to monetization, then it can be a bit tricky for tools app as compared to others. The thing is that customers don’t use these apps regularly or daily. 

There is no point in adding ads in the UI since it will work as a distraction in a tool based app. This leads to two major parts including:

  • Charitable contributions are a good way to proceed to earn some bucks. However, it depends upon the users whether they want to pay or not.
  • Paid apps are another way that is often used to earn money that is based on the unique functionality. The quality marketing strategy can help in moving forward to generate revenue.

This category can be a bit challenging and complicated when it comes to earning money. However, there are chances to earn since developers don’t opt for this segment. 

These are the promising categories that have a bright future with maximal profits for mobile apps. This is not just about “how much an Android app earn” but iOS can also thrive. Moving forward, apps from these categories are at the top of the grossing chart. 

Mobile App Monetization And It’s Major Factors

Mobile App Monetization

There is no doubt that free and paid apps have the capability to reach the top of the grossing rate. The boom of the mobile industry is just taking up some speed and growing with the potential to earn billions. However, many believe that free apps have less chance to earn as compared to paid apps.

As a matter of fact, any app can earn money if monetization is done correctly. Let’s get started-

#1 Monetization Models

Monetization is a great way to earn money and boost productivity. Along with this, it is a great answer to “how to make money from mobile apps”. However, the strategy depends upon two models – Direct and Indirect Sales. So, if you are wondering about the monetization models followed by the companies then let’s give you a brief:

Direct Sales Model

The fact is that even before buying, the freemium apps can go unavailable. We can only examine video, description, reviews, and screenshots. The question is – Do you think it is easy to attract the audience to make them download an app? It is essential to follow the art of convincing in order to make customers purchase an app. 

Indirect Sales Model

This is the one that depends upon having hidden payment options in any free apps. It can be as per the sponsorship, advertising, in-app purchases, push-notifications, affiliate links, freemium upsell, email marketing, partnering with a successful app, payment options, SMS marketing, and virtual currency. 

#2 Strategies of Monetization 

Direct Sales

Moving forward on, how much can you make from an app, we must be aware of monetization strategies. So, without wasting time, let’s move towards the strategy aspect. 

As mentioned above, it is a bit easier to work on direct sales. Just make sure that while launching an app in the market, you must keep the description attractive while explaining the major features that can attract a number of audiences. Along with this, a demo video and screenshot of the inner app pages can help in giving an insight to the users about the app. 

There are a number of tips that one can keep in mind while developing an app to make it catchy.

#1 Choose a Pleasant and Clear App Name – Make sure to have the name that can showcase the function of the app and can be snappy. It is not compulsory to target the functions of the app, but, if followed, it will give out more about the app.

The ideal thing is to add a keyword to the name to explain the app. For instance, Amazon Prime Video, Uber Eats: Local Food Delivery, and Spotify: Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs. However, it is best to remain within 100 characters to make it attractive and worth downloading.

#2 Screenshots – As mentioned above, screenshots have their own value in the app development world. This will give an understanding to the users on how the app functions and will look on the mobile phone. It is best to place some text over the screenshot to explain the features of apps.

Along with this, the screenshot must be of all the devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. Apart from this, it is easy to make money developing android apps before switching to iOS due to popularity. It will give an insight to the customer beforehand. 

#3 Informative Description – The description must be informative and meaningful to give all the crucial data about the app to the audience. There is a read more button for the description so make sure to add on the general information that can give the basics of an app to the audience before it. 

Follow this up with the problems that are focused on the app and how it can solve those issues. Make sure to list out the functions of an app similar to the one done by WhatsApp and Google Drive.

Informative Description

You need to understand that these are the first communication point for the users and this will help them to make a decision of downloading and installing an app. Hence, these aspects must showcase the USP of an app. The motive is to compel the users, forcing them to install it. Another reason to woo users is showcasing the app’s review and rating which will entice them whether to install the app or leave it like others. 

Indirect Sales

There are several monetization strategies that can help in taking an app to its ultimate success. So, if you are also wondering about “how do apps make money”, then we are all set for you. We have summed up the popular monetization methods making an app take its share of popularity among many dominating applications.

#1 Ad Revenue – This is an essential in-app revenue source for mobile app developers. If you are opting for free apps, ad revenue is going to play a vital role in generating revenue. The practice is majorly divided into three parts – Cost per Click, Cost per Thousand Impressions, and Cost per Action.

However, many developers prefer to go for Cost per Thousand Impressions since it doesn’t depend upon the click of the user. The best thing is that it is less intrusive for the user experience, but it offers minimal pay.

#2 In-App Purchase – Similar to Candy Crush, there are options for in-app purchases that can help to earn some revenue. This has a wide scope to grow and generate revenue in order to build goodwill in the marketplace. However, it is essential to convince the audience to purchase in-app features along with getting advanced benefits.

As mentioned above, Candy Crush has placed the art of attracting the audience and persuade them to make the purchase. This is not the only thing to make a fuss about, King, the Candy Crush company is also known for offering a great number of exciting free offers for wooing audiences to make an app purchase. 

#3 Sponsorship – It is the most common thing that makes mobile app developers work on the application popularly known as crowdfunding. However, the business usually hires the app development company for making an app development deal when investing in the project. Hiring the reliable app development company helps in determining the actual cost of developing an application when nodding yes to a project. 

Another way is to collaborate with other app to secure funding for the project. As a result, this will improve the download rates of the application along with opening new opportunities to grow while throwing light on “how do apps make money”.

#4 Multiple Methods – It is often recommended to add on a few monetization methods in the apps to generate revenue. Adding in-app purchases and having a video advertisement is a great way to move forward in terms of generating revenue. The fact is that video advertising is a great way of earning money since it depends on pay per view that can be done through plain-text ads.

#5 Transaction Fees – One of the best ways to earn money is through apps that deal with digital transactions. For instance, the third party sell and purchase can have a transaction fee option to earn some bucks. However, it is vital to keep the price to minimal for users to avoid the charge easily.

#6 Remove Ads – When you want to attract a number of audiences, removing distractions like ad pop-ups is a must. Pop-ups are the biggest distractions that make users abandon the app in a few seconds. Thus, the ideal way to be in the market and earn money can be done with ads enabling and paid version upgrade. This will directly enhance downloads and sales rates as compared to the target of ads. 

#7 Affiliation – The giants namely Apple, Microsoft, and Google depend widely on the open affiliate programs for the developers. They have minimal commissions that allow one to choose from the apps to promote.

It is easy to earn commissions while promoting the hottest apps in the market. If you want to earn some credits then it is best to opt for Affiliate programs that can help you to grow and earn- another great way to make money with an app.

#8 Referral Marketing – As mentioned above, promoting other websites has its own value in the market. It is a great opportunity to optimize revenue in the market and work to promote third-party service or product.

The motive is to advertise another app in order to generate revenue. Along with this, it is a great way to move ahead with affiliates’ services and products to promote the app. This work for cost per click, cost per install, cost per view and cost per action as part of marketing models. 

#9 Sell Data – If you are a part of the marketing world, you must be aware of the importance of data. Every single person depends upon datasets in a way or two. It has become a vital strategy to understand the audience and research the major aspects of their requirements.

Now, it is possible for the app publishers to make a good amount of money with data selling. The data consists of social media accounts of users, email addresses, and personal preferences. Use the raw data or sell it to someone that might need it can be two great way to move forward in the business world. Make sure you are selling the data under government rules and clauses. 

#10 Physical Purchases – The giants like Amazon offers a free platform to sell physical goods or products. However, it is a great way to attract customers and sell out the products related to the particular application.

For instance, Rovio Angry Bird is a free game that has managed to sell 1 million branded products monthly including backpacks and t-shirts. This is a great way to earn revenue in the market while promoting the brand in the face-to-face aspect. Yes, tech giants are also making money with apps development.

These are the major demonetization techniques that everyone must be aware of. This will not only put a few bucks in your pocket with free apps but also helps in promoting your apps the right way.

#3 Stats and Tools for Successful Monetization

Before starting with Monetization methods and strategies, it is best to know the vital statistics and tools. Let’s give you an insight into it.

1. Monetization Statistics

statista data of total app downloads

There are several apps available in the market that has taken a huge turn in the IT industry. Especially, with the involvement of online stores, it can be impressive to understand the overall stats and figures. Here is the data of the first half of 2019:

  • 4,75,000 – Amazon Appstore
  • 1.8 million – Apple App Store
  • 2,34,500 – Blackberry World
  • 2.1 million apps – Google Play
  • 6,70,000 – Window Store

In total there are approximately 5.2 million apps that are present in the market reaching the revenue of 462 billion with monetization methods. This is more than the proof to show the reality of app monetization and profits to generate from publishing an app. This offers a decent amount of money in the competitive world along with popular models, strategies, and platforms. Consider them as money creating apps that have so many benefits (or bucks) for developers or owners.

2. Monetization Tools

Monetization of apps is a vast subject with several solutions to generate money. Especially in-app advertising solution includes topmost platforms and auction strategies through which bidding can be done easily. This can help in achieving maximum revenue to provide this service. However, there are different platforms that can be used to offer high-quality services. Many companies are confused about “which platforms make the most money for app developers”. To clear it off, here are the major tools.

  1. Facebook Audience Network – In the present time, one of the best ways to promote services or business, Facebook is the ideal way. Facebook allows businesses to interact with the target audience globally. Through Facebook Audience, it is possible to run ads including standard display ads, native ads, in-stream ads, and rewarded videos on the website.
  2. – Another alternative to use to easily access to display, native ads, and contextual ads over the network. It is a popular choice due to competitive units and docked.
  3. Unity Ads – The publishers include the video ads to work as the monetization method for the unity ads. For every rewarded video, the revenue is generated as per the user count. There are different ways in which work is done with user bonuses such as extra life, score increases, and gaming currency for every video.

7 Tips To Earn Money Via Mobile App

tips to earn money via mobile app

This is the most searched topic by developers. There is no doubt that mobile apps are growing with bounds and leaps in this expanding world. The developer’s community is continuously increasing with the evolvement of applications downloads. Hence, the total cost earned via app development is now breaking all the records.

There are a few things that one must keep in mind while working on the app to earn money. Let’s get a deeper understanding of “how to create an app and make money”.

#1 Market Research

If you want to dive into the mobile application market then it is extremely easy in the present world. There are a number of ways to earn money with an app such as forums, books, and guides. However, the competition can be daunting to deal with when it comes to having a promo and corporate apps for small-scale businesses.

When it comes to the experienced mobile app development company, like Appventurez, then it will include the long-term project. This means to have experts working for UX and coding of apps keeping the targeted audience in mind. 

#2 Determining the Development Cost

It is extremely vital to estimate the cost of app development that is not done precisely by the majority of developers. Hence, make sure to work in the direction while keeping major aspects in mind of app development. Make sure to add on the price tag for features and development time. Along with this, the cost of competitors app, reach of competitors app, and category of the app matters the most.

Read more about: (Estimating Cost of App Development)

#3 Incite Users

The most vital part to earn money through an app is via inciting the audience to compel them to install an app. Let me state a fact – the competition in the present market is at its peak with Apple App Store containing 1.96 million of the app and Google App Store leading with 2.46 million. Now the question that will start bugging you are – Will anyone pay for my app download? Will my free mobile app capable enough to attract the audience? How to earn money from developing android apps?

There is no doubt that you will invest in monetization methods to earn money. However, if the audience won’t download it then how will you earn is a major concern. It is extremely vital to work on something that can entice the audience and eliminate the chance of failure.

No user is going to invest time to search your app to install it. To make it easy for potential users to download your app, make sure that it is right in front of them. The visibility of applications plays a vital role with the help of some attention-grabbing elements – screenshots and descriptions.

#4 Competitors

If you want to be in the mobile app development industry then make sure to know whether your competitor has reached their yet or not. The competitor analysis is extremely essential to be in the market to understand the reach of the competitors. It will be an ideal solution to decide the monetization methods for the app. This will also give an insight into the competitor’s experiences to know their mistakes and how you can eliminate them.

#5 Business Goals

How to make money developing apps is not achieved by everyone. Every business has its own goals with the destination to reach the target audience. The motive is to solve the problems and cover up the monetization strategies as per the business goals. For instance, YouTube videos places video ads right before (or after)  the video. Music App must have ads related to music to keep the audience hooked to the app. Or maybe having an educational app with the ads or purchase for tips or functions. 

#6 Target Audience

Not figuring out the actual target audience will directly impact the overall success of the app. The fact is that a successful app will help in determining the problem of the audience for which you are offering a solution. This will give you a clear picture to tailor the requirements and understand the audience.

#7 Platforms

The fact is that iOS and Android users have a different mindset and requirements. On top of that, the audience of mobile phone is spread around on both the platforms. This makes it vital for developers to decide on the platform or opt for a cross-platform mobile app to target both the platforms. 

Along with this, the major technologies are now a part of mobile applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data. This is making it vital for companies to remain abreast of upcoming advancements to ensure that apps can be built as per the technologies. On top of that, both the platforms must be able to support the technology in the latest versions of mobile phones. 

The “how to earn money from developing android apps” is the most searched topic over the internet. To rest it for you, here is an insight into the salary for Android and iOS developers

Salary of App Developers is also considered while deciding on the monetization method. The average pay of a developer is $107,000/year. However, the Android and iOS developers have different pay of $144,000/year and $139,000/year respectively.

MVP And Its Impact On Mobile App Monetization 

There are mainly two ways in which an app can be launched in the market. Either developer has to follow the traditional approach which requires works on the overall Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) or to follow Minimal Viable Product (MVP). However, in the present competitive market, MVP is given a lot of importance due to the early product release.

MVP is the process in which an app is developed carrying the most important features and functionalities. It is considered one of the most significant ways to be in the market with limited time and minimum budget. In order to add more features, one can easily collect the data via feedback or surveys from the real audiences. However, with MVP, the total development time of an app is minimized. The fact is that MVP is the answer to how to make an app and make money.

Not only this, MVP allows developers to go back and change the codes in case of any failures. This can be easily done with market tests and improve the features as per the feedback. The major benefit of going for such an app development alternative is to ensure that you are in the market before your competitors. The best thing is that it is possible to measure MVP.

“Time is Money” and success depends on the right time to stay in the market. This can only be done if and only the development cycle is followed with a lifecycle model with the long-lasting process. On top of that, the ROI on such an app is higher since its cost of development is reasonable.

The most critical thing that is added to the application is features and functionalities. The motive is to ensure that the application is set as per the goals for little time and money as humanly possible. It is best to only include features that will add value to the app instead of having shiny and cool features set. These will automatically increase the demand for an app in the market-leading to have space for more monetization options. 

Solutions That Will Help In Earning Money Via App

Earning Money Via App

We have concluded that monetization can be easily achieved with enhanced user interaction. However, it is not that easy to achieve due to stiff competition in the market. Moving forward, there are technologies that can offer topmost application development with selling features in the market. The majority of people wonder how to make money with android apps and iOS too by including the latest technologies. So, let’s give them an insight into the advancements. 

#1 AI Routines

Alan Turing started to work on AI technology in the 19th century to formulate intelligent solutions for any complex problem. Now app developers are embracing the concept of simplistic chatbots that is formed with complex computation and scientific development. This helps in developing and testing the app to attract the audience and generate revenue. On top of that, including AI in the apps can be a step forward towards the better earning.

It is the most famous technology in the present world that is influencing the world. We might be far from tapping into the actual world of AI but the small bits are taking over the world. There are several AI software that changes the way we are working upon. This includes Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. The AI and voice recognition software are just to offer a better experience to the user. Along with this, AI linked with mobile phone is bridging the gap between user and advanced features. 

#2 Blockchain

It is the technology that has failed for a longer period of time but all of a sudden, it has become the major technology of today’s time. This is becoming a great platform to work giving promising and helpful vibes. The business solutions can be focused upon the blockchain in terms of earning money.

#3 Biometry Apps

The digital technologies are now becoming ubiquitous which leads to personal privacy. Hence, biometric authentication is the optimal solution for privacy issues. In addition to this, biometric authentication depends upon facial features, eye retinas, and fingerprints that are unique for every other individual. Hence, it is essential to keep the implementation to a high probability for successful development.

The major thing that any business owner has to keep in mind is to stay abreast of upcoming technology. The overall trajectory is altering the course in which mobile technology is becoming a major addition to the industry. In order to stay one step ahead of competitors, it is essential to be updated in terms of mobile technology. The best thing is that the future will make us stop wondering how much do app developers make. 

Here are the major solutions that are just at the fingertips making it easy for mobile users to perform the technology advancements.

#4 Geofencing

Another big thing in the market is geofencing which is changing the way in which we work. This location-based service has a huge influence on the user to offer recommendations. The fact is that the user location is tracked with permission. It makes it easy to form a connection between the user and the app. Also, the app can collect data as per user behavior to make it easy to have recommendations. This is a great way to move forward in terms of marketing perspective and send out a push notification as per the location and user.

#5 Wearable Devices

The IT industry is embracing the whole concept of wearable devices while working on the advancement of technology. It is the fastest-growing technological advancement that is influencing entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers. Also, the experts are now predicting the body health and fitness through devices making it energy-efficient, prevalent, and versatile. Wearable devices connected to the mobile phone is the next best thing in the market that is already picking up some popularity.

#6 Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is already everyone’s favorite by showcasing a small glimpse into the AR technology. The integration of the app with the real-world has a lot of influence that we will never be able to beat up. Adding all the real-life elements in a game make Pokemon Go less of fiction for users. With $12 billion revenue and more than 800 million downloads, it is ruling the AR world. Hence, it is safe to say that AR is a great way to enhance user engagement, drive downloads, and generate revenue.

#7 Control Home

Alexa turns on the music please” and boom we are welcomed with our favorite music. However, it is just an example when in the coming time, it is going to rule the world. Consumers will depend more on mobile apps to enhance their experience and meet demands. There are thermostats that can be easily connected to the Wi-Fi network and adjust the temperature of the home. This will make sure to keep things in check even when you are not at home. The best thing is that it can be controlled easily with mobile devices.

These are just the live examples that prove more about mobile apps. which has diminished the line between how do you make money from an app and how to make an app. 

In the past two decades, we have witnessed a new form of app development. It has changed the way in which we are working while influencing the overall app development. It is safe to say that app development has made it easy to optimize pages, be on social media, and have responsive websites. 

Even after this, there is so much about app development that remains untapped. We are still far away from learning more about app development and adding upcoming technology to it. Whether is it foldable phones or the Internet of Things (IoT), we have to take a step forward and reach new heights and be connected with everything. 


So, if you are wondering, “do apps make money”, then let us give you a rude awakening, every single app is not going to make money. In order to earn money, you need to work on a strategy or plan to hire an app development company. The mobile sites work differently for mobile users as compared to mobile apps. This makes it essential for mobile devices to work on a better user experience.

The fact is that it is essential to keep users in mind while developing the app. There is no point in making an app inconvenient for the customers to have a few bucks in the pocket. The long-run will also have a lot of influence on your total earning so make sure to give users a comfortable experience. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to be prepared for the upfront costs for development, build, and even launching an app in the market. This will give the app a system while increasing its probability to thrive. So, if you have any idea that you want to convert into reality then get in touch with us. 

Handpicked Related Questions For How You Can Earn Money By Developing Mobile App

#1 How much do app developers make per download?

The total revenue earned by the mobile app developers are as per the category of an app. We can’t compare any app with the global revenue-earning apps such as Amazon Prime Video and Candy Crush Saga. However, for the initial stage, an app can generate some revenue with in-app purchases and ads. Once the popularity of the app reaches a certain height then it is not that difficult. How much do apps make money like Candy Crush? The total revenue of Candy Crush Saga is around $1.3 million with just allowing customers to make small in-app purchases.

#2 Can you make money by developing an app?

Yes, one can earn money while developing an app but it depends upon the type of app and its category. There is no point to assume that you will be able to generate revenue from day 1. It is a long process that includes several aspects that can determine ways to earn money. Usually, the revenue generated by Android developers are more as compared to iOS developers.

#3 Do apps make a lot of money?

Apps have the capacity to generate billions of dollars as revenue for the owner of the app. Earning money from an app can only be determined by the ways through which one can earn bucks. The money creating apps can actually generate around $3,500 daily and goes up to $82,500. The value can be different but it is around this ratio only.

#4 Which Platform Make the Most Money For App Developers?

The average salary of an Android app mobile developer is around $107,000 annually. Whereas iOS developers are earning more as compared to Android app developers by reaching at around $139,000 annually. This is mainly the data for the developers in the USA, it can vary from country to country.

Ajay Kumar


CEO CEO and Co-founder of Appventurez, Ajay Kumar has 15+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, project management, and team handling. He has technical expertise in software development and database management. He currently directs the company’s day-to-day functioning and administration.

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