How To Develop A Mobile Concierge App For Hotels?

Current buyers focus on comfort and speed most importantly. This is the primary power driving the increment in the reception of Uber-like and other service apps that drive the on-demand economy. Individual mobile concierge apps, then again, open new freedoms for purchasers who need moment admittance to data and solutions.

Updated 7 March 2024

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar

CEO at Appventurez

Using AI-ML development (artificial intelligence & machine learning) and recognizable visit interfaces, they give another strategic advantage by offering expanded openness, knowledge, and accommodation. All the more explicitly, concierge service apps are currently a maturing pattern.

According to ongoing reports, the market for concierge apps will comprise $773.3 million by 2025. The platform for the quick expansion of concierge apps is set, generally, by the travel and tourism industry. Today, we will cover the fundamental data about the mobile concierge app, why they are so well known these days, and what provisions of the concierge app can be truly helpful for the progressive business.

Let’s start with a short brief about concierge services and their apps:

What are Concierge Services?

Mobile concierge services are a bunch of services that are offered by specialists, who are answerable for getting things done for the benefit of travelers. For example, holding supper tables at the eateries, booking lodgings, orchestrating registration and registration, masterminding spa solutions, and so on 

These are sure obligations performed by lodging concierges, however, it isn’t restricted to the inn business. With time, the concierge services have ventured into various verticals and have acquired energy and embraced innovations. Companies that opt for hotel app booking app development consider this additive to be included for smooth operations.

A mobile concierge app is an inventive programming answer for lodging management that can fundamentally work on the visitor’s experience and guarantee they’re open to remaining in an inn. The central thought of the lodging’s digital concierge app is to work on the solace of the visitors and improve the inn’s working: find and deal with the visitors’ solicitations in a single app.

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Why Choose Concierge App Development?

Building concierge apps for visitors or voyagers could be a commendable venture. It could improve complex UI-UX designs and save a great deal of time for both the voyager and tourists. The concierge app has forthright shaking things up and ventured into the area propelling the conveyance of services. As the app infiltration was expanding, it has demonstrated to merit speculation.

— Purpose of Concierge Apps

It’s an individual partner that is reliably close by allowing customers to hold a spot and access the information they need as speedy as could truly be anticipated. When you are building custom mobile apps for businesses, especially for concierge services, customer satisfaction becomes a part of your user experience design.

To be exact, hotel concierge apps grant customers to see how the motel looks from within, help with booking a trade, keep in touch with room organization, and think about traveler areas close by. 

With an especially colossal extent of components, it’s everything except a surprise that specialist apps are getting common. Customers are content with the assistance, while lodgings stand separated among the resistance.

— Potential Benefits of Concierge App For Hotels

#1 Understanding the true needs of your target audience.

You might fabricate quite a few presumptions of what your buyer expects and needs to get, however, nobody can ensure that you have speculated right. A perfect mobile app user persona will play a crucial role to meet this objective.

It works as an ideal arrangement and an exceptional component for monitoring the customer’s conduct in your app and giving you a definite report. Having this report, you’ll get what precisely your potential customer is searching for, and change your own hotel concierge app to suit his requirements.

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#2 Increasing customer loyalty.

The benefit being referred to coherently shows up from the information on your intended interest group. At the point when we truly know our customer, we can offer him what he genuinely needs, which means we’re expanding his dependability. Many companies integrate their own loyalty program app to increase the chances of providing quality engagements.

#3 Business process automation.

A mobile concierge app gets each opportunity to work on your business via automating various cycles. Subsequently, the general proficiency of your business will increase altogether.

#4 Cost-saving.

Having your business measures automatized (somewhat), you’re getting the chance to diminish the expenses for staff services. In this manner, online concierge apps can raise your pay.

To know about the complete pricing, read our guide on mobile app development costs.

#5 Broader coverage of the target audience.

Staying applicable and exceptional, you’re ready to effectively reach and embrace the young space of your user. We’re very certain it merits your work!

A concierge service app will give you an extra effect on customers and assist with expanding their purchasing action. You’ll get the likelihood to compel your customers to make a purchase or request help, regardless of whether they didn’t plan to do it.

— Market Analysis

As per the mobile app growth statistics, the worldwide income of mobile apps will reach $935.2 billion every 2023. Contrasted with the current pace of $461.7 billion, we can see that the business will develop more than twice. 

As you offer types of concierge services that require installment subtleties and individual information, customers ought to have the option to join a lot in. It’s hard to reject that entering similar data, again and again, is disturbing. In addition, enlisted customers can get customized notices about extraordinary solutions just for them. 

Moreover, as indicated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the number of individuals that take worldwide flights will be nearly 2 billion by 2030. The greater part of flights will be bought by recent college grads. Since most recent college grads book trips on cell phones, we can’t reject that movement apps may be filling in notoriety.

How Do Concierge Service Apps Work?

The concierge app should work flawlessly and directly. In the present time, your great center ought to use innovation, build strong apps, and convey ideal assistance.

  • Request: It would be simpler for customers/visitors to book lodging, and flight tickets, or save a table straightforwardly from an app.
  • Availability: While integrating or developing a restaurant reservation app, you should avail of the appearance of services that relies upon the accessibility of the rooms. With state-of-the-art innovation and ordinary refreshing of the app with the accessible rooms, you can guarantee the right number of rooms accessible to the customers.
  • Feedback: As an app proprietor, you should build an app that can help customers to put their feedback, suggestions, or queries. It will emphatically assemble the relationship as well as permit you to comprehend the spaces of progress.
  • Analysis: Feedback, ideas, inquiries, and worries from various customers can be an assortment of an abundance of data. This data ought to be examined and assessed and in light of that, you should make the essential strides.

Much-needed Features In Concierge App Development For Hotels

#1 The ability to request a service

A rundown of accessible services with definite data about them (counting costs), and a one-contact request solution (the likelihood to plan assistance for a specific time frame/date).

Follow our On-demand service provider app guidelines to understand the concept.

#2 Signup/Login

As you offer types of assistance that require login/signup details and individual information, customers ought to have the option to join a lot in. It’s hard to reject that entering similar data, again and again, is bothering. In addition, enlisted customers can get customized warnings about uncommon solutions just for them.

#3 Chat

top reasons for in app chat feature preference

Messaging is likely the most advantageous approach to communicate with AI-integrated apps. Along these lines, your app ought to have the option to perceive and comprehend normal language. Visits can be utilized to demand specific assistance or get the necessary data. This is where businesses are understanding the vital role of AI in business.

#4 Customer support

Keep up with if a user needs to talk with a genuine individual, make a non-standard solicitation, or settle other customer care-related issues.

#5 In-app payment options

It feels great and arousing to see how technology has transformed the payments industry through digital resources. It’s no use making a digital concierge if customers need to pay cash. It’s dependent upon you whether to foster custom payment solutions or utilize external frameworks. Whatever alternative you pick, approach security exceptionally in a serious way.

digital payment transaction graph

When utilizing external solutions, help out dependable vendors as it were. In the event that you choose to make your own framework, ensure it gets all together up-to-date security policies and data guidelines. Also, keep an eye on the latest digital wallet trends that are dominating the current markets.

#6 Push notifications

Convenient updates for planned solutions (spa, amusement, eatery reservations, and so forth) can end up being exceptionally helpful. Also, your concierge service app can convey extra offers or limited-time content, in light of the customer’s inclinations and conduct.

#7 Self-service capabilities

The capacity to take a look at oneself all through a lodging – is immensely well known among educated voyagers. They require certain equipment to work with (for example savvy locks or lockboxes). Nonetheless, they can improve your audience visits and automate various cycles, totally taking out this part of the front working area.

#8 Navigation

For huge inns, it very well may be a smart thought to empower GPS and assist your visitors with exploring themselves inside your property. Sometimes, you can even execute indoor routes (for example with the assistance of Beacons). Integrating it will also work with the offline mobile application development criteria.

Hotel Concierge App Development Process

#1 Functions Integration

Pick the right functionalities that would fulfill your intended hotel concierge app development requirements. Elements focused on the trip planner or traveler aren’t generally valuable to regulars of get-togethers or finance managers who need an advanced collaborator.

#2 Data Analytics & Gathering

Much of the time, you will not manage without admittance to outer data sets. You have some data as well (say, what lodgings are accessible right now), yet to get different information, (for example, data about the closest flights) you’ll need to interface with various assets. Companies deploy big data solutions that help them extract valuable information.

#3 Deciding On Tech Stack

Whenever you have examined the necessities and assembled data for building concierge service apps for lodgings, you need to choose the right technology stack for your mobile app.

Have a look at the below infographic to get a better idea for choosing the basic tech stack for your concierge app:

tech stack for a concierge app

#4 Hiring Developers

Before you start, you will definitely think of one major question – how to hire a mobile app development team. On the off chance that you don’t have experience creating apps, you’re probably not going to deal with the assignment effectively. We suggest that you discover a group of specialists who might accomplish the work rather than you.

Have a look at the cost you might need to hire a team of reliable app developers:

location data of hiring developers

Quest for the right developers is a vital and troublesome assignment. You need to discover experts whom you would securely trust. The skilled teams desire to help you in such a manner, as we have everything to rejuvenate your advanced concierge app thought without burning through your time and cash.

 Also, read our guide on how to manage remote developers effectively.

#5 AI-based API Integration

Artificial intelligence which used to be very costly has become significantly more accessible at this point. Obviously, a concierge service app is totally dependent on the integration and development of API through best practices.

It’s considerably more successful and sensible not to supplant human insight with the fake one, yet just to help and enhance it with extra help. Join human groups with solid bots approaching broad information bases, and the outcome will satisfy you and your customers!

#6 App Designing & Development

Make certain to give legitimate consideration to the expressive design. The app interface ought to be perceptible, critical, succinct, and instinctive. The undertaking might appear to be inconceivable, but make sure you are following the top mobile app UI design trends. Keep every pattern identified with individual associate concierge apps and are sufficiently gifted to track down the right solution.

Determining The Cost For Hotel Concierge App Development

The cost of fostering a concierge app might differ contingent on your necessities. This cost is determined by increasing the rate ($50 each hour for Eastern Europe) by the measure of hours required for the turn of events. The last charge incorporates the application for iOS and Android with a back end as well as UI/UX design.

determining the cost for concierge service app development

The cost of app development is heavily dependent on the site of the development team. Development costs are charged on a per-hour basis and change progressively as we move from Asia to Europe and finally the highest in North America. That’s why you need to run a business with a distributed agile team.

Best Concierge Apps Of Hotel Brands

#1 HotelTonite

One of the more well-known OTAs, HotelTonight has as of late entered the market of lodging concierge services with its HT Pros (prior, Aces) application highlight. The capacity added to the application in 2016, permits customers to visit with an individual travel concierge app and various solutions or data. This can be café reservations or additional toiletries conveyed to your room.

#2 Hilton Hotels & Resorts

The well-known lodging network, having 13 brands and 4,726 properties under its rooftop, was among the quick to join the digitization pattern for better hospitality. Its Hilton Honors application offers a wide assortment of services, open at a tap of a finger; from inn booking and room determination to self-registration and digital locks.

#3 Marriott

Another worldwide network working with more than 4,400 properties across 87 nations is bringing its concierge service to its mobile application. Very much like it’s Hilton partner, the Marriott International mobile application offers lodging booking abilities and fills in as a significant expansion to the organization’s dedication program.

How To Get Started With Appventurez?

In this digital era, companies are putting viable efforts to transform their business process. And if we talk about hospitality and customer satisfaction then developing a concierge app for hotels is a great move. It offers a great platform for customers to interact with the facilities of hotel premises.

Appventurez has always played this game with complete integrity. We assure to provide complete satisfaction to the clients and develop a sense of reliability among them. Our solutions are well-integrated with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. We just need your vision to implement our ideologies with the right tech stack.


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