Best Tools for Android App Development That Make Your App Robust and Engaging

By choosing the most suitable tools for Android app development, you can build a robust solution that enhances your digital presence and scales your business extensively.

Updated 19 February 2024


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More than 3.55 million Android apps are available on Google Play Store. And this figure is quite higher than iOS apps, estimated to be only 1.64 million on Apple’s App Store.

Due to this, businesses, whether established companies or start-ups, opt for a professional Android app development company to implement their ideas and make unique Android apps. However, building a high-performing solution requires a robust set of tools, and the same goes with Android apps.

In this article, we will talk about the most ideal tools for Android app development that help you craft a unique, responsive, and feature-rich app. From integrated development environments (IDEs) to software development kits (SDKs), this informational piece will walk you through the best Android development tools for your project. So, let’s get started!

Why Do Companies Use Tools for Android App Development?

Android app development tools provide users with several advantages that streamline the app-building process and improve the overall quality of the apps developed. Below are some of the key benefits of using tools to develop Android apps:

tools for android app development

High Efficiency

By leveraging tools for Android app development, developers get access to features like code templates, drag-and-drop interfaces, and built-in emulators. These hi-tech features accelerate the development process and reduce the app-building time.

Seamless Productivity

Android development tools offer developers an extensive range of productivity-enhancing features. These features include code refactoring, automated code completion, and debugging tools, assisting developers to write code faster and more efficiently.

Massive Community Support

Some of the Android app development tools are very popular in the app development space. Due to this, they often have huge active communities of developers, contributing to forums and offering tutorials to help beginners with the basics of Android app development.

Easy Integration with Third-Party Services

Several tools for Android app development offer developers the ability to integrate seamlessly with third-party services and libraries. It enables developers to incorporate advanced features like analytics, push notifications, and social media integration into the apps.

Real-Time Collaboration

There are several tools that offer real-time collaboration, allowing multiple developers to work on the same project at the same time. This improves the overall productivity and reduces the project development time.

Testing and Debugging

Many Android development tools have built-in testing and debugging capabilities, aiding developers to identify and rectify issues early in the development stage. Consequently, you get more stable and reliable apps.

High-level Scalability

Depending on the project’s complexity, developers need tools and software that provide scalability-centric features such as modularization, dependency management, etc. These functionalities make it easier for developers to scale large codebases and create great apps.


One of the best things about Android app developing tools is that most of them are either free or available at an affordable price range. It is beneficial for companies with limited budget constraints. Moreover, these time-saving tools can also prove to be helpful in the long run.

Best Tools for Android App Development for Building Robust and Engaging Applications

There are numerous tools and software for Android app development available in the market. Based on business goals and project requirements, developers choose the ones that are most suitable for seamless development.

However, here we have combined a list of Android app development tools that are most popular among the development community.

software for android app development


Eclipse is one of the renowned and widely used tools for Android app development tools. It offers a separate codebase environment and a set of interactive features to customize the app development projects.

Eclipse is primarily used for writing applications in Java using plug-ins available in the libraries. However, the latest updates and upgrades have given developers the leverage to write codes in ABAP, C++, C#, Fortran, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Scala, and many other languages.

The IDE also offers a great set of features to scale the codebase for further advancements and optimization in the applications.

Features Of Eclipse

Profound Development Environment

It supports a command-line-based system that can be supported by previous versions as well as UNIX and Windows systems. Moreover, the environment offers a Profiling tool to record every instance of code execution.

Seamless Modeling

Eclipse offers modeling tools for building model-based applications. These Eclipse-based modeling tools assist developers in creating domain models using graphical elements and dynamic instances.

Automatic Error Reporting

Rather than just one of the tools for app developers, Eclipse would now be able to report blunders straightforwardly to the committers. In short, it places the power in the hands of the individuals who are utilizing it. 

Android Studio

When picking the right tools for Android app development, Android Studio consistently made its position at the top of the table. It is a powerful software for Android app development, offering the latest tools and plug-ins to create complex yet immersive applications. 

Google made Android Studio in 2013. Among other Android app development tools, this one claims to have more attention from developers across the globe.

Android Studio offers a complete set of advanced functionalities including code altering, troubleshooting, and testing — all inside a simple-to-utilize user interface. It is available for free and is backed by Google engineers, making it effective and efficient every day.

Features of Android Studio

Insightful code proofreader

The code manager of Android Studio helps you compose better code and work quickly. Besides, unlike many other Android app development tools, it offers propelled code fulfillment, refactoring, and code examination.

Quick and responsive emulator

The Android Emulator starts your applications quicker than an original device. It helps you to model and test any type of application on different devices through an emulator. This impacts the time and Android app development cost.

C++ & NDK support

Android Studio supports C/C++ venture documents so you can rapidly manufacture JNI segments in your application. The IDE gives language structure features and an LLDB-based debugger, enabling you to troubleshoot your Java and C/C++ code.

AVD Manager

The Android Virtual Device (AVD) is another Android app builder that simulates Android devices on your computer. With this tool, you can test your application on a variety of devices and Android API levels without having an actual mobile device.

It is one of those tools for Android app development that provides almost all of the capabilities of a real Android device. You can simulate incoming phone calls and text messages, specify the device’s location, simulate different network speeds, check rotation capabilities, access the Google Play Store, and more.

Features Of AVD Manager

Quick Boot

Discharged as a steady element, Quick Boot permits you to continue your Android Emulator meeting in less than 6 seconds. Several tools for Android app development don’t possess this feature, but the AVD manager provides it with no trouble.

Access to Google Play Store Services

It tends to be challenging for Android mobile app development tools to stay up to date with the latest features of Google Play services. However, with AVD Manager, developers can easily access the Play Store and leverage advanced services.

Compatibility with CTS

AVD Manager guarantees that your Android Emulator is prepared for all your application advancement needs, from rigorous testing to coordinating with the most recent and robust APIs.

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Android SDK

One of the most prominent tools for Android app development is Android SDK which is utilized for developing a vast number of applications. It is an advanced software development kit that provides developers with numerous features to write, optimize, and test codebases for building mobile applications on Android.

Regardless of whether you make an application using Java or Kotlin, you need a powerful SDK ensuring that you do not miss out on any crucial tool. When everything is handy, you can expect a smooth development process. That’s what Android Studio is for.

Features Of Android SDK

Compatibility with APIs

The inclusion of APIs is necessary to optimize the behavior and working of Android applications. This SDK gives access to several essential APIs and features, aiding to achieve top-notch working of the application.

Available Offline Maps

Android SDK helps in powerfully downloading maps for more than 190 nations in more than 60 dialects. Among other Android mobile application development tools, this feature is perfect for users when they roam around low-network areas.

Built-in Debugger

Another great feature of Android SDK is Android Debug Bridge (ADB) which helps to connect the application with the emulator and run them while testing the modules. With such tools for Android app development, one can monitor every instance when the application is on the run using the emulator.

Unity 3D

When it comes to app development tools for Android games, Unity 3D remains on the top slots. This tool is used for building high-definition games on the Android platform. It accompanies a coordinated advancement functionality for creating 2D and 3D games with immersive illustrations, detailed format, and a natural-looking structure.

Unity 3D is broadly leveraged for creating computer and mobile games, and also interactive games for websites. Recent upgrades in this tool make it compatible to build cross-platform games as well.

Features Of Unity 3D

Variety of Scenes

Scenes consist of the objects of your game that you can mastermind to make levels and game screens. Unity 3D eases the process of viewing applications in different scenes, ensuring high-level interactivity.

Integration of Social Media

Unity 3D offers leverage to integrate different social media APIs. This increases the chances of bringing users to play the game in multiplayer mode. Such tools for Android app development allow developers to integrate different options to join or create networks in the game.

Screens for Activity Inspection

Various item types have disparate arrangements of properties with different formats and substances. Unity 3D allows designers to assess and examine all the editable properties of the chosen object.

Where Does Android App Development Stand In Market Share?

Android has been renowned as an open-source, Linux-based working framework for many years, predominantly managed by Google. It permits coders and device manufacturers to adjust the product configuration as per their requirements.

Most likely, Android has a domination in the mobile app development sphere. A recent study revealed that the number of active Android users has surpassed the 2.5 billion mark, and this figure is expected to grow exponentially over time. Also, over three-quarters of smartphones worldwide run on the Android platform.

In addition to this, Android apps accounted for more than 76.38% of the total app downloads in 2023, relatively higher than iOS apps with 23.62%. Moreover, with the introduction of Android Go apps, low-end smartphones with less storage and RAM capacity can load apps 30% faster.

This can be an opportunity for companies to build applications and enlarge their business success and productivity. By utilizing suitable Android app development frameworks and tools, they can significantly scale their business.

All they need is an expert development company that leverages the best tools for Android app development and crafts an immersive solution for your business objectives.

How Appventurez Will Help You With Android App Development?

The choice of the right tools for Android app development helps build the most dynamic, unique, and scalable applications. Using their core features, Android app developers can bring success through impressive UI designs, features, and performance.

However, to pick the right tools for your project, you need an experienced Android app development partner, and that’s what we are for. Appventurez is a professional Android app development company having a proficient team with core expertise in diverse software for Android app development.

As a well-established mobile app development company, we have delivered some brilliant Android app solutions, such as Gribb and Amaze.

Also, we leverage advanced technological trends, such as AI development services, blockchain solutions, Machine learning development, etc., to make your Android app stand out from the competition.

We understand that Android app development is complex, but with the right guidance and tools, it can be significantly simplified.

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Q. What are Android app development tools?

Tools for Android app development help developers create robust and interactive Android apps. These tools include integrated development environments, software development kits, testing frameworks, etc.

Q. What are the types of app developing tools available for the Android platform?

These Android development tools are generally categorized into two types — SDK tools and platform tools. SDK tools are platform-independent and mandatory for app development. Platform tools are tailored to support the functionalities of the specific Android platform.

Q. What are APKs?

APK stands for Android Application Package. For distribution and installation, APK is the application file format used by Android and a variety of other Android-based operating systems in mobile phones, video games, and middleware.

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