What is Mobile App Onboarding and How It Can Be Beneficial For You

As its name implies, mobile app onboarding is the process through which new users get attracted to your app. And it is focused on retaining them. Like onboarding helps customers navigate your mobile app, this blog will help you understand the mobile application onboarding process. From a brief introduction of mobile app onboarding to its […]

Updated 6 November 2023

Nitish Verma

As its name implies, mobile app onboarding is the process through which new users get attracted to your app. And it is focused on retaining them. Like onboarding helps customers navigate your mobile app, this blog will help you understand the mobile application onboarding process. From a brief introduction of mobile app onboarding to its different types to its benefits, we will cover everything in this post. 

What is Mobile App Onboarding?

In Technical terms, the onboarding app is a practice borrowed from UX designers to make users familiar with the application. On the other hand, in layman’s language, the mobile app onboarding best practice is a series of screens that direct users via the app interface while facilitating an enhanced user experience. 

The best app onboarding process serves three specific purposes- 

Enhancing the user’s perspective about the features, functionality, and benefits of the application.

Politely urging users to register their login details to the app. In short, it convinces users to use the app. 

Lastly, collecting and analyzing the registered information for delivering personalized content and notifications. 

How Many Types Of Mobile App Onboarding Are There?

There are 3 types of bandwagon onboarding app practices being used by iOS & Android app developers.

Benefits-Oriented Onboarding

Sailing by the name of one of the best app onboarding processes- demonstrates benefits or the value a user is about to get from the application. The process is done in an attempt to encourage conversion. The approach focuses on what the app does instead of tutoring how to use the app. And also focus on how push notifications value increases with intensity

Furthermore, the onboarding screens do include permission requests like accessing location requests or sending push notifications to the users. 

Function-Oriented Onboarding

The next best onboarding for the mobile apps approach focuses on the core functionality of the app by teaching users how to use the app. Here, users will be given an app tour detailing how to get started with specific instructions on how to perform certain tasks. 

Progressive Onboarding

The progressive web app framework onboarding approach shows users new information as and when they progress and navigate through the app. The displayed instruction on the app pertains to what the user is on- more like an app walkthrough. 

The user will learn about the pages as they navigate and explore the app. 

How Mobile App Onboarding is Beneficial For You?

Enhanced User Experience

As per the report, the average number of apps loses 77 % of daily active users within the first 3 days post-install. 

How will you feel if your app also falls into the category of the user-abandoned app? Certainly miserable. 

Also, the very few seconds of the first screen of your app will decide its fate. Hence, the right and balanced onboarding algorithm would enhance the user experience. 

Once the right algorithm, guiding users via specific instructions can make their app tour easy while navigating. The smoother the app flow would be, the more clarity of using the app would enhance the user experience. 

Meanwhile, we have a secret on how to increase app user engagement.

Mobile App Onboarding Features

You might have developed a great app with outstanding features, but they are no use if users are not able to use them.

To ease the task, the app onboarding is the deck of all cards. Through the onboarding process, you can make users understand how to use the features, functionality of the app.

App Retention Rate

Believe it or not, the app onboarding process could either make or break the fate of your app. 

Thus, just like you pay attention to the features of the app, make sure not to miss prioritizing the mobile onboarding flows too. Keep your user detailed yet engaging insight of the app to hook users to the app. 

What are the Top 3 Mobile App Onboarding Techniques

Walkthroughs and Tutorials

A mobile app onboarding process that includes walkthroughs and tutorials is the best way to introduce features, functionalities, and other core things of the app.

When doing this, don’t block users’ will to do things they want to do.


Visually hinting users to use the app is considered one of the best app onboarding practices. 

Avoid bombarding users with the tale of tips and tricks. Trust us, no one wants to spend time understanding every feature in detail. 

Take Care Of Empty States

It has always been said that content is the king. People use applications for the content too, so make sure to inject some onboarding to continue the process of guiding users.

3 key onboarding statistics

Let’s give you an example to understand it all the more

Imagine you have developed a food delivery application for your restaurant. 

The UI/UX design of the app is just mesmerizing, the inside of the app is the right balance of creativity and information. The food you are offering is of high quality along with great deals and discounts. 

There is no looking back once the launch of the app takes place in the market. 

After some time, finding your app failing miserably in the market can be a shock. The bug-fixing test, the timely updates, and the introduction of features proved a failure to you. 

The last question you are left with is- how to save your app in the market. 

Fixing your app’s onboarding is the only solution to give it a fresh push- beginning of your user’s start to the application. 

Remember, if the login process is too critical or over the top, there are chances users will abandon/uninstall the app within a few taps. 

To do so, there are the best mobile app onboarding practices you need to follow calculatingly and intelligently. 

So, this was the gist of what and why you should be investing in the mobile app onboarding process. Meanwhile, there are best mobile app onboarding practices that should be followed to make an app retain its user base while generating ROI. 

How Appventurez Helps in Mobile App Onboarding Solutions?

As a reliable onboarding app development company, we provide solutions that allow you to welcome new users and retain existing ones. We have a dedicated team for Android or iOS app development services who have many years of experience in delivering onboarding app solutions. We use innovative tools, techniques, and processes for delivering satisfactory results.

Comprehensive expertise, client-centric approach and rapid results are some reasons why you should choose Appventurez for onboarding mobile app solutions. In addition, we provide feature-rich mobile app development for onboarding that adds value to your business. 


Q. What are the popular business intelligence tools used by business analysts?

Microsoft Power BI, Zoho Analytics, Google Data Studio, Qlik, Freshworks CRM & HubSpot are some popular business intelligence tools that many business analysts use for their organizations. 

Q. What are the mobile app onboarding best practices?

If you want an effective & highly functional onboarding mobile app for your business, you need to follow these practices: * Highlight The Value Proposition * Showcase Core Features of the App * Ask Only For Information You Need * Make It Quick To Avoid Overwhelming Your Users * Keep Your Sign-Up Process Short & Simple * Offer Contextual Instructions Only * Add Value To The Inevitable Empty State

Q. What are the best App Onboarding Examples from the Fastest Growing Apps?

WhatsApp, OfferUp, Venmo, YouTube Music & UberEats are some popular examples of onboarding apps. You can use these apps as inspiration to successfully activate and retain new customers.

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