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Kotlin vs Flutter: Pick the Right Platform for 2020

Sitaram Sharma By Sitaram Sharma | May 1, 2020
kotlin vs flutter

Gone are the days when cross-platform applications can only be developed utilizing React Native. This was on the grounds that the coders and businessmen are exploring more ways through mobile app development to reach a wider audience across the globe. 

Be that as it may, today, Kotlin has likewise figured out how to enter the opposition, giving everyone a profound choice with other frameworks like ‘Flutter’. Powered by Google, Flutter is making its impression across the globe among the cross-platform app developers.

Presently, in this article, we will speak distinctly about the Kotlin vs Flutter analysis and assist you with finding the correct alternative for your cross-platform mobile app development.

Before starting with Kotlin vs Flutter comparison, let’s begin with discussing them one by one:

What is Kotlin?

Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is basically a general-purpose, open-source language. It is statistically typed as a ‘pragmatic’ platform for Java Virtual Machine and Android combining object-oriented and functional features.

Released in 2010 with a small project, its first official release came in 2016. Kotlin Multiplatform is an important feature of Kotlin that complies with the JVM bytecode, JavaScript, or LLVM code. The framework is the answer to those developers who think – ‘is Kotlin better than Java’.

This is why it can be ideally used for Android, iOs, Web, Desktop, and Backend development in Java frameworks like Spring.

More on this Kotlin vs Flutter comparison guide, here are the features of Kotlin that will empower its functionality for the developers.

Top Features

kotlin framework
  • A Complete SDK, not Framework

At the point when you intend to construct your application in Kotlin, there is no compelling reason to move the total application. While discussing – how is Kotlin better than Java, developers should know this framework is a complete SDK.

Designers you recruit to begin with a solitary module, choose the working model, and afterward logically relocate various parts. 

  • Basic Language 

Kotlin has its sentence structure very much like the programming dialects like Swift, Java, Groovy, and Scala, it is genuinely easy to comprehend the language. 

  • Reuse of the Logic 

This isn’t the main technology that permits isolating UI and undertaking rationale. There is one thing making this tool not quite the same as others, for example, common entities and libraries inside the UI layer.

This makes the Kotlin coders cooperate in the local environmental factors: 

  1. Quick and XCode for iOS 
  2. JavaScript for the Internet 
  3. Kotlin dasda
  4. Android Studio 

This is managed without using any extension in an additional local way. 

  • Local UI Expertise 

Kotlin Multiplatform doesn’t request any guidelines for making UI. The Kotlin coders can deal with the plan, appearance, and proficiency of the machine easily. 

  • Adaptability and Flexibility 

The designers can scale up the applications without using any virtual machine (VM). This settles on it is a perfect decision for making an application where adaptability and adaptability are vital.

As this popular framework is trending due to its simplicity, developers still think – ‘why Kotlin is better than java’. The answer is written in the next section where the communities will explore the situation where they need Kotlin and not just Java.

When to use Kotlin?

  • Integrating Additional Features

Kotlin functions admirably and is interoperable with Java and Java tools. In the event that you need to add highlights to a current mobile app, at that point as opposed to patching up the whole development process or changing the platform, you can essentially utilize Kotlin to illuminate the reason. 

  • Easy-to-understand Syntax for Sophisticated Codes 

With instinctive punctuation, it is anything but difficult to compose and convey new syntaxes in Kotlin. For applications that require substantial coding, Kotlin is easy to keep up. 

  • Inbuilt Debugging 

Kotlin’s fall flat quick compiler can look through bugs naturally and keeps them from coming back once more. Along these lines, Kotlin is more secure than Java and reports and resolves crashes right away.

Kotlin’s framework has already established its footprint in the app development industry. Developers are considering it as a future development asset as well. Let’s see how it will going to perform further:

Future Scope

Kotlin has fixed a significant number of the bothering issues present inside the Java language. For instance, the invalid references in this framework are constrained by the required app development platform. Kotlin has appropriate capacity types and it has no crude elements. The clusters in Kotlin are invariant. It likewise doesn’t have checked special cases, for example, what Java has.

With this secured, we should take a recap of Flutter before jumping further into the market to know the Kotlin multiplatform vs Flutter relationship.

As we talked about the Kotlin so far, the next section will give details about the Flutter framework. Under the benefits of Google, let’s see what it has for the developers:

What is Flutter?

Introduced in 2015, Flutter is an open-source framework that had an aim to compose a commercial center for Google Fuchsia. This SDK assists with making local looking applications, web, and work areas using a solitary codebase. 

Flutter is a system perfect for iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop-based app development. Its library offers a solitary API to characterize seeds for different frameworks on the double. The framework is a solution to the coders who think – ‘is Flutter easy to learn?’.

Google UI system centers around winning innovative and market difficulties. Because of which Flutter turned into a perfect cross-platform mobile app development inside a brief timeframe.

Moreover, there are several features that will elaborate on the essence of the flutter framework. Here are they:

Top Features of Flutter

flutter framework
  • Ease to Utilize

Flutter framework is a free and open-source framework that permits analysis, modifying inquiries inside the open engineer conversation board, and afterward usage of the code. 

  • Reload Performance 

Beginning to reload execution is one reason why Flutter has gotten well known. This exhibition makes it simple for everybody to make backend changes and break down the front-end classification. This decides if the change is brilliant with different segments of the machine or not. 

  • Exceptionally Customizable 

At the point when you add resources into Flutter, app designers utilize various gadgets in it. This causes them to make portability that gives a customized look and feels. 

  • Less Development Cost 

One of the significant advantages of Flutter application development is to make native mobile apps for iOS and Android with the assistance of a solitary codebase. This aids in decreasing the app development cost. 

  • Google Firebase 

Firebase Integration permits Flutter application engineers to give the backend office on the occasion of environmental factors. 

  • Perfect for MVP and App Prototypes 

This framework helps in building Android and iOS applications in less time, cost, and vitality. This is the reason Flutter is considered as the ideal alternative for MVP development and building models.

Apart from these remarkable features, there are some other reasons to choose this reliable framework for app development. Check them out:

When to use it?

  • For Building Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

If you need to develop a mobile application in a conceivable time, you ought to go for Flutter. Be it to dazzle financial specialists or present models, Flutter is simply adequate (and quick as well) to give a more clear thought of the item. 

  • Convenient solutions 

The Hot Reload feature permits engineers to execute code changes progressively. If you know the undertaking will require visit changes, Flutter can give you convenient solutions. 

  • Simple Set-up 

Kotlin framework is anything but difficult to set-up, even in low-end PCs. It empowers designers to get to local features like location and camera alongside extra gadget support.

As considered a new player in the app development industry, Flutter has a bright future for the developers. Google will integrate new features, and there is more to come. Let’s see its scope:

Future Scope

Flutter has just become the top structure for application development, it permits you to utilize Dart and assemble cross-platform apps that have execution like the local mobile apps. There are numerous organizations that give custom Flutter app developers dependent on your prerequisites. 

This framework is comparatively new to the others, yet, there is a great deal of extension in the turn of events and improvement of its highlights. Its highlights are what has pulled in the new companies to adjust it and use it in their turn of events.

Comparative Analysis: Kotlin vs Flutter

difference between kotlin and flutter
  • UI Experience

Utilizing Kotlin, UI originators can take a shot at the application’s appearance, conduct, and execution, simply the manner in which they need it. Kotlin doesn’t put any conditions or guidelines, and henceforth designers can utilize their local libraries and apparatuses instead of building new ones. 

Then again, Flutter is an SDK, which principally empowers UI integrated devices. It has different in-fabricated gadgets and dev conditions, which are accessible for the originators to utilize. With Flutter app development, coders can build expedient versatile solutions with a custom look and feel.

  • Performance

One of the key points of interest in utilizing Flutter is that it offers the hot reload choice. Through this usefulness, engineers can all the while altering the backend just as they view the adjustments in the front-end.

This component makes it exceptionally simple to settle on a UI decision for the designers. Also, Flutter gives high movement speed that makes your application more wannabe. 

Be that as it may, Kotlin wins the exhibition fight between these two frameworks. The credit goes to the multiplatform code of Kotlin in light of the fact that it accumulates expressly in a similar configuration as that of the objective. This element of Kotlin causes it to gain the productive execution of the applications.

  • Popularity

Contrasting both these cross-platform systems/dialects, Flutter is picking up energy rapidly in spite of being entirely new. 

As you most likely are aware, aside from prevalence, you, as a business visionary, would be progressively keen on realizing the network size of Kotlin and Flutter. You would be flabbergasted to realize that Flutter deserts Kotlin on the GitHub people group.

Kotlin has 31.k stars and 3.8k clients on GitHub, while Flutter has had the option to assemble 90.4k stars and 12.1k clients in a restricted time-range. 

Henceforth, the victory of Kotlin vs Flutter, in view of prevalence, is Flutter.

  • Integration

Flutter coordinates rapidly and effectively with both Android and iOS frameworks. WHen developers are required to establish an advanced app idea they can utilize Flutter for MVP development. This process will give them a scope of app development success.

Truly, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! Kotlin gives a multiplatform which empowers clients to work inside their local structure. Henceforth, there is no requirement for joining, and engineers can utilize their local apparatuses and libraries for their cross-platform mobile apps.

  • Testing Support

Flutter accompanies great worth testing highlights to test gadgets, application coordination, and unit testing. All around depicted documentation for the equivalent is additionally accessible.

The gadget testing empowers clients to unit test the gadgets. Flutter works on Firebase, which is an effective Backend-as-an administration. Kotlin again wins the testing test! Engineers use Kotlin for the unit trial of Android applications.

  • Minimum supported Platform

With Flutter, developers can make use-cases for portable applications (Android and iOS), and web applications. Be that as it may, Flutter doesn’t bolster TV (tvOS), Android Auto, CarOS, or smartwatch OS. 

Nonetheless, with Kotlin, there is no requirement of any other special feature. App developers can utilize Kotlin for apps past versatile devices, similar to TV, smartwatch, and so forth.

For the advancement of both the cross-platform as well as native mobile applications, both these platforms are known to be solid and perfect to minimize the time and cost of the application advancement by improved application execution. 

Though both the frameworks – Flutter vs Kotlin concepts are acceptable, cross-platform app development processes are relied upon to arrive at its greatness sooner rather than later.

This comparative analysis of the technologies might be enough to follow a verdict, still, there are some other factors that will show their popularity in the market.

Below are Some Images Showing the Market Analysis of these Frameworks:

Top Companies

top companies using flutter
top companies using kotlin

Top Apps

top apps built on flutter
top apps built on kotlin

Kotlin vs Flutter: Verdict

Flutter and Kotlin are both interesting in their way and are solid for building cross-stage and local applications. So now, it relies upon your particular task necessities to pick between the two.

However, a more favorable and trending choice would be Flutter as Google products are becoming better day-by-day. Kotlin, however, is on the same level as analyzed during 2018 but Flutter is moving up on the chart every year.


  • Is Kotlin the right choice for Android app development?

Kotlin can help make your life as an Android app developer significantly simpler. While coders here and there go over the edge when utilizing the latest frameworks, new technologies do get developers started up to construct magnificent things. What’s more, with six years of advancement, Kotlin is basically settled among the designers’ networks.

  • How to use Flutter for app development?

As a matter of first importance, you’ll need Android Studio for Android and XCode for iOS. Ensure you have Android Studio adaptation 3.0+. Presently you have to install Flutter module:

  • Start Android Studio. 
  • Open module inclinations (Preferences>Plugins on macOS, File>Settings>Plugins on Windows and Linux). 
  • Select Browse storehouses… , select the Flutter module, and start the installation. 
  • Choose Yes when provoked to introduce the Dart module. 
  • Choose Restart when provoked. 

Presently you can make another venture for Flutter: File> New> New Flutter Project.

  • What are the benefits of cross-platform apps?

Among the other mobile app types, cross-platform is gaining huge popularity across the globe. These apps can be installed in any devices, and apart from this there are some other major benefits:

  • Codes can be reused. 
  • Controls Cost.
  • Quicker development time.
  • Easier Implementation.
  • Sameness and Uniformity.
  • Does Flutter have a Hot Reload function?

Yes. This feature allows developers to reload the whole codebase on a running app without any delay. When the coded files run on the machine, Flutter automatically displays the changes and updates on the screen according to the interface.

Sitaram Sharma
Sitaram Sharma

Co-Founder and VP Mobile Architect of Appventurez. A software professional who is highly experienced in Android, Flutter, React Native. He is a passionate developer with excellent programming skill who believes in bridging the technology gap and making the life of a large number of people much easier through his wide knowledge and experience.

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