A Comprehensive Guide to Electric Vehicle Software Development

While developing electric vehicle software, it becomes important to understand its core components, including battery management, charging infrastructure, and onboard navigation.

Updated 24 January 2024


CTO at Appventurez

Electric vehicles are no longer only reserved for green tech enthusiasts but are also rapidly becoming a mainstream choice for consumers as well as businesses alike. Notably, with the rapid enhancement of the EV market, the need for charging infrastructure which includes advanced software becomes extremely significant. 

Electric vehicle software allows the network operators, EV owners, and value-added resellers to achieve a common goal which is to make EVs a seamless mode of transport.

In this blog below, we will further explore the world of Electric vehicle software, highlight some of the leading EV solutions, talk about the significance of software in the EV industry, and analyze the cost of developing EV software. 

Understanding EV Software Development

With the rapid expansion of the EV market, the requirement for the development of quality EV software has also increased. As per the reports, EVs may constitute 25-30% of passenger car sales in the United States by 2030, meaning that more people will soon find themselves driving electric vehicles on the freeway. 

 By definition, the electric vehicle software is the system that is responsible for controlling the essential systems of electric vehicles including the battery, motor, and charging system. EV software is also responsible for ensuring that the EV operates safely and efficiently and provides the drivers with a seamless driving experience. 

electric vehicle software

Some of the key components of the electric vehicle software development are:

Powertrain Control Module

It controls the electric motor and powertrain, further ensuring that the vehicle operates efficiently and delivers the desired performance to the owner.

Battery Management System

BMS is responsible for monitoring and managing the battery, including its voltage, state of charge, and temperature.

Vehicle Control Unit

The vehicle control unit is the central control unit for the electric vehicle,  integrating all of the vehicle’s subsystems.

Infotainment System

The infotainment system is responsible for providing the driver with necessary information as well as entertainment, including music, navigation, and climate control.

Essential Software Products Required to Operate Electric Vehicles

The major software elements that will facilitate the smooth functioning of the electric vehicle and are essential parts of the electric vehicle software development method are:

electric vehicle software development

Virtual Prototypes

It is one of the evolving trends in the application of electric vehicle software industry that replicates the electromechanical components while managing the interaction between hardware and software in virtual models. Apart from improving the efficiency of electric vehicles, virtual prototyping software also makes the development and testing cost-efficient.

Digital Cockpit

It can replace the conventional dashboard system in EVs including speedometers, fuel gauges, steering wheels, etc. A digital cockpit is a fully customized high-resolution digitized alternative to traditional analog instruments that reconfigures the way we experience the car from the inside.

Application Program for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have become more relevant in the past few years. Companies like Tesla, are now focused on developing autonomous vehicles by investing large amounts of money and effort to develop, test, and resolve compliance issues. 

Notably, under this development process, advanced solutions such as artificial intelligence development services and machine learning algorithms play a crucial role. 

Advanced Mobility Solutions

Digitization has made it possible to transform any machine into a futuristic device. With advanced IoT app development services, it becomes more convenient to make EVs smarter, further optimizing the user experience. 

What will be the Cost of Developing Electric Vehicle Software?

The cost of developing ev software can be estimated between $50,000 to $2,00,000. Some of the essential factors that impact the cost of electric vehicle software development are: 

  • Type of app or software 
  • Software Complexity.
  • The protocols implemented during the development of the electric vehicle software.
  • The location of the software development agency.
  • Software Design
  • Features integrated into the EV software

The table mentioned below further provides the cost of EV software, ranging from simple to high, along with the estimated time frame required for the development.

EV Software ComplexityAverage Cost of EV Software DevelopmentTime Frame
Simple$50,000 to $70,00003 to 6 months
Moderate$70,000 to $1,10,0006 to 9 months
High$1,10,000 to $3,00,0009-18 months

Understanding the Process of Building an Electric Vehicle Software

Building electric vehicle software involves the development of systems that are capable of managing and controlling the various aspects of the electric vehicles’ operation. The process of developing an EV software includes the following stages:

electric vehicles software

Step 1: Outlining Requirements

Crafting the functionality and features of the electric vehicle management system while also considering aspects such as motor control, battery management, user interfaces, charging and connectivity is an integral part of EV software development. 

Step 2: Developing Software Architecture

The next step entails designing robust electric vehicle software architecture that can efficiently control and manage the various aspects of the EV, including scalability and modularity. 

Step 3: Writing and Testing Codes

Developing the software components such as motor control algorithms, battery management systems, and user interfaces will come under the coding process during electric vehicle software development. 

Step 4: Integrating with Vehicle System

Under this process, the developers ensure seamless integration of the electric vehicles software with the vehicles’ control system, sensors, and hardware components. 

What are Some of the Advanced Features of Electric Vehicle Software?

The essential features integrated into the electric vehicle software not only set it apart from other mobility solutions in the market but also enhance the performance of the electric vehicles. Some of the significant features are:

electric vehicle management system

Information on Battery Life

The feature of EV charging management software must be capable of sharing relevant information on the electric vehicles’ battery life and the distance that can be covered with the available charge. 

Details of Charging Station

The feature of the best EV charging software is also that it offers the users details on the nearest available charging stations. It is particularly helpful for passengers driving on freeways. It also facilitates them in deciding when and where to charge their electric vehicles. 

Onboard Navigation

Checking notifications and navigation on the phone while driving the vehicle can be unsafe and result in accidents. To solve this problem, the dashboard of the EV is now compatible with robust software that can be connected to mobile phones. It helps the passengers check the notifications and important messages without having to take their eyes off the road. 

Integration of Anti-Theft Feature

One of the prominent features of the EV software should be geo-fencing, geo-location, and lock-unlock features that can be further handled with the mobile app as well. It ensures increased safety for EVs regarding malware, thefts, etc. 

SOS button for Emergencies

Users can also use the SOS button incorporated in electric vehicle design software in case of an emergency, such as a tire bursting, discharge of batteries, etc. The SOS button can be used to further send an email and messages directly to the authorities as well as to your emergency contacts. 

Latest Trends in Electric Vehicle Software Development

Some of the latest trends that are followed in the development of electric vehicles include the integration of advanced technologies that aim at making vehicles more advanced and passenger-friendly. 

AI and ML in Electric Vehicles

The incorporation of artifical intelligence and machine learning development services in electric car technology is crucial to achieving higher levels of autonomous driving, real-time environmental analysis, customization, and driver behavior analysis. 

The futuristic technology can also be used for more efficient route planning and can be integrated into electric vehicle charging software for battery management which can result in less emissions and spending. 

Big Data Services in EVs

The data gathered by smart automotive systems can be used in a variety of different ways. To begin with, the authorities can use big data solutions to improve driving conditions and infrastructure. On the other hand, the manufacturers can deliver more satisfying and personalized experiences to Electric vehicle drivers. 

Vehicle to Grid Technology

Vehicle-to-grid technology connects electric vehicles to the power grid to allow cars to charge their batteries from different signals, including those coming from energy consumption nearby. 

This can prove to be a very effective way of conserving energy since any unused electricity will continue to course through the grid, powering other nearby utilities. V2G software can also be employed in electric vehicle software to help administrators distribute electricity across the grid and suggest the best charging times to users. 

How Appventurez Can Help in EV Software Development?

With the growing demand for electric vehicles and advancements in technology, electric vehicle software development has become more intricate than ever. 

The industry is consistently witnessing the integration of new trends in the EV software industry, ranging from Artificial intelligence to machine learning to digital cockpits that enhance the safety and the quality of the driving experience. 

Appventurez, an EV software development company, excels in creating EV fleet management software and optimizing route planning. Our teams’ commitment to enhancing the user experience is evident in their development of intuitive mobile applications and empowering electric vehicle owners with features such as remote monitoring and charging station locators. 

Our experts, with a keen focus on security and compliance with industry regulations, work toward propelling the electric vehicle software industry forward, further contributing to the growth and efficiency of electric mobility. 

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Q. What is the role of software in electric vehicles?

In electric cars, the software plays a crucial role as the engine that powers them. The software handles the management and operation of the vehicle in the absence of intricate mechanical systems or conventional engines.

Q. How to develop an EV Software?

While discussing electric vehicle problems and solutions, it is understood that the development of electric vehicle software requires expert development techniques as well as extensive experience in the EV industry. The process of developing electric vehicle software involves outlining requirements, writing and testing codes, developing software architecture, and outlining essential requirements.

Q. How the integration of advanced software is transforming the EV industry?

Advanced software solutions offer a way to establish interoperability between electric vehicle charging stations and various service providers. An example is the open charging network (OCN)- a neutral intermediary that provides an open-source platform using a set of communication protocols and standards.

Q. What is the significance of EV software?

Businesses can greatly benefit from dedicated electric vehicle software as they offer a wide range of information and services that can help their users manage electric vehicles and their charging requirements. EV software also offers personalized recommendations based on driving habits and battery health, which can further improve the overall performance and longevity of the vehicle.


CTO at Appventurez

CTO and Co-Founder at Appventurez, Sitaram Sharma has 10+ years of experience in providing world-class digital solutions. As a CTO, he brought his expertise ranging from product enhancements to advanced technological integrations, while focusing on the consistent growth of the team.

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