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Melltoo, is a user-friendly mobile app which serves as an integrated platform for buying and selling used or pre-owned commodities. The app is a marketplace where users can list their items online and contact the buyers via -in-app chat and comments. Security and privacy of your data are assured throughout the entire deal using the app.

Color Scheme


We've picked clean and trendy font that goes well with the simple color and icon within app



Built-In Chat

Faster and enhanced Communication because of a chat feature within the app where buyers and sellers can interact and carry out their deal easily.

Client's Demand

The client demanded to build a multi-purpose integrated app which would serve as a marketplace for buying and selling their belongings to the interested buyers while ensuring their privacy and security throughout the transaction.

They wanted the mobile app to have a location-based tracking for searching deals closest to the user. The app was to be embedded with a secure chatting messenger within the app and a secure payment integration system.

Features & Functionalty

Review buying and sellers profile

Melltoo app allows you to explore the seller or buyer whom you are about to deal by checking their history and avoid uncommitted ones.


  • The app needed to be different from the other available app with enhanced features and more secure. Our team did an excellent job end ensured the delivery of the app within a short span of time.
  • The app required item categorisation and location-based tracking which was a bit challenging job to be done within the allotted time.
  • Our team was proud to overcome the payment gateway integration issue and content verification task to ensure that the app is secure and clean for the users.
  • Our team took proper care to ensure the smooth and accurate workflow of the app. They embedded the app with unique designs providing an enhanced user experience and engagement.

People who want to sell the item that they no longer use or are old can easily place an advertisement through the app.

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