Labbik: Simplifying Spiritual Tours

Booking-based platform serving Muslims across the globe to perform the rituals of HAJJ and UMRAH Labbik app serves the purpose of helping all the Muslims to travel to their dream religious destination, the most spiritual spot on earth as per their belief, which is the city of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to perform a sacred ritual HAJJ and Umrah. The app links the specialized tour vendors and the HAJJ enthusiast and the operators assist them in performing pilgrimage in Mecca.



The App

We give you the widest number of travel options across thousand of routs. We put our experience and relationship to good use and are available to solve your travel issue. We always give you the lowest price with the best partner offers. We take care of your travel beyond ticketing by providing you with innovative and unique benefits.


Labbik serves as a platform for connecting different travel agents to showcase their services for Umrah and HAJJ, to the aspirants of HAJJ. Muslim users who wish to visit the holy city of Mecca to perform the rituals can search for the various packages placed by the travel agents, compare and select the best-suited package for them. Labbik App also has features of a sponsored tour to the pilgrimage site, anyone willing can sponsor the aspirants who are not good financially but are willing to visit the holy city Mecca for performing HAJJ.


The word HAJJ means “to take oneself to a certain place at a particular time to perform devotional acts as required by Islam.”

HAJJ is an annual religious pilgrimage to Mecca. Once a year at the time HAJJ, people from all over the globe, belonging to different ethnic groups, social status, colour and culture gather together in the holy city of Mecca at Kaaba Sharif for praising Allah altogether.

Haj is one of The Five Pillars of Islam which every sane adult Muslim is expected to make at least once during their lifetime if they can afford. It's a ritual which signifies equality of all in the eyes of Allah and its designed to add a sense of Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood in them.


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