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The Benaa app aims at providing the best architectural designing solutions at your fingertips. This app allows you to connect with experts from the architectural, engineering, and constructions industries to help you in architectural needs.

About benaa

The Benaa app powers a user with valuable expert ideas from the architectural, engineering, and constructions industries that are helpful in all their architectural needs.

The App

Benaa, brings wholesome information and knowledge of the Saudi football in one place. News, video, matches and live updation of tournaments along with live scores, player info, coach and team related issues and news in one single roof.

The Challenge

One of the major challenges with the app was the implementation of the payment gateway for the local currency of Saudi Arabia. Our client wanted the app to be appealing, so our designers and developers provided the best to make the app simple as well as engaging.


Heading, 300 Lato 15pt

Subheading, 400 Lato 14pt

LABEL 400 Lato 12pt Opacity 50%









Our Accomplishments

iOS, Android & Web


Appventurez - Soqek App Project

UI Redesigned


Labik Girl Image

iOS, Android & Web


Onenation App

iOS, Android & Web


Idine App

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