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Desk Planner is an app that you need amid COVID-19 to kickstart your office safely

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About The Desk Planner

The Desk Planner App is the easiest to start the office while maintaining social distancing. Just reserve desks in the office premises on dates selected by you as per your comfort level to dive into the work mode.

Worried about Office Desk Management amid COVID-19?

Download The Desk Planner!

download deskplanner on app store desk planner download google play store

Features of Desk Planner

Be back at the office as per your convenience and comfort amid coronavirus

Benefits of The Desk Planner

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Proper Hygiene

Desk Planner offers limited reservations desks to the employees to ensure that social distancing is maintained and only limited employees can work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the limited desks are available in the buildings on each floor so that users can work in an office environment and still maintain the distance.

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Plan with your team

Now it is easy to take the meeting together with the team. Just choose the dates and select the number of seats that you will require and proceed forward. Once done, make the payment of the seats and enjoy working with your team in the office again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is a Desk Planner a good idea for the customers?

We have been working from home for more than two months now as a leading mobile app development company, we understand that there are things that we must discuss in face-to-face meetings. The Desk Planner app is to overcome such issues during the time of pandemic that we are going through. This app allows the users to reserve the desks in any building that they prefer as per their time schedule. Due to this, you can meet and get started with your work easily with limited people around you.

Q. How can a Desk Planner help the employees?

Desk Planner is the relief in the time of COVID-19 pandemic that is making everyone locked at home. The fact is that humans hate to do what they are requested to do. Hence, Desk Planner is a great alternative for the users that are bored working at home and need the office environment or have to meet in person with the team. As a cross-platform app development company, we made sure to include the features in the app that allows users to easily meet and get a break from home. Other than this, meet the limited people of the team to be safe amid the pandemic.

Q. How a Desk Planner can affect the productivity of the employees?

Desk Planner is an app that plans each and every visit of the employees to the office premises. They can choose the day that they want to visit and the number of desks that they want to reserve. With the office environment, the employees can work together as a team and discuss the plan, make strategies, etc. together. The video conference might be efficient but face-to-face conferences automatically enhance employee productivity.